Innovx Achievements June Wrap-Up

Welcome to the June edition of InnovX Insights! This month, were thrilled to share some of the remarkable advancements and initiatives happening at InnovX. Our team has been hard at work, and were excited to highlight some of our key achievements and upcoming projects.

InnovX Insights📃

🌙 Launching the MoonShotX Program: A Giant Leap for Mid-Corporates

Raiffeisen Bank Romania, in partnership with InnovX , is ecstatic to unveil the 🌕 MoonShotX Program, an ambitious initiative designed to drive strategic innovation and foster global expansion among mid-corporates in Romania and the CEE region.

Thanks to the Raiffeisen Bank Team for making it possible: Cristian Marius Sporis , Laura Mihaila , Andreea Porojan , Livia Fericean , Liviu Mihai , Sorin Suciu and Laura Ionescu . 1720083286409.png

Why Choose MoonShotX? Customized Strategy: Craft bespoke strategies for radical innovation and strategic growth. Investor Engagement: Present projects to potential investors in a nurturing environment. Corporate Networking: Gain access to corporate venture capital and sustainable financing for expansion. Industry Insights: Connect with industry leaders and tap into global markets. Regional Expansion: Explore business opportunities across CEE countries like Austria, Czech Republic, and Hungary within the RBI Group. Expansion to the UK Market: Expand your business into the UK market with strategic support. Global Reach: Showcase your projects at SelectUSA and gain insights into the US market.

Who Should Apply? MoonShotX is designed for mid-corporate companies with revenues between €5 M and €50 M, headquartered in Romania or within the Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) CEE network. We welcome companies from sectors such as Innovative Technologies, Industry 4.0, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Energy, Health, and Creative Technologies. Embark on the Journey Apply now and start your transformative journey with MoonShotX . For more details and to apply, visit the website.

🚀 Introducing ECYBRIDGE: Strengthening Cybersecurity Synergies 🚀

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new program: Strengthening Synergies in Defense and Civilian Cybersecurity (ECYBRIDGE-DIGITAL-ECCC-2023-DEPLOY-CYBER-04). This groundbreaking initiative, with a budget of 2.5 million euros, is led by Constanta Maritime University and financed by the European Commission . For the first time in E.U. history, this project aims to enhance coordination and synergy between the civilian and defense sectors in cybersecurity. 1720083714870.png

🌍 ECYBRIDGE unites 19 public and private organizations from four E.U. member states, recognizing the interconnectedness of civilian and defense sectors in todays digital landscape. Our goal is to foster exchange and coordination between these sectors, creating a unified strategy that strengthens Europes resilience against emerging cyber threats. This project offers a collaborative platform for ideation and exploration, paving the way for advanced cybersecurity solutions in the E.U. 🚀 InnovX is proud to play a pivotal role in this initiative, focusing on bolstering European startups specializing in innovative cybersecurity and DeepTech solutions. We are committed to enhancing the resilience of critical infrastructures in the energy, digital, and transportation sectors, particularly in the Black Sea Region and the broader EU. Additionally, we aim to empower young talents and entrepreneurs from civil society to actively contribute to generating new innovations and securing our daily lives. 👩💻👨💻 1720083651644.jpeg

🌟 We are excited to collaborate with the implementation team coordinators Gabriel Raicu and Nicu Iancu , along with the dedicated EYSC | InnovX Team: Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD. , Diana DUMITRESCU, PhD. , Bianca Păcurar , Maria Neacsu , Vlad Maftei and Ramadan Omar . Our partners in this project include: Safetech Innovations Global Services , BIT SENTINEL , MARITIME CYBERSECURITY CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE , Directoratul Național de Securitate Cibernetică , CYSCOE - Cyber Security Cluster of Excellence , Cyber Dacians - StageOne , Infili Technologies SA , ARASEC , Beia Consult International , National Defence University "Carol I" Bucharest - CIPS Study Centre, Military Technical Academy "Ferdinand I" , Baltic Defence College , Euro-Atlantic Resilience Centre , INCD ICI Bucharest and the Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance (RAISA) . Want to find out more about this groundbreaking initiative? Check it out here!

InnovX European Program - Autumn Edition 2024: Call for Startups!

✨We are excited to announce that the InnovX European Program - Autumn Edition 2024 is now open for applications!In a world where technology fuels economic growth and societal change, startups play a vital role in shaping our future. These innovative companies are at the forefront of groundbreaking ideas, with the potential to disrupt industries, create jobs, and stimulate economic growth 🌱However, the journey to success for startups is filled with challenges, from securing investment to expanding into global markets. 1720084122818.png

This is where InnovX steps in. As one of Europes leading innovation accelerators and an official partner of the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) , InnovX offers a comprehensive program designed to help startups overcome these hurdles and thrive 👩💻 If youre a startup looking to take your business to the next level, dont miss this opportunity to join the InnovX European Program. Apply now and gain access to the resources, mentorship, and networks needed to succeed on a global scale. 👉 Apply now

InnovX at the UNIDO Regional Conference: Connecting for Development – Innovating for Impact 🌍

🚀From June 3-7, 2024, Vienna, Austria, transformed into a hub of innovation and sustainability at the UNIDO Regional Conference: Connecting for Development – Innovating for Impact. InnovX , a proud partner of UNIDO , participated in this significant event, contributing expertise to drive sustainable industrial growth and global development cooperation. 1720084570927.png

Key Highlights:

Diverse Participation: Representatives from UNIDO Member States, including Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania, and non-Member States like Estonia, Greece, and Latvia, underscored a global commitment to sustainable development. **Cleantech Days 2024: **This event, led by the UNIDO Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP) , focused on scaling up clean technology start-ups and SMEs from 16 countries, providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to showcase their solutions and connect with key businesses and investors. 🌱

💡InnovX Contributions:

Innovation Salon: InnovX team members, including Diana DUMITRESCU, PhD. , Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD. , Nicu Iancu and Vlad Maftei , engaged in discussions, workshops, and networking sessions that set the stage for collaboration and idea exchange. 💬 🤝High-Level Sessions: The conference featured high-level discussions on industrial and climate policies and public-private development partnerships. InnovX's Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD. shared insights on the role of accelerators in supporting SDG-focused startups. 📊 🌐1:1 Mentoring Sessions: InnovX's Nicu Iancu and Vlad Maftei provided personalized mentoring to promising companies, offering guidance on their innovative projects. **🚀🔍Cleantech Days 2024 Pitching Competition: **InnovX’s Diana and Daniel Dumitrescu played key roles as judges in the Cleantech Days 2024 Pitching Competition, evaluating pitches from 22 teams. The event showcased groundbreaking clean technology innovations, with awards highlighting the potential of these startups to drive impactful change.

Award Highlights:

**Special Mentions: **Green Coffee , FabriThread-Cycle Initiative and E. Sam Jones Lighting & Energy Solutions Main Awards: MicroHobist (Second Runner-Up), Ozen-M (First Runner-Up) and SmartView Technology (Most Promising Business). 🏆 🌟A Week of Innovation and Collaboration: The conference concluded with a strong emphasis on the power of collaboration in achieving sustainable development. 1720084595210.png

InnovX ’s contributions, from high-level discussions to mentoring and judging, were pivotal to the event’s success. Special recognition goes to Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD. and Diana DUMITRESCU, PhD. for their roles as speakers and judges, and to Nicu Iancu and Vlad Maftei for their mentoring efforts.

We extend our gratitude to the UNIDO team and all participants for creating an inspiring and impactful conference and to all the judges who contributed their time and expertise to evaluate the pitches alongside us: Gabriella Rufo, MBA/MA ,Climate Technology Strategist at Cleantech Group ; Selma Prodanovic🎤 , Founder of 1MillionStartups ; Cristiano Pasini , Director of the Division of Capacity Development, Statistics and Industrial Policy Advice at UNIDO ; Connor Sattely , Startup Coach and Serial Entrepreneur at World LNG Summit & Awards ; Parisa Khoram, PhD , Monitoring; Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Programmes at Climate-KIC ; Milena Angelova , Member of the European Economic and Social Committee at SGI Europe ; Marko van Waveren Hogervorst , PFAN Programme Manager at UNIDO ; SunYoung Suh , Cleantech Innovation Ecosystems and Energy Partnerships at UNIDO ; Mthobisi Shandu , Commercialisation Manager at Savant ; Marco Matteini , Founder and Chairman of Nemesys Ltd ; Mark Draeck , Chief Technical Advisor on SWITCH2Circular; Andrea Rauscher , Produktmanager at Siemens ; Colin Brouard , Consultant for Climate Adaptation Technical Assistance at UNIDO ; Sandiswa Qayi , Member of the Board Advisors at UNIDO ; Kiran Kumar ; Maja Tomanič-Vidovič , Director at Slovene Enterprise Fund - SEF and Anzhela Movsisyan , Innovation Strategist at UNIDO . Together, we are making significant strides towards a more sustainable and innovative future.

InnovX at London Tech Week 2024 🌍🚀

InnovX returned to London Tech Week for the second time this year, marking another milestone in our journey of innovation and collaboration. This prestigious event brought together 45,000 attendees, including visionaries, entrepreneurs, investors, and tech leaders from around the globe, across six stages filled with 75 hours of insightful content. 1720084894910.png

Key Highlights:

**Global Tech Convergence: **London Tech Week served as the perfect platform for InnovX to showcase groundbreaking technologies and future plans, highlighting our commitment to innovation and scaling businesses. 🌟 🔍Networking Galore: We connected with over 5,000 startups and more than 1,000 investors, fostering new partnerships and gaining visibility in the international market. 🌐💡

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Cristina Dragu 🇬🇧💰🚀 of the British Embassy in Bucharest and the Department for Business and Trade for facilitating our delegation. Cristina's unwavering support has been instrumental in navigating the complexities of the UK market and fostering international business connections. Women in Tech Representation: At London Tech Week, InnovX was proudly represented by a talented group of women in tech: Diana DUMITRESCU, PhD. , Ana Bobirca and Bianca Păcurar . Their expertise and dedication showcased InnovX's pivotal role in driving technological advancements and fostering innovation. 1720084914301.png

Insights and Inspirations: We started our journey at the Investors Seminar: Critical Tech at The Royal Society, networking with investment experts and gaining valuable insights into the UK investment ecosystem. The event set a tone for exploring promising opportunities and collaborations. AI and Tech Advancements: Sessions like Leading in the Era of AI and The Digitization of Everything underscored the transformative potential of AI in modern business practices, highlighting its role in enhancing productivity and sustainability across industries. International Collaboration: The events exhibitions featured innovative showcases from global leaders and emerging markets, offering a diverse array of insights and opportunities for collaboration. InnovX engaged with venture capitalists and corporate investors, paving the way for future growth and impact in the tech industry. Exploring Londons Tech Landscape: Attending the London amp; Partners International Delegates Reception provided invaluable networking opportunities and deeper insights into the UK market dynamics, supporting our ongoing efforts in scaling internationalization initiatives. Cultural Enrichment: Our experience culminated with a memorable visit to the Central Criminal Court, enriching our understanding of London's rich cultural heritage and historical backdrop. 1720084932894.png

Raiffeisen Bank Romania Catalyst Event in Brașov 🌕🚀

🌍Catalyst powered by Raiffeisen Bank Romania , the strategic business event, returned this year with a focus on the evolving regional and global economic landscapes that shape our businesses today. We delved into macroeconomic trends, future strategies, and crisis management alongside expert partners in these critical fields 1720086742186.jpeg 1720086685067.jpeg 1720086754132.jpeg

Event Highlights:

Opening Remarks: Zdenek Romanek , opened this amazing event with an innovative speech, followed by Laura Mihaila with valuable insights MoonshotX Project Presentation: The event featured a presentation of the MoonShotX project in front of over 60 mid-corporate companies, showcasing innovative approaches to business challenges, Andreea Porojan 🌙 Future Company Transformation: Aimen Aldahash , Kentaro Morita , Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD. , CIO of InnovX , shared cutting-edge strategies for scaling and innovating within businesses. 🌱Romania: Macroeconomic Evolution and Perspectives: Ionut Dumitru , Chief Economist at Raiffeisen Bank Romania , provided in-depth insights into Romania's economic trajectory. 📈Crisis Management; **Security Organizations: **Nicu Iancu , Chief Strategy Officer at InnovX , moderated discussions with guest speaker Adrian Duta , Retired General from Ari Fleet, on navigating crises and enhancing security measures. 🛡️This event served as a pivotal platform for discussing strategic business perspectives and the integration of innovative strategies into the corporate environment.

Fortifying Cybersecurity Resilience in the Black Sea Region 🌐🛡️

Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD. , Chief Information Officer (CIO) at InnovX , took center stage as moderator during the inaugural panel of The 8th Black Sea Cybersecurity Conference. 🚀 This prestigious event, hosted by the MARITIME CYBERSECURITY CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE at Constanta Maritime University under the auspices of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC) , aimed to bolster regional cybersecurity efforts through innovative partnerships between public and private sectors. 1720087041701.png 1720087056273.png

The conference convened industry leaders and experts to delve into critical topics shaping cybersecurity resilience in the Black Sea region. Discussions revolved around cutting-edge projects such as maritime honeynets for tracking hacker activities, safeguarding critical infrastructure like energy systems, and implementing robust cybersecurity measures in financial technologies. Insights from panelists highlighted best practices in cloud computing, IoT applications, and practical cybersecurity strategies tailored for Central and Eastern Europe.

💻🔒Highlighting the importance of collaborative strategies, the conference underscored the need for coordinated efforts to counter evolving cyber threats. Panelists included Jeroen Pijpker from Maritime IT Security Research Group, Alexandru Georgescu from the Academia de Studii Economice din București , Bogdan Stefan from CTO at InnovX , George Suciu from Beia Consult International and Dan Gavojea from Microsoft , each offering unique perspectives on advancing cybersecurity resilience in their respective domains.

🌍🔐In a significant development, Dr. Nicu Iancu , Vice-President of the Maritime Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (MARCYSCOE), launched the Strengthening Synergies in Defence and Civilian Cybersecurity Project. 🌟 This ambitious 2.5 million Euro consortium, which includes InnovX as a key partner, aims to align with EU cybersecurity frameworks. The project promises to establish a collaborative platform for developing and deploying advanced cybersecurity solutions across the European Union, focusing particularly on the Black Sea region. The keynote address by Dr. Nicu Iancu underscored the strategic importance of the consortium, emphasizing its role in bridging cybersecurity initiatives between defense and civilian sectors.

The initiative is set to leverage existing EU cybersecurity and research frameworks, positioning itself as a pivotal force in enhancing cybersecurity resilience across Europe. 📈The conference concluded with a commitment to continued cooperation and innovation in cybersecurity, paving the way for future advancements in safeguarding critical infrastructure, digital ecosystems, and societal resilience against cyber threats in the Black Sea region and beyond.

🌐🔍InnovX Welcomes Kentaro Morita as Special Ambassador to Asia 🌏

We are thrilled to announce that Kentaro Morita has joined the InnovX Core Team as our Special Ambassador to Asia! With his extensive experience and deep understanding of this market, Kentaro is poised to drive our growth and strengthen our presence in Asia. Kentaro brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and we are confident that his addition to our team will lead to significant achievements and new opportunities in the region. 1720087105109.png

Welcome aboard, Kentaro! We look forward to achieving great milestones together.

🌟Community Spotlight

🚀The 3rd Romanian Healthcare Conference & Expo

We're thrilled to share insights from the dynamic event where Delia NECULA, MBA , President of the MedTech Committee at InnovX , led a thought-provoking MedTech Panel. 🚀Under Delia Necula's guidance, industry luminaries Petruta Scaeteanu , Remus-Cosmin Stoica , Alexandru Iliescu and Andreea Purcaru explored the forefront of medical technology. 1720087229364.png 1720087234618.png

💡The panel discussed groundbreaking diagnostics and AI capabilities, illustrating how these innovations seamlessly integrate into healthcare systems to enhance data sharing and interoperability. 🌐 They also highlighted how emerging medical technologies empower patients, giving them greater control over their health and well-being. 💪Special thanks to Madalina Vilau for the invitation to this enlightening event!

Ask Wire Achieves Major Milestone with Founders Bridge Investment

🚀InnovX is excited to announce the outstanding success of our valued program alumni, Ask Wire ! 🎉 Less than a year after completing our dynamic program, Ask Wire has secured a significant investment from Founders Bridge , marking a major milestone in their growth journey. 💼 This accomplishment highlights the powerful impact of InnovX in accelerating startup success and fostering valuable industry connections.

🌟We are delighted to support Ask Wire in revolutionizing the European real estate data landscape. "Their data analytics expertise is exactly what the industry needs to enhance transparency and efficiency", said Liviu Munteanu , Partner at Founders Bridge .A heartfelt congratulations to Ask Wire on this impressive achievement! 🙌 We extend our sincere thanks to Liviu Munteanu and the entire Founders Bridge team for their strategic investment.

PropTech Revolutionizing Real Estate: Insights from Pavlos Loizou at REALTYon Expo 2024 🏢

💻 Pavlos Loizou , representing Ask Wire , is set to delve into the transformative impact of PropTech on the real estate sector at REALTYon Expo 2024. Among the topics to be discussed by Pavlos are: The role of AI in revolutionizing real estate, acknowledging its transformative potential despite being overhyped. The persistent challenge of affordability amidst rising rents and property prices, juxtaposed with increasing migration to the island. How factors such as data availability, stringent EU regulations, digitalization, AI advancements, and geopolitical influences are reshaping residential and commercial property values. 1720087424860.png

Pavlos Loizou's session at REALTYon Expo 2024 promises valuable insights for industry professionals, stakeholders, and enthusiasts looking to navigate the evolving landscape of real estate in the digital age. Don't miss this opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge about the future of PropTech and its implications for the real estate market. 🌍🏠

InnovX Podcast🎙️

This month, we launched two compelling episodes of the InnovX Podcast, bringing you insights from industry leaders and experts. 1720088920034.png

🔹 Innovating for Sustainability: Join us next week for a special episode featuring distinguished alumni from InnovXs Programs:

🔹 Softlanding in UK Market - Tips and Tricks:

Explore the nuances of entering the UK market with expert advice from:

Partners Pulse📚

InnovX Welcomes PortfoLion Capital Partners as New Investment Partner 🌟

🌟 We're thrilled to introduce PortfoLion Capital Partners , our new partner that's transforming the investment landscape. Their commitment to fostering growth and innovation aligns perfectly with our mission at InnovX. 1720087734837.png

With Portfolion 's support, were excited to explore new opportunities and drive forward-thinking projects that will shape the future. A special thank you to Mark Palfalvi for sustaining this new partnership and helping us embark on this exciting journey together. 🚀💼

📣 Attention to all women leaders, founders, and C-level executives within the #EUeic EIT Community!

Applications are currently being accepted for the 6th cohort of the EIC Women Leadership Programme.🚀 This program offers a unique opportunity to enhance your leadership, research, and entrepreneurial skills through top-tier training, extensive networking opportunities, personalized coaching, and dedicated mentoring. 1720087802072 (1).png

🗓️ Apply now and elevate your career! Deadline: August 5th. Don't miss out on this opportunity! 👇Apply here!

EIC Accelerator Challenge: Boosting EUs Pandemic Response 😷

The European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) is launching the #EICAccelerator Challenge, aiming to enhance the EU’s response to future pandemics. 1720087870593.png

Do you have innovations in antibody-based therapeutics for new variants of emerging viruses? 🦠 This challenge is your opportunity to contribute to global health security and make a significant impact. Learn more and apply for this #EUeic challenge 👉 EIC Accelerator Challenge

Radix Ventures Raises €41M Fund for CEE Tech Startups

Radix Ventures has secured €41 million in funding from the European Investment Fund (EIF) , PFR Ventures , GreenHub and CEE technology angels. 1720088024273.png

Founded in 2023, Radix is a Polish VC fund led by Pawel Bochniarz , Wojciech Ratymirski , Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD. and Michał Urbanowski . They have already engaged with tech investors in Romania, Hungary, and Ukraine, focusing on energy, manufacturing, transportation, mobility, and dual-use technologies. Their portfolio includes companies like Booksy, ML System, and Tresoit, with plans to allocate 50% of the fund for further investments in CEEs deep tech sector. For more details, read more here!

DLA Piper Facilitates Largest Tourism Market Transaction in Romania 🌍

Szallas Group , a part of Wirtualna Polska Holding, has achieved a significant milestone with the acquisition of travel agency, marking a historic transaction in Romania's tourism sector valued at over EUR 21 million. The acquisition was expertly facilitated by DLA Piper ’s Bucharest office, underscoring their pivotal role in navigating complex legal landscapes. Led by Senior Associate Bogdan Buta , with oversight from Country Managing Partner Marian Dinu and Partner Paula Corban Pelin , the DLA Piper team provided comprehensive legal support throughout the acquisition process. Counsel Razvan Pele and Managing Associate Cristi-Adrian Porojanu played crucial roles in assisting with merger filings and foreign direct investment matters, while the entire team contributed to meticulous due diligence efforts. Marian Dinu highlighted, “Our legal team combined deep sector understanding with specific commercial acumen to support Szallas Groups regional development ambitions, promoting Romanian tourism on a global scale.” Bogdan Buta expressed gratitude, stating, “We are honored to have assisted Wirtualna Polska Holding in another acquisition in Romania, reflecting the client’s confidence in our team’s capabilities and expertise.” Read more here!

BRCC's effort to attract investors to Romania persists through thematic conference

On June 26th, the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCC) and the Romanian Embassy’s Economic & Trade Promotion Office hosted "Investing in Romania: Seizing Opportunities in 2024" in London. This event aimed to boost British investment in Romania by fostering dialogue between decision-makers and the business community. Bogdan Mihailescu, Minister Counsellor for Commercial and Economic Affairs, opened the event. The panel featured: Catalin Stoiovici, Capco, Jim Turnbull, Food Development Company Ltd, Anca Stancu, Safetech Innovations Global Services, Peter Latos, EY Romania. Moderated by Neil McGregor, the discussions highlighted Romania's strategic position, investment incentives, and skilled workforce. Peter Latos emphasized Romania’s strong investment appeal, supported by EU funds and state aid. Anca Stancu highlighted cybersecurity collaboration between Romania and the UK. 1720161243085.jpeg

#Innovation Across Borders🌍

Interview with US Ambassador to Romania on Business Opportunities and Visa Waiver Progress

US Ambassador to Romania, Her Excellency Kathleen Kavalec , discussed Romania's inclusion in the Visa Waiver Program and economic collaboration during an interview at the SelectUSA summit. 1720167091847.jpeg

Visa Waiver Program: Ambassador Kavalec highlighted efforts focusing on information exchange agreements and reducing visa refusal rates to 3% as crucial steps towards Romania's potential inclusion in the Visa Waiver Program. Economic Collaboration: Over the past two decades, bilateral economic relations have significantly expanded, with US-Romania trade tripling since Romania's EU accession in 2007. SelectUSA Summit: The 2024 event showcased opportunities for Romanian companies in the US market, with 24 Romanian firms participating, exploring business prospects across various sectors. Success Stories: Highlighted successes include Romanian companies like UiPath and Linnify, which have expanded operations into the US following participation in SelectUSA. Ambassador Kavalec expressed optimism about Romanias future in the Visa Waiver Program while acknowledging challenges. She emphasized ongoing US support for Romanian companies interested in US markets. For the full interview and more insights, read more here.

SelectUSA 2024: A Gateway to Global Opportunities

🌐 SelectUSA 2024 has concluded with resounding success, serving as a premier platform for global investors and entrepreneurs to explore business opportunities in the United States. Held in Washington D.C., the event featured insightful panels, networking sessions, and one-on-one meetings, facilitating connections across industries and regions. Participants gained valuable insights into regulatory frameworks, economic trends, and investment incentives, reinforcing the U.S. as a top destination for foreign direct investment. As we reflect on the success of SelectUSA 2024, were excited to invite you to join The MoonShotX Program. This initiative aims to empower entrepreneurs and innovators like you to participate in SelectUSA 2025. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your horizons and elevate your business on a global scale. Join The MoonShotX Project today and secure your spot for SelectUSA 2025. Lets embark on a transformative journey together!🌟

Elevate Your Scaleup: Join Romania’s National Pitching Competition!

We’re thrilled to announce the National Pitching Competition, your gateway to global recognition at the WITSA World Cup (WWC). In partnership with ATIC ROMANIA , InnovX invites Romania’s top scaleups to showcase their innovations in Armenia from October 4-7, 2024. 1720088570871.png

Key Details: 📅 Scale-up Registration Deadline: July 15, 2024 📅 Project Submission Deadline: August 1, 2024 📅 National Competition: August 29, 2024 (hybrid format) Why Participate? 🤝 Networking: Connect with entrepreneurs, investors, and collaborators. 🌟 Visibility: Boost your scaleup’s profile with extensive media coverage. 📈 Growth: Receive expert feedback to refine your strategy. 🏅 Recognition: Earn diplomas from the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization and the National Cyber Security Directorate. 🌍 International Exposure: Join the World Congress on Innovation and Technology (WCIT) with travel and accommodation support. 🎙 Sponsored Podcast Feature: Become an ITalks Business Champion. 💡 Mentoring: Gain valuable guidance for your pitch preparation. Apply by July 15, 2024, and submit your application here!

Showcase Your Startup at Bits amp; Pretzels 2024 in Munich! 🚀Bring your startup to the main stage of Bits & Pretzels 2024, the premier 3-day festival held annually in Munich. This event gathers 5,000 founders, investors, and startup enthusiasts with a shared vision of shaping a better future through innovative ideas and technology. 1720088793752.png

Event Highlights:

  • Network with over 5,000 attendees and 1,500+ investors
  • Showcase your startup’s potential on the main stage
  • Compete in the prestigious European Pitch Contest Don't miss this incredible opportunity to bring your startup to the forefront of innovation. Apply now to secure your spot and make a lasting impression at Bits & Pretzels 2024! Apply here !

Regional Finale of the Global Startup World Cup at the Engaged Investments Conference📅

Date: October 24, 2024 📍 Location: Prague We are thrilled to announce the regional finale of the Global Startup World Cup , the worlds largest startup competition, at the Engaged Investments Conference in Prague. 1720088823217.png

What's at Stake?

  • Grand Prize: Advance to the Grand Finale in Silicon Valley with a chance to win $1,000,000.
  • Funding Opportunity: Secure DEPO Ventures funding of €100,000. One startup could take it all, or the prizes might go to two different winners – it all depends on the judges decision. Criteria to Apply:
  • Location: Primary founder or company from Central and Eastern Europe and Baltics region.
  • Stage: Pre-seed, Seed, Series A.
  • Industry: Agnostic.
  • Attendance: Personal attendance required. 🚀 Register Here!!

Tech Horizon🌟

The Recursive's State of Innovation in CEE Survey 2024 📊

🚀Were excited to announce The Recursive s annual State of Innovation in Central and Eastern Europe survey for 2024. Last year, our report garnered 2000+ downloads from global stakeholders and engaged with 9 governments, influencing discussions on CEEs innovation landscape. 🌍Join us in shaping the future of CEEs innovation ecosystem. Share your insights here: Your participation will help us uncover the latest trends and opportunities driving innovation in the region. Lets showcase CEEs potential on the global stage together!

🌟As June came to an end, we reflect on the dynamic events and milestones achieved within the InnovX community and beyond. From groundbreaking partnerships to international conferences and innovative initiatives, this month has been a testament to the resilience and creativity of entrepreneurs and innovators worldwide.Thank you to all our partners, alumni, and supporters for your continued dedication and enthusiasm. Together, we are shaping the future of innovation and entrepreneurship. Here's to a month filled with achievements and a future brimming with endless possibilities. 🎉 InnovX has come a long way since starting as a small business accelerator in Romania in 2019. We've scaled over 350 innovators across Europe, driven by a relentless focus on results. Today, we are proud to be recognized by the Financial Times , Statista and Sifted as a top startup hub in Europe, ranked #1 in Eastern Europe!🚀 Watch here a video What is InnovX about to get an insight into our world🔗 :