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Paid Analytix

Often companies struggle to deploy Artificial intelligence Solutions at scale in finance operations. @ Paid Analytix we developed an artificial intelligence solution aimed to help finance operations secure their payments processes. Without the proper controls, payments processes are exposed to a wide range of operational errors and in the worst-case scenario fraud that may cost them up to 1% of the payments made. Our solution will support in identifying these errors in real-time and provide deep insights into the processes that will offer opportunities for impactful process transformation

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Profluo automatically dematerializes any business documents (invoices, contracts, forms, receipts, statutory documents, questionnaires, delivery notes – you name it!) and routes them cleverly anywhere you need them in your business activity. In time, it becomes your document assistant – you train it to understand the documents you work with and you tell it what to do with them!

The company was founded in February 2021 by Radu Chirila, Catalin Talle, and Cristian Talle. SelfDid has emerged as an innovation project in the field of digital identity, amid the global development of decentralized technology and standards in the field. With a complete set of tools that help organizations interact with their customers using the latest digital identity standards, the SelfDid platform can create a competitive advantage and stimulate the development of new business models.

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Veelancing is an innovative decentralized marketplace for freelancers, designed for all those who need to get a job done efficiently, without the hassles of scammers. Being powered by Blockchain technology, Veelancing offers complete transparency, highly secure environment, accessibility to all, elimination of third-party mediation, instant payments, user voting for platform changes and new features, cold wallets, and last but not least the lowest fee on the market.


Investory is a fun, accessible alternative to the current Romanian learning materials on financial education, which are very scarce at the moment. Available both on mobile and tablet, the game is an aid for the parents of 7 to 10-year-olds, that want to prepare their kids for a future without money worries. In the game, the kids discover Planet C-001, a place full of adventure and cool characters that teach them about recurring income, goods vs services, shopping, borrowing, saving, and cash vs credit cards.

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The Digital Transformation Solution for the Hospitality Industry Comarket is a B2B digital marketplace, which brings together professionals and suppliers from the HComarket addresses the medium-sized entrepreneur from HoReCa, meaning a restaurant with 80 seats in the urban area, with approximately 5-10 employees. The Comarket solution mainly targets the new wave of HoReCa entrepreneurs, for whom the digital component of everyday business is essential and already imprinted in their behavior. Specifically, Comarket comes in response to the need of entrepreneurs to have control over their business and access to market information of their interest, but also visibility and transparency on costs and volumes.hospitality Industry, in order to digitalize and streamline business relationships between them.

Complice is a business of experiential gifts and rewards, that busy managers and entrepreneurs offer, with no headache, to important people in life, knowing for sure that they will not go unnoticed. Why experiential? Because research shows that we, humans, have a much greater personal attachment to what we experience than to material things. Thus, from paragliding flights, romantic getaways, private tastings, individual lessons, personalized songs, gifts with celebrities etc, both online and offline, complice gifts and rewards are not simple objects, but memorable moments!

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We help busy parents to find trusted and verified babysitters Finding a nanny or a babysitter shouldn’t be a frightening process.  We want to offer parents peace of mind and a bit of their free time back, by helping them to find trusted and verified babysitters, in a safe, fast and easy way. You can say goodbye to scrolling through a nuisance of announcements, most of them irrelevant or browsing through Facebook groups. Parents can contact and book a babysitter directly on the platform. They have access to the sitter’s online profile where they can find information like: the relevant experience with kids, the services she can provide, studies, prices, availability, certificates and the reviews and recommendations from other families.


The gateway to find a job whilst (and before) travelling. Transparency, empathy, video (Cv's and job descriptions), special tools for HR agencies, feedback and a unique attention to inclusion are part of our value propositon. Equal opportunities for everybody is our challenge.

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Soundwaves brings audiences and artists together in an immersive music experience for your life. You can listen music by yourself or vibe with your friends, share, comment and discover brand new soundwaves.

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Paid Analytix

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