InnovX (Corporate) Venture Capital Program

By participating in the InnovX Corporate Venture Capital Program, emerging managers and corporate entities embark on a journey to redefine the future of venture capital, fostering a new generation of investments that will propel the innovation landscape forward.

Core Features of the Program

Development of Emerging VC Managers Focused on empowering new venture capital managers, our program offers the tools, knowledge, and networks necessary to excel in the competitive VC landscape. We provide these emerging leaders with the mentorship and insights needed to establish and run successful corporate venture capital funds.
Strategic Fund Creation Support We assist in the creation of corporate venture capital funds, guiding corporations and emerging managers through the process of fund design, strategy formulation, and operational setup. This ensures the foundation of funds that are well-positioned to drive innovation and generate significant returns.
Precision-Matched Investment Opportunities Through an advanced matching process, we connect emerging venture capital funds with startups that not only promise high growth potential but also align with the strategic investment focus of each fund. This tailored approach maximizes the impact of investments and supports the overall growth of the innovation ecosystem.
Exclusive Access to a Vibrant Innovation Network Emerging VC managers and corporate funds gain entry to an exclusive network of startups, investors, and industry leaders. Our program facilitates engagement in high-level networking events, roundtable discussions, and workshops, enriching the venture capital community with fresh perspectives and collaborative opportunities.

Our passion is to help startups succeed

€47 mil+ Investment
7000+ Dealflows
64+ Events
25+ VC Partners
345+ Startups Accelerated

InnovX Ventures Partners