InnovX's mission is to supercharge startups poised for global expansion, helping them grow and succeed

Harnessing cutting-edge technologies to drive exponential growth; Matching startups with the optimal financial resources; Facilitating fruitful collaborations between startups and corporates open to innovation; Developing immersive internship programs for STEM students to foster a startup-centric learning environment;

Startups Accelerated

We have successfully accelerated 368 startups, fostering their global growth and innovation from diverse locations worldwide.

€48.5 mil
Funding Achieved

Our network has collectively raised over €48.5 million, engaging with 100+ investors to support our thriving startup ecosystem.

Corporate Innovation Partners

Through our platform, we've established 281 unique corporate partnerships, offering unparalleled open innovation opportunities.

Innovative Job Opportunities Created

We've equipped professionals with the necessary skills, creating 233 high-skilled job opportunities in cutting-edge teams.

Impactful Events Organized

Our 276 meticulously curated events provide significant networking and collaboration opportunities in business and innovation.

Future Tech Certifications Granted

Dedicated to advancing innovation, we've issued 566 certifications in emerging technologies, preparing individuals for the future.


InnovX is an accelerator that empowers innovators, backed by investors and industry experts, allowing them to flourish by harnessing their skillsets in a radical new entrepreneurial space.

Equity-Free Investment Approach InnovX is committed to your growth without taking equity. We prefer investing in your future rounds, ensuring you retain full ownership. Our support system is designed to help your startup flourish without compromising your stake.
Stage-Agnostic Support Regardless of your startup's stage, from seed to Series C, InnovX tailors support to accelerate your journey. We excel in connecting you with major clients, facilitating funding, and boosting growth, adapting our expertise to your unique development phase.
Venture Capital Access Joining InnovX means entering our network of investors, where our partners annually invest in over 260 startups globally. Their tickets ranges from $25,000 to $2,500,000, offering substantial support to help you succeed.
Corporate Connections Leverage our network of 500+ global corporations for private pitching sessions, where you can secure pilot projects and expedite your growth, tapping into vast opportunities for collaboration and expansion.
Market Expansion Support With our support, expand your business into new markets across America, Europe, Japan, and the UK. InnovX provides the guidance and resources needed for smooth and accelerated international scaling.
Networking and Collaboration Participate in exclusive networking events with mentors, potential investors, and fellow startups within our ecosystem. These gatherings are perfect for forging meaningful connections, exchanging insights, and uncovering new growth avenues.
Mentorship from Industry Leaders Gain access to a network of elite mentors, including industry experts and successful entrepreneurs who are eager to share their knowledge. Their guidance offers invaluable perspectives and strategies for building and expanding your business.
Dynamic Community Engagement Join the vibrant InnovX community, a network teeming with innovators and entrepreneurs. Our platform is a hub for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and mutual growth, providing a foundation to elevate your startup effortlessly.

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