InnovX European Program Episode II

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InnovX, official partner European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA), stands at the forefront of fostering collaborative innovation in Europe, through events such as the "Pitch in front of corporates", as part of the Matchmaking Phase of the InnovX European Program.

We perceive the collaboration between innovators and corporate clients as both a journey and a challenge. The challenge lies in integrating new and innovative solutions into the broader strategic vision of corporations. Meanwhile, the journey entails understanding the perspective of innovation adopters and tailoring solutions to their preferences. However, those who successfully navigate this complexity create a synergy that is invaluable to both innovators and corporations.

For innovators, this collaboration offers access to validation and funding from industry giants, propelling their growth and development. Simultaneously, corporations gain a competitive edge by leveraging cutting-edge solutions, ensuring they remain ahead of the curve in their respective industries.


"Pitch in front of corporates" participants

During yesterday's event, we had the privilege of hosting a distinguished jury, including representatives from 33 renowned organizations. Their insights and expertise further underscored the significance of collaborative innovation in driving progress and transformation. We would like to thank and highlight: Gina BANYOCU-Garanti BBVA, Andrei Nae-BCR, Mihaela Stancu-Procter & Gamble,Bogdan Stefan - Exim Banca Romaneasca, Madalina Vilau -Affidea, Steliana Moraru - OTP Leasing Romania , Lestat Monroe -Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce, Andrei Burz-Pinzaru -Deloitte,Luise Georgiana Vuiu - Thales, Flavia Ștefura - MPR Partners , Sebastian Stan - Regina Maria, Reteaua de sanatate, Bogdan Oprisor - METRO Romania, Marius Ciuperca - SETRIO, Tuan Trinh, PhD -EIT Digital, Alexandru BITA - Libra Internet Bank, Andrei Avădănei -BIT SENTINEL, Felix S. - Cyber Dacians - StageOne, Cristian Dincovici (retired lieutenant general)-TID Group, Costin Burdun- certSIGN, Oana Cojocaru-Globalworth, Dragos Ciobanu- Citi, Adrian Seceleanu-Mediafax, Avi Cicirean - BRAND MINDS, Florin Blejan-Biziday, Vladimíra Činčurová-Microsoft, Daniel Mereuta- TDCX, Gabriela Alexandrescu - OMV Petrom, Paris Nikolopoulos - ex Coca-Cola, Andrei Marius Niculescu -Vodafone, Marian Andrei - PRO TV, Flaviu Octavian Iliescu-Sph3ra Management Solutions, Ionut Bonoiu-Forbes Romania, Yaniv Alon - IBM.


"Pitch in front of corporates" participants

Moreover, our platform provided innovators with the opportunity to pitch their ground-breaking ideas directly to corporate clients. The group of EIC beneficiaries, 20 innovators from 14 countries, covering 9 industries, managed to showcase the diverse range of innovations poised to shape the future. The list of innovators that had the chance of pitching in front of the prestigious jury can be found below:

With a constant of over 60 participants in the meetings, after the event, it was evident that open innovation played a pivotal role in fostering collaboration between corporates and startups. The vibrant discussions sparked during the event served as catalysts, igniting meaningful introductions and connections between these two essential pillars of the innovation ecosystem. It was heartening to witness how InnovX emerged as a dynamic platform for matchmaking, seamlessly bridging the gap between corporate entities seeking innovation and startups eager to disrupt the status quo. This emphasis on open innovation not only facilitated knowledge exchange but also paved the way for mutually beneficial partnerships, laying a solid foundation for future collaborative endeavors.


"Pitch in front of corporates" participants

We’d also like to extend our gratitude towards the extended InnovX Team- Nicu Iancu, Ana Bobirca, Diana DUMITRESCU, PhD., Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD., Bianca Păcurar and Vlad Maftei.


X Team in the office during the event

Photos from the event