InnovX European Program Episode I

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In the dynamic world of startups, the ability to present a compelling pitch in front of investors can often make or break a venture's success. On the 9th of April, in the morning hours, the stage was set for an event of paramount importance – the Pitch in front of Investors, part of Matchmaking Phase, a pivotal moment for 20 EIC beneficiaries from all over Europe participating in the InnovX European program, official partner European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA).

The event was a testament to the vibrancy and diversity of the European startup ecosystem, as startups ranging from 15 countries took center stage to present their groundbreaking ideas. Each startup had a mere three minutes to captivate the audience and the esteemed panel of investors with their vision, product and market potential.


Pitch in front of investors participants

The members of the jury brought a wealth of experience and expertise from diverse sectors of the investment landscape: Sonia Fedorovici Roca X, Valentin Filip Fortech Investments, Michal Olszacki RadiX Ventures, Liviu Munteanu Founders Bridge, Antonela Dragomir Catalyst Romania, Raya Yunakova LAUNCHub Ventures, Roumen Jordanov BrightCap Ventures, Gábor Pénzes Impact Ventures, Vlad Panait Sparking Capital, Eduard Burghelia V7 Capital, Ioana David, Jan Nykl Presto Ventures, Florian Munteanu Future Now Capital , Suleiman Arabiat Elevator Ventures, Jordan Bocskov Fiedler Capital, Linda Võeras Karma Ventures.


Pitch in front of investors participants

The lineup was nothing short of impressive:

  1. Neuron Soundware - Jan Bartos
  2. capito - Ernst Stelzmann
  3. Actronika - Gilles Meyer
  4. Xhockware - Joao Rodrigues
  5. Omnistream - Hagay Avraham
  6. Lam'on - Gergana Stancheva
  7. .lumen - Cornel Amariei
  8. 6Degrees - Miri Berger
  9. Crispr Stem - Dalia El-Ani
  10. Labmaster - Tony Wahlroos
  11. inPhocal - Robert van Tankeren
  12. Robotic Lawn Care - Kalle Andersson
  13. Ray Techniques - Vadim Golubev
  14. AVeta Medical - Brian Ledwith
  15. Elonroad - Anna Wieslander
  16. Pomelody - Olena Prokhorets
  17. Nevomo - Daniel Minx
  18. MicroBrain - Bernadette Bung-Sim
  19. Time Critical Networks - Jonas Lext
  20. Pydro - Mulundu Sichone Following the pitches, a rigorous Q&A session ensued, providing the startups with invaluable feedback and insights from the members of the jury to an audience of over 45 participants constantly🥂


Pitch in front of investors participants

Pitching in front of investors is a nerve-wracking yet crucial aspect of the startup journey. It requires succinctly conveying complex ideas, demonstrating market potential and most importantly, convincing investors of the team's capability to execute the vision. However, getting the opportunity to present in front of a diverse panel of investors is a rare privilege.

At InnovX, we embrace the power of AI and utilize helpful tools in our meetings to enhance productivity and collaboration, leveraging AI-enhanced tools to drive insightful conversations and extract valuable information. Our AI notes app has been instrumental in capturing key insights and discussions during our sessions. It's worth noting that, according to the AI assistant, Vlad Panait stood out as TOP Key question asker.


Vlad Panait being highlighted by the AI notes tool

This is where InnovX shines. By curating events like the Pitch in front of Investors, InnovX provides startups with a platform to showcase their innovations directly to investors actively seeking new opportunities. The program bridges the gap between startups and investors, facilitating meaningful connections and fostering collaboration.

A big shoutout to the X Team, Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD., Diana DUMITRESCU, PhD., Bianca Păcurar and Vlad Maftei for their outstanding efforts in making the event a success. Their hard work behind the scenes, from planning and coordination to execution, ensured that everything ran smoothly.


X Team during the call

The Pitch in front of Investors event organized by InnovX serves as a testament to the importance of such platforms in the startup ecosystem. It not only provides startups with a chance to secure crucial funding but also fosters a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe. As these startups continue on their journey, fueled by the insights gained and connections made, the impact of events like these reverberates far beyond the confines of a single pitch session.


Last pitch of the day

Photos from the event