Navigating critical decisions for your startup's future

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Join us for a dynamic workshop crafted by InnovX in collaboration with SeedBlink, tailored exclusively for founders determined to chart a course towards sustainable growth and lasting success for their startups.

Every decision made within a startup can significantly impact its trajectory, potentially steering it towards unparalleled success or posing insurmountable challenges. Through this enlightening workshop, we delve into the pivotal decisions that can shape your startup's future and ensure its viability in the long term.

Key Topics Include:

Understanding the implications of your cap table on your startup's investability. Strategies to foster employee loyalty and mitigate the risk of talent attrition. Building enduring relationships with investors to secure long-term support for your startup's growth. Speaker:

Bogdan Stoian, has extensive expertise in equity management through SeedBlink’s Nimity. With a rich background in law and a keen understanding of investment dynamics, Bogdan has advanced from an Investor Support Manager to the Professional Services Lead at SeedBlink.

This workshop promises an engaging and insightful dialogue aimed at empowering founders with the knowledge and strategies essential for making informed, strategic decisions vital to their startup's success. Don't miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights and propel your startup towards a future of sustainable growth and prosperity.


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