Partnership Roundtable

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The Partnership Roundtable, an event held on the 9th of June, brought together our incredible alumni of the InnovX Program for a day of collaboration and innovation with the dynamic Startups Alliance community. It was a unique opportunity for our talented alumni to establish powerful partnerships, integrating their cutting-edge solutions with complementary services.

The startups of this event were: Qpick, Jogga, TapTasty, dMonitor, HealthFluencer, Kidprenor, QuickLegal, BOLD, Plant an App

This Partnership Roundtable showcased the immense potential that lies within our community. Through collaborative efforts, the Startups Alliance community can unlock new avenues of success and take their ventures to unprecedented heights. Creating a supportive ecosystem enables our alumni to leverage their collective expertise and resources, propelling them toward exponential growth.

đź’ˇ By creating partnerships with other startups, you can reap the benefits of shared expertise and resources and expand your horizons to new markets. European startups have the incredible opportunity to make exchanges and enter new territories through these strategic collaborations!

Photos from the event

Event Photo