Masterclass with Christian Kumar


🌟We are thrilled to share the incredible experience our InnovX's Innovators Program alumni had during a transformative masterclass with Christian Kumar 😊, Managing Director at Capital Kinetics. In partnership with the British Embassy and expertly facilitated by Cristina Dragu 🇬🇧💰🚀, Director Foreign Direct Investment CEN British Embassy in Bucharest, this exclusive event brought together a community of passionate innovators and entrepreneurs. 🌳

Christian Kumar, a true industry expert, covered a wide range of crucial topics that are essential for entrepreneurial success. From concept validation to market research, competitor analysis to demand and market size assessment, commercial modeling to pricing strategies, and traction building to development pathways, Christian's insights were invaluable.

Moreover, we want to emphasize the strong sense of community within our ecosystem. The journey doesn't end with the educational programs. All of our Alumni become part of a vibrant community that offers continuous support and growth opportunities, events and resources being provided to ensure their ongoing success and scalability. For this event we had Axigen Messaging, TapTasty, FirstServed, Fibercon and WebitFactory 🌱

Let's continue to seize opportunities, push boundaries, and make a lasting impact together.

Photos from the event

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