Internship Fight Startups 2023


InnovX Program hosted an amazing event called "Internship Fight: Startups vs Corporate." 🥊💼 The startups from our Startups Bootcamp took center stage, pitching their innovative ideas and presenting job offers to talented students from various prestigious universities. It was an electrifying day filled with opportunities and collaboration! Let's dive into the highlights:

🚀 The participating startups were Jogga, TapTasty, HealthFluencer, FirstServed,, dMonitor, SkillBrain, Dateligens Systems, and Kidprenor. Each one showcased their unique vision and ignited the students' entrepreneurial spirits.

💼 We had the honor of having Microsoft by our side throughout the event. Diana Zepisi, Education Sales Specialist at Microsoft, presented job offers and shed light on the engaging and captivating aspects of working in a corporation. It was a fantastic opportunity for the students to explore both startup and corporate career paths.

🎓 We were thrilled to welcome students from top-notch universities such as: University of Bucharest, Academia de Studii Economice din București, Politehnica University Timisoara, Universitatea Petrol-Gaze din Ploiești, Facultatea de Psihologie si Stiintele Educatiei, Universitatea din Oradea, Facultatea de Stiinte Economice, Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara, Universitatea „Ștefan cel Mare” din Suceava, Universitatea Tehnică din Cluj-Napoca.

🏆 We are delighted to announce that HealthFluencer won the prestigious Black Belt Award! This award recognizes the startup that had the most interactive presence and made a significant impact on the students. Kudos to HealthFluencer for their outstanding engagement!

💡 Why is it crucial to have the young generation working in your startup? 🌟 The answer is simple: fresh perspectives, boundless creativity, and a relentless drive for innovation. Embracing the young talent not only injects energy and dynamism into your company but also fosters an environment where groundbreaking ideas thrive.

📈 We are proud to share that InnovX has successfully created a staggering 187 high-skill jobs in just four years of activity. This achievement demonstrates our commitment to nurturing talent, empowering startups, and fueling the growth of our entrepreneurial ecosystem. Together, we are shaping the future of innovation!

Photos from the event