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Embracing Future Technologies We understand the critical role of technology in shaping industries. By partnering with us, you receive not just insights on emerging trends but also strategic guidance and support for your digital transformation journey. We're here to ensure you stay at the forefront of innovation, ready to lead in your sector.
Networking with Industry Leaders Our program offers access to over 50 vertical-focused events annually, bringing together a diverse mix of corporations, venture capitalists, startups, governmental entities, and academic institutions. These events are designed to facilitate the exchange of best practices, foster collaborations, and contribute to setting new industry standards, enhancing your innovation strategy.
Connecting with Strategic Startups Access our handpicked network of over 7000+ European startups, selected for their potential to match your technological and strategic objectives. Our corporate innovation platform is your gateway to forming impactful partnerships with startups, driving forward your innovation agenda through meaningful collaborations.

Simplifying collaboration with startups

Join our acceleration program from access to dealflows, targeted meetings linking you with startups ready to tackle your challanges.

Aimed at generating pilot projects, proof of concepts, initiative investments or aquisitions, we make finding innovative solutions easier

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Tackle Corporate Challenges with Startup Collaboration Joining the InnovX Corporate Acceleration program opens the door to strategic partnerships with dynamic startups. These collaborations can bring fresh perspectives and agile solutions to your most pressing corporate challenges, allowing for rapid, innovative problem-solving and staying ahead in a competitive market.
Cultivate a Startup Mindset within Innovation Teams By engaging with the program, your internal innovation teams will be exposed to the entrepreneurial spirit and agility of startups. This exposure infuses a startup mindset, characterized by flexibility, rapid iteration, and a focus on disruptive innovation, fostering a culture that's more conducive to breakthrough ideas and solutions.
Revolutionize Employee Engagement with Innovative Collaboration Frameworks The program introduces a novel framework for collaboration that can significantly enhance employee engagement. By involving your team in partnerships with startups, employees are given the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects, stimulating creativity, motivation, and a sense of investment in the company's innovation journey.
Attract Young Talent with Unique Internship Opportunities InnovX helps you design and implement internship programs that stand out. By offering internships that involve working on real-world projects with startups, your company becomes a magnet for young, talented individuals looking for hands-on experience and the chance to contribute to meaningful innovation. These programs not only bring fresh ideas into your projects but also help in nurturing the next generation of innovators for your future workforce.

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