Innovx Achievements 🚀 Unlocking Innovation -The Crucial Role of Corporations in Europe Startup Ecosystem

InnovX: Bridging the Gap Between Corporations and Startups in Europe Innovation Ecosystem

In the ever-evolving landscape of Europe innovation, corporations play a crucial role in propelling growth, scalability, and providing essential support for startups. At the forefront of this transformative journey stands InnovX, a powerhouse accelerator dedicated to compressing years of learning into a focused program, acting as a catalyst for positive change. InnovX isn't just an accelerator; it's a dynamic hub that actively shapes the future of innovation, a beacon for tech startups in need of scalability and support. This intensive program is dedicated to entrepreneurial education, seamlessly connecting startups with a dynamic mix of financial resources, including venture capital funds. Positioned as one of Europe's leading innovation accelerators, InnovX has become a linchpin in the Europe startup ecosystem. Adding to its impact, the InnovX ecosystem boasts engagement from over 65 corporations, further solidifying its role as a collaborative force driving innovation and fostering partnerships between startups and established businesses. 1704965391241.jpeg

With a mission rooted in collaboration, quality and integrity, InnovX's programs serve as a nexus, connecting startups with scaling potential, visionary investors and corporations eager to embrace innovation. The platform functions as more than just a traditional accelerator; it is a strategic bridge, fostering connections that drive innovation and propel the next generation of disruptors. InnovX recognizes the vital role that corporations play in the startup ecosystem. Through its Corporates Alliance program, InnovX facilitates collaboration between corporations and startups by encouraging the establishment of open-innovation departments and corporate venture capital (CVC) funds. This proactive approach allows corporations to stay ahead in their industries by tapping into the agility and innovation of startups.

Supporting Emerging Innovators A Practical Engine for Startup Success

The strategic collaboration unfolds across multiple dimensions, each contributing to the dynamic synergy between corporations and startups within InnovX's innovative framework: 1. Collaboration and Open Innovation: InnovX's commitment to fostering collaboration is evident through initiatives that encourage open innovation between corporations and startups. By facilitating partnerships and interactions, InnovX creates an environment where corporations can seamlessly integrate innovative solutions from startups into their operations. This collaboration not only benefits corporations by tapping into the agility and novel ideas of startups, but also provides startups with access to valuable resources and expertise. 2. Accelerating Innovation: Corporations act as accelerators within the startup ecosystem by engaging with startups to infuse fresh ideas and perspectives. Through partnerships, corporations gain insights into cutting-edge technologies, emerging market trends and disruptive business models, positioning them at the forefront of innovation in their respective industries. 3. Nurturing Collaborative Teams for Open Innovation: InnovX places a premium on the pivotal role of talented teams in driving successful open innovation initiatives. The collaboration between skilled teams from both corporations and startups is fundamental to fostering a culture of innovation that thrives on diverse perspectives. This involves unleashing collective intelligence and creativity, resulting in innovative solutions for intricate challenges. The interplay of ideas between corporate and startup teams nurtures a collaborative culture, breaking down silos and fostering a shared commitment to innovation. InnovX actively engages teams throughout the open innovation process, with corporations contributing industry insights and resources, empowering startups to refine their solutions. In return, startups bring fresh perspectives and disruptive ideas, challenging corporate teams to think innovatively. This collaborative synergy not only accelerates innovation but also creates a mutually beneficial dynamic, enriching the overall startup ecosystem within InnovX. 4. Financial Support and Stability: Corporations play a pivotal role in providing financial support to startups, helping them navigate the challenges associated with early-stage development. Strategic partnerships, investments and funding from corporations not only enable startups to grow and expand but also contribute to the overall stability of the startup ecosystem. 5. Access to Market and Resources: Corporations offer startups unparalleled access to established markets, distribution channels and customer bases. This accelerates the market entry for startups, reducing the time it takes to reach a wider audience. Additionally, corporations provide startups with access to valuable resources such as industry expertise, mentorship and infrastructure, facilitating their journey towards scalability. 6. Validation and Credibility: Collaborating with established corporations adds credibility and validation to startups. It serves as a testament to the quality and potential of their innovations, enhancing their reputation in the market. This validation is crucial for startups seeking to attract investors, customers and top-tier talent.

**Banca Comerciala Romana Pioneering Innovation and Fostering Startup Ecosystem Development **

In the landscape of Romanian corporations, BCR emerges as a trailblazer, demonstrating an unparalleled commitment to fostering innovation within the Central and Eastern European (CEE) ecosystem. Acknowledging the transformative potential of startups, BCR not only recognizes but actively contributes to their growth and success. A notable testament to this commitment is BCR's significant role as financial backers of the tech startup accelerator, InnovX-BCR, set to enter its sixth year of activity in 2024. 1704965887846.jpeg

InnovX-BCR serves as a unique venture, dedicated to technology-driven businesses spanning domains such as cybersecurity, fintech, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, cloud computing, automation, and microservices. BCR's pivotal role as a strategic collaborator for InnovX-BCR underscores their dedication to sustainable growth within the startup ecosystem. This collaboration extends beyond mere financial investment, evolving into a strategic alliance that leverages BCR's industry acumen, resources, and market influence to create an environment conducive to the thriving success of startups. The program's specific focus on technology sectors aligns with BCR's recognition of the transformative impact of innovation in these domains. By offering dedicated support in areas like cybersecurity and fintech, BCR ensures their contribution goes beyond financial backing, providing tailored assistance that empowers startups to navigate and excel in intricate, technology-centric markets. The InnovX-BCR program exemplifies the effectiveness of an individual accelerator finely tuned to a corporate entity like BCR. This approach ensures alignment with BCR's strategic objectives and industry specialization, fostering a symbiotic relationship where the corporation's expertise and resources directly benefit the startups involved. 1705934397699.jpeg

BCR's involvement transcends financial support, embracing a commitment to knowledge exchange and mentorship. Initiatives like ZF IT Generation discussions with entrepreneurs and mentors associated with InnovX-BCR showcase BCR's dedication to sharing essential insights. This not only enriches the startup community but also underscores BCR's role as a thought leader contributing to the broader business landscape. Beyond the pivotal role of InnovX-BCR, BCR extends its commitment to the startup ecosystem by organizing impactful masterclasses. Led by experts across diverse domains, these sessions represent a crucial component of BCR's multifaceted approach to nurturing and elevating startups within the InnovX-BCR community. By providing targeted learning, fostering networking opportunities, and empowering startups with knowledge enrichment, BCR solidifies its position as a dynamic contributor to the growth and success of the startup ecosystem in Central and Eastern Europe. An exceptional mention goes to Andreea Voinea, CHRO at BCR, and Elke Meier, CFO and Member of the Management Board at BCR, for their leadership in workshops dedicated to empowering women in business. Recognizing the importance of gender equity, these sessions not only offered valuable insights and skills but also highlighted the significance of fostering an inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial landscape. In its commitment to breaking barriers and creating opportunities for women, InnovX continues to champion equality, ensuring that women thrive in the dynamic world of business. In this pursuit, Thomas Kolarik , COO at BCR, offered a masterclass on "Error Culture," providing insights such as the immediate admission of mistakes for easier issue resolution, the importance of understanding the root cause of errors, and the counterproductive nature of punishing mistakes, which leads to their concealment and repetition. 1705920525397.jpeg 1705920561046.jpeg

Having a C-level representative as the facilitator of a masterclass brings unique advantages to the learning experience. C-level executives typically hold extensive experience and strategic perspectives, offering valuable insights drawn from their high-level roles within the organization. Their positions allow them to provide a broader and more holistic view of business operations, industry trends, and leadership principles. 1706003421752.png 1706003389131.jpeg

This program wouldn't have come this far without the support of the supporters such as Sergiu Cristian Manea, CEO, Thomas Kolarik, COO, and Dana Dima Demetrian, Executive Vice President Retail and Private Banking. 1705934522048.jpeg 1705934548434.jpeg

Navigating the dynamic landscape of InnovX-BCR, our journey is fortified by an exceptional core team that embodies expertise and commitment: Ionut Stanimir , Anca Luca , Catalin Lupoaie , Ana Cretu. Beyond our core team, InnovX-BCR is privileged to have over 100 mentors from BCR who have played pivotal roles in shaping the trajectory of our startups. These mentors, including but not limited to Adela Stoicescu Adina Bartos Adrian Rosoaga, CFA Alexandra Ana Maria Vieriu Alexandru Berea Alexandra Petcu ALEXANDRU BADEA Alexandru Buzut Alexandru Codres Ana Maria Samoila Ana-Maria G. Anca Gherasim Anca Iliescu Munteanu Ancuta Andrada Tudose Andreea Blejan Andreea Vulpe Ava Beznoska Bart Callens Bianca Olimpia Spiridon Bogdan Barbu Bogdan Cernescu Bogdan Enea Bogdan Pasca Calin Lucian Grigoras Carmen Dibus Catalina Porojan Cristian Mustata Cristina Ghimbovschi (Rusu), FCCA Cristian Pascu Daiana Alexe Daniel Nanu Denisa Elena Vlad, PhD Dragos Dorila Dragos Gheorghe Elena Avram Eleonora Bacale Flaviu Octavian Iliescu Florian Bauer Gabriela Paula Guta George Lucaci Georgiana Alina Cernat Pintilie Georgiana Badea Gina Corina Grigore Ilinka Kajgana Ioana Anca Dobre Ioana Gheorghiade, CFA Ioana Voinescu Katerina Todorovski Lelia Chitu Cozma Livia Liviu Gherghescu 🌌 Lucian Adrian Stroie 💡 Maria Alexandra Țurcanu Maria Alexandra Cismasiu Ana Cretu Marian Ignat Marius Adrian Lupu Marius Mazareanu Maurizio Poletto Melania Mirea Mihai Sandu Nicoleta Deliu-Pasol Nicu Grigoras Oana Macoveiciuc Oana Bara Oana Grădinaru Ovidiu Cristian Popa Petr Jirat Petrut Lixandru Rainer Hauser Ramona Crisu Ramona Kurko (Grozea), FCCA Raul Stadler Razvan Ilievici Roxana Elena Halmageanu Sebastian Mihai Staicu Simona Felicia Unchiasu Sorin Visan Stefan Buciuc Teodor Hirsu Thomas B. Tobias W. Seiferth Tonko Fran Grzan Vlad Vitcu Vladimir Daia.

1705935501350.jpeg 1705935437541.jpeg

Corporate Catalysts: Microsoft Romania and DLA Piper's Integral Roles in Nurturing Romania's Startup Ecosystem In the vibrant landscape of Romania's startup ecosystem, corporations such as Microsoft Romania and DLA Piper play crucial roles, contributing to the ecosystem's enrichment and development. Microsoft Romania stands out by supporting startups in their internationalization efforts, serving not only as a major tech provider but also as a catalyst for innovation and development through their marketplace. By providing access to international resources and partnerships, Microsoft Romania becomes an essential pillar in facilitating the global expansion of startups within the ecosystem. A special round of applause for the involved and dedicated team from Microsoft: Bogdan Putinica Alina Irma Orban Sergiu Pop Robert Pufan Aimen Aldahash Daniel Rusen Adelin Stoica Alexandru Baloi Mihaela Zamfirescu Madalina Popa Florentina Marilena Ionascu Irina Balan Khaled Dumitriu Ruthy Kaidar Andrey Vykhodtsev Tomasz Kopacz 1706004300061.png 1705676647227.jpeg

DLA Piper , on the other hand, brings crucial legal and financial perspectives to the ecosystem. By organizing useful and informative events in the legal and financial domains for startups, DLA Piper supports these initiatives in navigating complex legislative aspects and solidifying their operational foundations. Through guidance on the incorporation processes in Romania, DLA Piper contributes to creating a conducive environment for business initiation and development. Moreover, their involvement in strengthening the relationship between venture capital funds and startups in the fundraising process underscores their ongoing commitment to supporting the growth and sustainability of startups in the country. A standing ovation is well-deserved for the committed and talented DLA Piper team, including: Marian Dinu Lena Voicu Cristina Bucur Tudor Nedelea Titus Percea Bogdan Buta

How corporate and startup collaborate together 'Adopt a Startup' Events for InnovX-BCR program

At InnovX, we revolutionize the landscape of startup-corporate engagement through our distinctive and impactful initiative known as 'Pitch in Front of Corporate' affectionately termed 'Adopt a Startup' within the framework of the InnovX-BCR program. This unique platform serves as our cornerstone, surpassing traditional paradigms and fostering meaningful connections between startups and corporations, with a dedicated emphasis on empowering startups. The remarkable success of these events is not merely a reflection of our unwavering commitment but also resonates with the positive feedback received from actively participating startups and corporations. In this narrative, we delve into the transformative power of these sessions, illustrating why they stand as a beacon of collaborative success in the ever-evolving European innovation landscape. Noteworthy sessions held in 2022 and 2023 featured a diverse array of corporations and influential figures in the business landscape. During these 'Adopt a Startup' events, startups showcase their innovative solutions through pitch sessions, followed by engaging Q&A interactions. This platform facilitates the creation of bridges between startups and local or global corporations, with a particular focus on the former. Post-pitch, corporations express their interest in collaborating with specific companies and adopting their groundbreaking technologies, thereby contributing to the vibrant exchange of ideas and fostering innovative partnerships that drive collective success within the dynamic realm of technology and business innovation. In 2023, the 'Adopt a Startup - Startup Cohort' event showcased a dynamic engagement with an array of corporates, including Valentina Vesler from AQUA Carpatica , Anita Huzum from HORA Romania , Victor Gorea from Tucano Coffee Franchise , Eduard Nagy from Bolt , Florin Balcan from Provident Financial Romania , Lucian Daia from Zitec , Paris Nikolopoulos from The Coca-Cola Company , Cristian Herghelegiu and Costi Neacsu from Crayon , Gabriela Barbu from Decathlon România , Alina Irma Orban from Microsoft , Bogdan Borcan from ClusterPower and Alexandru Chirita from Electrica . This event not only highlighted the commitment of corporations across various industries to engage with startups but also featured an active involvement in awarding exceptional startups, emphasizing collaborative innovation.

Special mention goes to Paris Nikolopoulos of The Coca-Cola Company for invaluable support to TapTasty , fostering growth within the startup ecosystem. Alina Irma Orban of Microsoft played a pivotal role in championing dMonitor , showcasing impactful collaborations nurtured through InnovX's events. These acknowledgments underscore the commitment of both startups and corporations to advancing groundbreaking ideas and solutions, solidifying the foundation for future collaborations and shared successes. The subsequent 'Adopt a Startup - Scaleup Cohort' event featured leaders such as George Alexe from NN , Delia NECULA, MBA from Centrul Medical Emerald , Ana Bobirca from Veranda Mall , Alina Irma Orban from Microsoft , Marius Stoica from Logitech , Mirabela Pricopi from htss , Calin Buzan, MBA from QUALITANCE , Tudor Popp from Hotspot , Raluca Dragnea from Bitdefender , Dorin Preda from MedLife SA , Tiberiu Anghel from Booking Holdings (NASDAQ: BKNG) , Gabriel Trăistaru from Telekom Romania Mobile , Alexandru Chirita from Electrica , Răzvan Horga from Aeroportul Oradea , Gabriela Alexandrescu from OMV Petrom , Cristian Herghelegiu from DENDRIO , Anca Stancu from Safetech Innovations and Dan N. Costinescu from Netopia Solutions 1705678515525.jpeg

Noteworthy prizes were awarded, with Alina Irma Orban from Microsoft steering Autosymed SRL , Kubeark and MOONHOUND Studio towards recognition. Other remarkable acknowledgments include Tudor Popp from Hotspot for Ask Wire , Dorin Preda from MedLife SA for Autosymed SRL , Gabriel Trăistaru from Telekom Romania Mobile for Klap , Anca Stancu from Safetech Innovations for MOONHOUND Studio and RENERGIA and Dan N. Costinescu from Netopia Solutions for MOONHOUND Studio . Each award represents a strategic step towards bridging the gap between corporations and scaleups, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that propels innovation and shared success. The active involvement of these corporations stands as a testament to their proactive role in shaping the future landscape of technology and business.

Transformative Partnership Between Electrica and Renergia In a ground-breaking collaboration that promises to reshape Romania's innovation landscape, Electrica , a key player in the energy sector, has forged a strategic partnership with RENERGIA , a cutting-edge startup affiliated with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. This initiative, named "Development of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Advanced Numerical Methods for Real-time Energy Foot printing of the Main Receivers in a Commercial Building" (AI-AE), signifies a major stride towards advancing Romania's innovation landscape. 1706793364803.jpeg

In a unique showcase of corporate and startup synergy, Electrica met RENERGIA during the InnovX-BCR, Scaleups 2023 Cohort, Adopt a Startup pitching session, hosted to connect local corporations with innovative startups. The collaboration, developed in conjunction with researchers from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca , aims to implement an AI-powered system for real-time energy footprinting in Electrica 's central headquarters. This pioneering system employs sensors throughout the building, utilizing intelligent monitoring to identify and analyze energy consumption patterns. This collaboration serves as a testament to the commitment of both Electrica and Renergia to address contemporary challenges in the pursuit of sustainability and innovation. The partnership underscores the catalytic role that corporations play in supporting startups and driving positive change within the innovation ecosystem of Romania. As the project unfolds, it is poised to contribute significantly to the broader sustainability goals and technological advancements in the region. Stay tuned for updates as Electrica and Renergia jointly embark on this transformative journey, showcasing the power of collaboration in shaping a more sustainable and technologically advanced future. In 2022, the 'Adopt a Startup - Startup Cohort' event witnessed the presence of luminaries from diverse corporates, including Gabriela Alexandrescu from OMV Petrom , Cristi Movilă, CMX from VTEX , Maria Desmirean from Promateris Group , Gabriel Blanita from Colliers , Gabriel Biriș from Biriș Goran SPARL , Radu Ionescu MRICS from Cumulus Architecture Office , Oriol Casellas Deig from Meta Estate Trust and Liviu Zagan from Holde Agri Invest . This event served as a direct interface for startups to pitch their innovative solutions to corporate decision-makers, strategically selected based on their industry expertise. 1705937214971.jpeg

Simultaneously, the 'Adopt a Startup - Scaleup Cohort' event provided scaleups with an opportunity to present their innovative solutions to influential figures within corporations. Participants included Ionut Cristian CIUBOTARU from OMV Petrom , Vlad Tigoiu from Fildas Catena Group , Livioara Şujdea from Electrica , Delia NECULA, MBA from SanoPass FIT by MedLife , Matteo Baldan, MBA from Martelli Europe and Anca Rarau from Brandocracy . The platform facilitated startups in showcasing their growth strategies and innovative solutions, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships with key decision-makers from these corporations. 1705678624337.jpeg

Matchmaking Corporate Alliance InnovX European's "Corporate Alliance" event marked a pivotal moment in the program, underscoring the collaborative spirit within the InnovX European Program, official partner of European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) . Graced by esteemed innovation advocates, the workshop served as a unique platform for trailblazing companies to present their groundbreaking ideas to a distinguished panel of corporate representatives. The event garnered immense appreciation from key industry figures, including Dorin Preda from MedLife SA Gabriel Trăistaru from Telekom Romania Mobile Ana Bobirca from Veranda Mall Bogdan-Ionut Lazaroiu from Vodafone Gabriel Blanita from Colliers Cristina Netea, ACIM - Head of Value Proposition and Health Business at NN👉Răzvan Horga – CEO at Oradea Airport👉Delia NECULA, MBA - Business Development Advisor at Emerald Medical Center👉Magda Bumbar - Executive Director Dicor Holding👉Tudor Popp - Founding Partner at Hotspot Workhub👉Gina BANYOCU - Director Project Management Office, Engineering Area Garanti BBVA👉Cristian Herghelegiu - CEO at Dendrio Solutions👉Gabriela Alexandrescu - Head of Marketing & Digital Product Gas & Power OMV Petrom👉Alexandru George Duduman, CFA, MRICS - Senior Investment Advisor at Central European Financial Services SA Each startup delivered a concise and meticulously crafted 5-minute pitch, showcasing the depth and uniqueness of their offerings. The subsequent dynamic 5-minute Q&A sessions allowed innovation supporters to delve into the nuances of each startup's proposition. This event served as a bridge, connecting startups with both local and international corporations, creating a unique and invaluable opportunity for entrepreneurs to present their business concepts directly to key stakeholders. It underscored the significance of collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the potential for fruitful partnerships within the vibrant innovation landscape fostered by InnovX European. 🚀 1705916789181.png

These events have proven instrumental in bridging the gap between startups and corporations, creating an environment where ideas flourish, collaborations blossom, and innovation takes center stage. The 'Pitch in front of Corporate' series by InnovX stands as a testament to the power of strategic interactions in shaping the future landscape of business and technology.

Elevating Collaboration with Corporations The second engaging format meticulously organized by the InnovX-BCR Team is the 'Elevator Pitch,' a dynamic challenge that encapsulates the essence of corporate-startup interaction. In this distinctive format, participants from the InnovX-BCR Program are tasked with articulating their business concepts within a concise 60-second timeframe while navigating a moving elevator within the BCR HQ building. Anca Luca , the dedicated Community Manager of InnovX-BCR, played a pivotal role as the moderator in over 7 Elevator Pitch events, ensuring a vibrant and interactive atmosphere. This unique setting closely mirrors real-world scenarios, compelling entrepreneurs to succinctly present their innovative propositions and captivate the interest of potential collaborators. Across 13 editions, the Elevator Pitch event has been a testament to the shared commitment of startups and corporations in constructing collaborative bridges that not only foster innovation but also propel business growth within the vibrant ecosystem cultivated by InnovX-BCR.

Distinguished participants in these last 4 Elevator Pitch sessions included key figures such as representatives like Sergiu Manea , Thomas Kolarik , Ioana Gheorghiade, CFA , Anca Gherasim , Ramona Kurko (Grozea), FCCA , Cristian Pascu, Daniel Nanu , Bart Callens , Bogdan Cernescu, Cristian Mustata , Ionut Stanimir , Mihai Sandu and Sorin Visan from BCR , Alina Irma Orban and Daniel Rusen from Microsoft Romania, Razvan Predica from Affidea , Virgil Soncutean from Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari , Mircea Tiplea from Amrop Romania , Anca Fotache from Booking Holdings (NASDAQ: BKNG) , Vasile Varvaroi from Cargill, Alice Nichita from Coca-Cola HBC , Gabriel Blanita from Colliers , Gabriel Raicu from Constanta Maritime University , Andrei Burz-Pinzaru from Reff & Associates SPRL | Deloitte Legal , Ana Maria Andronic and Tudor Nedelea from DLA Piper , Bogdan Axinia from eMAG , Nazmi Caglar (a.k.a Charlie) Boluk from Euroweb Romania , Raluca Popa from EY , Andrei Andreescu from IBM , Georgiana Cosoveanu from Johnson & Johnson ., Ana Bobirca from Veranda Mall , Dorin Preda from MedLife SA , Maria Manuela Catrina and Sabin Popescu from The Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate , Felix Crisan from NETOPIA Payments , Mihai Tecau from OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group , Simona Constantinescu and Ionut Cristian CIUBOTARU from OMV Petrom , Gabriel Trăistaru from Telekom Romania Mobile and Florin Sunel from UiPath , who contributed to the event's success, underlining the mutual commitment to collaborative innovation and fostering impactful connections within the startup ecosystem. 1705930848841.jpeg 1705930831408.jpeg

Showcasing Innovation: The Impactful Presence of Corporations in Demo Day Events The Demo Day serves as a pivotal moment in the InnovX-BCR Program, providing startups with the opportunity to showcase their achievements and present their businesses to stakeholders, including corporates, investors, mentors, and the wider innovation community. Defined as a showcase day, a Demo Day involves startup companies pitching their products, offering live demonstrations, and providing a concise overview of their business plans to potential investors. The event typically includes brief presentations, limited to 3 minutes, followed by a 5-minute Q&A session, allowing investors to seek clarification and insights into the startups' potential. This celebratory day captures the essence of the entrepreneurial journey, highlighting key milestones such as the "a-ha" moment, team formation, company generation, and early successes like MVP development or securing initial customers and revenue. It is an opportunity for founders to demonstrate the grit, drive, and determination required to create innovative ventures with the potential for substantial market impact. During Demo Day events, distinguished panels and juries play a crucial role in evaluating and acknowledging the startups' efforts: 1705933649671.jpeg

In the Demo Day - Startups 2022 panel held on June 15, 2022, renowned corporations participated in the jury, including Octavian Pascu from EY , Daniel Rusen from Microsoft Romania, Karolina Wawrzyniak from Oracle , Ioan Ovidiu Hotca from IBM and Borys Tomala from Lerta. 1705913628271.png 1705938047296.jpeg

The Demo Day - Scaleups 2022 panel on November 29, 2022, featured a jury comprising of Cerasela Baiculescu and Marta Branska-Rybicka from IBM , Jake Ganey from Mindspace , Titus Percea from DLA Piper , EY , Ionut Cristian CIUBOTARU from OMV Petrom , Felix Crisan from Netopia Solutions and Dorin Preda , together with Mihai Marcu MBA from MedLife SA , actively engaging with the scaleups and recognizing their achievements. 1705914075878.png

The Demo Day Innovators 2023 event, held on November 22 2023, welcomed prominent figures from corporations such as Microsoft , Restart Energy , QUALITANCE , OMV Petrom , KPMG , Green Revolution Association , Cheil Centrade , Bitdefender , EY Romania, DLA Piper , and more. While these guests did not provide awards, their presence highlighted the significance of the event within the startup ecosystem. Special notes for the Startups 2022 and Scaleups 2022: Microsoft awarded a Special Prize to KIM 4 Industry , Veranda Mall recognized QX , DLA Piper Romania acknowledged KIM 4 Industry , Fortech Investments celebrated, Mindspace acclaimed QuickLegal , IBM honored Quarks Interactive and Colliers highlighted KIM 4 Industry . Similarly, in the Scaleups 2022 segment, a series of prestigious awards were presented by key collaborators. EY , OMV Petrom , and DLA Piper joined forces in awarding a Special Prize to Gekka, while AmCham Romania recognized the excellence of Crave Bespoke Nutrition. Netopia Solutions bestowed a distinctive award upon Axigen Messaging , IBM highlighted the contributions of Ecap , and Ziarul Financiar acclaimed the achievements of Softlead . Mindspace contributed to the success of Carfix App and MedLife SA appreciated the endeavors of Crave Bespoke Nutrition.

Coca-Cola HBC 's Impactful Engagement in Startup Ecosystem through InnovX Collaboration Continuing the exploration of corporate involvement in the startup ecosystem, Coca-Cola HBC emerges as a significant player with a notable impact. In collaboration with InnovX, Coca Cola demonstrated a significant commitment to fostering innovation within the startup ecosystem. Hosting a 'Start-up Pitching Session' as part of the Coca-Cola HBC & Technology Summit, the corporation engaged exclusively with startups from the InnovX community. At the heart of the Coca-Cola HBC & Technology Summit, a groundbreaking pitching session unfolded, bringing together the sharpest minds in Digital & Technology from 28 Hellenic countries. This extraordinary event, graced by the discerning jury, the D&T central leadership team, became a vibrant showcase of innovation, featuring passionate startups from the InnovX-BCR Program Alumni. The advantages reaped by Coca-Cola through this initiative underscore the strategic benefits of corporates organizing events focused on startup pitching. The event featured dynamic startups across sectors like retail execution, e-commerce, data & analytics, supply chain operations, and employee-centric solutions, highlighting the diverse landscape of innovation within the Coca-Cola HBC community. Esteemed jury members included Gerald Lewis , Dan Garbett , Milan Topolic , Ebenezer Onwuama , Elena Kirova, Olga Sapova, Andry Opanasik, Anastasis Liveretos and Cosmin Luca Multescu , representing the leadership team in Digital & Technology. The session provided a platform for startups to present solutions crafted specifically to address challenges faced by Coca-Cola. This tailored approach ensures relevance and effectiveness in solving real-world corporate issues. Notable winners emerged, with KIM4Industry securing the third spot and gaining an exclusive mentoring session with Milan Topolic . TapTasty claimed the second position, earning the opportunity to present their pitch to Coca-Cola HBC 's Venture Team. The gold medal went to QX , winning the prestigious chance to implement a Proof of Concept with Coca-Cola HBC . Beyond accolades, the event underscored the advantages of corporate-organized showcases, offering tailored solutions, diverse innovation, accelerated cycles, and strategic collaborations. As the horizon gleams with infinite promise, the Coca-Cola HBC & Technology Summit stands as a beacon of co-creation, shared growth, and boundless opportunities. Cheers resound to these remarkable achievements and the bright future of innovation on the horizon! 🌟🥂 1705754573296.png

Let's Innovate Together Concluding our exploration of the impactful collaboration between corporations and startups within the InnovX ecosystem, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the forward-thinking corporations that have actively engaged in fostering innovation. Their participation in InnovX events has not only showcased their commitment to embracing cutting-edge solutions but has also opened doors to a world of opportunities and a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. In the dynamic realm of startup acceleration, InnovX stands as a beacon for both corporations and startups alike. For corporations, it offers a unique chance to tap into a pool of capable and innovative startups, driving the wheels of progress within their industries. Supporting the startup ecosystem is not just a strategic move; it's an investment in the future. For startups seeking to ride the wave of innovation, the opportunity to participate in InnovX programs is now more accessible than ever. By joining us, you gain not only exposure to local and international investors (as highlighted in this article) but also access to international markets (article available here), collaboration with top tech providers, and engagement with various stakeholders. For tech startups in the CEE region, the opportunity to join InnovX-BCR's accelerator program awaits. Don't miss the chance to be part of a transformative journey that goes beyond boundaries. Apply by February 28th through this link, and open the door to a world of possibilities. And for those eager to take the next step, we invite you to schedule a one-on-one meeting through this link. If you are passionate about contributing to our success story, exploring partnership opportunities, or simply curious about the endless possibilities that lie ahead, let's connect. Together, we can shape the future of entrepreneurship and leave an enduring impact on the thriving tech startup landscape. Your journey into the InnovX ecosystem begins now! 🌐🚀