Innovx Achievements Beyond Funding: Unveiling the Powerhouse Investment Partners Behind Innovation

Established in 2019 in Romania, InnovX has swiftly become a vital force in European business acceleration. Focused on propelling technology startups and future fund managers, InnovX is dedicated to driving positive change and fostering the growth of promising ventures. In 2024, InnovX continues its commitment to innovation, supporting startups and contributing to the evolution of the venture capital ecosystem. In the dynamic landscape of technology startups, alternative finance avenues such as venture capital firms, angel investors networks and other funding sources play a pivotal role in fostering growth, research and development. Unlike traditional financing, these alternative channels bring more than just capital injection—they offer strategic guidance, mentorship and a wealth of industry expertise. Their risk appetite and focus on high-potential ventures, provide startups with the financial runway needed to scale rapidly, offering not just funding but valuable mentorship. This diverse range of funding sources empowers startups to invest in research and development, drive innovation and navigate the challenges of scaling, ultimately contributing to the vitality and resilience of the technology startup ecosystem. Our extensive network of alumni, close to 200 tech startups, has collectively secured an impressive total funding exceeding 47 million euros. This remarkable achievement highlights both the quantity and quality of ventures that have flourished within our accelerator programs. The collaboration between InnovX and our investment partners goes beyond financial backing; it is a symbiotic relationship that enriches the entire ecosystem. During the educational phase of InnovX's programs, these partners actively contribute by hosting workshops, sharing industry insights and providing invaluable expertise. As esteemed members of judging panels, they play a crucial role in pitching events, offering constructive feedback that shapes the trajectory of participating startups. Moreover, the engagement extends to joint participation in conferences, where the exchange of ideas and networking opportunities further enhances the collaborative spirit. This multi-faceted involvement of investment partners not only reinforces the educational foundation of InnovX but also fosters an environment where startups receive hands-on guidance, exposure and the necessary support to thrive in the competitive landscape of entrepreneurship. We are thrilled to introduce and showcase our esteemed investment partners, whose unwavering support and expertise we are truly honored to have by our side. ROCA X, an integral part of the Impetum Group, stands as a beacon for disruptive businesses at their inception. Focused on young entrepreneurs with revolutionary ideas in technology at the MVP or prototype stage, Roca X is dedicated to transforming visions into impactful realities. Acting as a vital bridge, Roca X supports startups in their infancy, providing a crucial link between the nurturing support of business angels and the growth-focused assistance offered by upper-stage VCs during a company's teenage years. 1704725011674.jpeg

The partnership with Roca X has been instrumental in our accelerator programs, where they have served as mentors for both startups and future venture capital funds. Covering essential topics such as "EUVECA", "The VC Perspective" and "VC Types", they have played a pivotal role in shaping the knowledge base of our participants. Roca X has gone beyond conventional support, hosting empowering events at their headquarters, fostering the next generation of investors. The team, Alexandru Bogdan, Sonia-Denisa Fedorovici and Theodor Alexandru Genoiu, has consistently demonstrated their commitment by actively participating as speakers and members of the jury during pitching events. Their insightful questions and constructive feedback have significantly contributed to the growth and development of the startups within our ecosystem. We are grateful for the ongoing collaboration with Roca X, a key partner in our mission to cultivate innovation and drive positive change in the startup landscape. 1704725126717.jpeg 1704965499988.jpeg 1704969507069.jpeg 1704806828485.jpeg takes center stage as a driving force in healthcare technology, specializing in transformative investments in technology-based solutions for the healthcare sector. As a community of investors committed to early-stage funding, Cleverage VC plays a pivotal role in identifying and supporting promising startups poised to revolutionize healthcare. Beyond financial backing, they actively contribute to the growth of entrepreneurs, assisting in building extraordinary companies that scale up and expand into new markets to enhance global access to healthcare and medical assistance. The invaluable contribution of Ioana David has been a cornerstone in our acceleration program. Ioana's expertise, particularly in the "Venture Capital in the Healthcare Vertical" domain, has provided startups with critical insights, shaping their understanding of the industry. Furthermore, Cleverage VC's commitment is evident through Ioana's participation as a speaker at demo days and conferences, as well as her role as a jury member for pitching events, including international conferences like the egg - enter.grow.go Conference in Greece. 1704807350881.jpeg 1704961384848.png

Central European Financial Services SA, a leading investment and advisory firm headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, has been a trailblazer since its establishment in 2001 by five visionary partners. With over a century of collective experience in investment banking and fund management, CEFS is renowned for its disciplined and opportunistic approach to making private equity, public equity, fixed income and credit investments across various sectors. The firm capitalizes on its global network, local expertise and a seasoned team of investment professionals, incorporating proprietary data analysis into investment decisions. Ana Bobirca , our Chief Investments Officer, has been a stalwart supporter and mentor within our ecosystem. Her contributions extend to the Investors Bootcamp, where she imparts invaluable insights on topics such as private equity and investment thesis. Ana has further enriched our programs as a panelist during demo days and a moderator for various events. Moreover, we had the privilege of hosting Andrei Pogonaru as the keynote speaker at the event "From Green Metrics to Growth: The Convergence of Sustainable and Growth Investment Strategies" at CEFS headquarters, showcasing the firm's commitment to exploring the intersection of sustainability and growth in investment strategies. 1704809118002.jpeg 1704809471302.jpeg 1704808173927.jpeg 1704811726740.jpeg 1704808219270.jpeg

Elevator Ventures, is at the forefront of fostering innovation in the fintech landscape. With a primary focus on early-stage and growth investments, Elevator Ventures is dedicated to supporting fintechs and related enabling technologies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). As a leading growth partner in the region, the entity harnesses the expertise, network and corporate strength of the RBI Group to assist promising scaleups in expanding across CEE and beyond. Suleiman A, a key figure within Elevator Ventures, has significantly contributed to the growth of startups and future venture capital funds. Serving as a mentor, Suleiman has covered crucial topics such as the right roles for VC, insights about VC, pitch deck essentials for investors, strategies for building deal flow intelligence and the intricacies of cap tables and proposed terms. His multifaceted involvement also extends to participating as a panelist during demo days and serving as a discerning member of the jury for pitching events. 1704969578644.jpeg 1704810707454.jpeg 1704811510935.jpeg 1704811813523.jpeg

Eleven Ventures, a pioneering early-stage venture capital firm in Southeast Europe, ardently embraces its mission to empower local heroes and catapult them into global success. With a name inspired by physics' escape velocity, symbolizing the minimum speed for breaking free from Earth's gravitational pull, Eleven Ventures is committed to propelling startups beyond regional confines. Focused on technology companies, the firm strategically invests in sectors that shape the future, reflecting their dedication to influencing and transforming industries on a global scale. The success trajectory of startups under Eleven Ventures is guided by a stellar team of mentors including Nikola Yanev, Valeri Petrov, Ivaylo Simov, Belizar Marinov, Viktor Minchev and Veselina Markova. These seasoned experts play pivotal roles, offering insights into VC teams, nuances of the VC landscape and the diverse types of venture capital. Beyond mentoring, they actively engage with startups, providing invaluable feedback during pitching events and serving as distinguished panelists at demo days. They collectively contribute to steering startups towards global triumphs, embodying Eleven Ventures' commitment to fostering success for local heroes on the global stage. 1704812537081.jpeg 1704965447739.jpeg 1704811374793.jpeg 1704970506473.jpeg

Meet Fortech Investments, the Romanian early-stage VC fund and strategic ally for ambitious founders across diverse sectors, including manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, fintech and energy. Formerly the corporate venture capital arm of a software company with over two decades of expertise in these industries, Fortech Investments brings more than just capital to the table. As staunch advocates for founders, they offer tech-for-equity deals to accelerate scaling efforts, providing actionable advice and valuable introductions. Fortech Investments, under the guidance of mentors like Valentin Filip, has been actively involved in our startup events and mentoring sessions. Valentin, has been instrumental in imparting essential knowledge on topics such as venture capital, CVC roles and their nuances. Alongside Alex Burciu and Alexandru Chifu, have been valuable contributors as panelists and discerning members of the jury during pitching events hosted by our accelerator programs. This active participation reaffirms the commitment to going beyond financial support. 1704812108408.jpeg 1704965690182.jpeg 1704978247432.jpeg

Founders Bridge, a small-cap VC fund, distinguishes itself as a catalyst for forward-thinking startups, providing not only investment but also structured value creation to foster growth. With a commitment to building a strong foundation for expansion, Founders Bridge offers support in business development, strategic planning and product-market fit. The firm's hands-on approach extends through a network of experts in key areas such as Sales and Marketing, Growth, CTO/Tech and Legal. Liviu Munteanu , Partner at Founders Bridge, stands as a dynamic force in our acceleration programs. His active mentorship has been pivotal, guiding startups in crafting compelling one-pagers for investors and future VC funds with insights about the term sheets and LPs. Beyond mentorship, he has played a crucial role in the startup selection process, contributing as a panelist and serving as a discerning member of the jury during our pitching events. Liviu's multifaceted involvement underscores Founders Bridge's dedication to providing comprehensive support to startups in their journey towards growth and success. 1704812108408.jpeg 1704965690182.jpeg 1704978247432.jpeg

Catalyst Romania, at the forefront of technology-focused venture capital, has established itself as a leading force in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. Launched in 2012 with a groundbreaking EUR 15 million fund, Catalyst expanded its impact with a second growth capital tech fund in 2022, reaching a hard cap of EUR 50 million. Pioneering the way for tech leaders in Romania and neighboring countries, Catalyst Romania is dedicated to providing expansion and growth capital, shaping the landscape of technology innovation in the region. Alin V. Stanciu and Antonela Dragomir, CFA, integral members of Catalyst Romania, have been steadfast supporters and mentors from the inception, providing valuable insights to startups and future venture capital funds on the intricacies of venture capital. Their active involvement extends to offering invaluable feedback during pitching events and participating as panelists. Marius Ghenea, also contributes to the discourse on technology and we would like to mention him being a panelist at the ZF IT Generation Summit. 1704968754029.jpeg 1704811584070.jpeg 1704968713411.jpeg 1704960557970.jpeg

LAUNCHub Ventures stands as a prominent early-stage venture capital fund, spearheading investments in startups across South-Eastern Europe (SEE) and Central-Eastern Europe (CEE). Since 2012, LAUNCHUB has played a pivotal role in the region and its diaspora, actively supporting exceptional teams in crafting the next generation of game-changing companies. Currently operating out of their third fund, totaling €74M, LAUNCHub is dedicated to fueling the aspirations of ambitious early-stage founders, providing crucial support for their innovative ventures. The success of LAUNCHub Ventures is not only attributed to capital but is significantly shaped by the unwavering commitment of key individuals. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Rumen Iliev and Petar Tsachev for their dedicated efforts in advancing the ecosystem. Their commitment goes beyond financial backing, as they actively provide invaluable feedback to startups and share insightful mentorship with both startups and future venture capital funds. 1704969105015.jpeg 1704969089962.jpeg 1704812177204.jpeg

Impact Ventures distinguishes itself with two dedicated social impact funds, placing a strategic focus on fostering social innovation. The core mission revolves around achieving measurable positive social impact while ensuring a sound financial return. This objective is met through investments in social enterprises with sustainable and scalable business models, coupled with robust business development support. Through collaborative efforts, their investees not only thrive financially but also exponentially amplify their positive social and environmental contributions. Elemér Eszter and Kamilla Rácz, instrumental figures within Impact Ventures exemplify a commitment to mentorship for startups and future venture capital funds. Their mentorship covers essential subjects, including the VC perspective and the diverse landscape of VC types. Beyond knowledge sharing, they actively provide insights and constructive feedback to startups during pitching events. Their engagement extends to serving as esteemed panelists at demo days and conferences, reinforcing their dedication to driving social impact through innovation and collaborative mentorship. 1704971111863.jpeg 1704970218574.jpeg 1704970218358.jpeg

BrightCap Ventures, a dynamic early-stage and accelerator VC fund situated in Sofia, embodies a commitment to fostering innovation at its roots. Specializing in partnering with inspiring global founders who harness local engineering talent, BrightCap Ventures brings a unique blend of entrepreneurial experience and an extensive global network to the table. Though our partnership is recent, the invaluable contributions of Roumen Jordanov and Georgi Mitov cannot be overstated. Their active presence at pitching events, providing insightful feedback to startups, exemplifies BrightCap Ventures' dedication to actively shaping the success of burgeoning ventures. 1704879021495.png 1704894493322.jpeg

DEPO Ventures stands at the intersection of investment and connection, managing angel funds and an expansive international network of angel investors. With a commitment to nurturing the growth of startups, DEPO Ventures plays a vital role in shaping the entrepreneurial landscape. We extend our sincere gratitude to Kateryna Kovalenko and Darya Yanovich for their unwavering commitment to the development of the ecosystem. Their dedication goes beyond financial support, as they actively provide feedback to startups and share valuable insights as mentors for our startups. 1704892609360.png 1704971161744.jpeg is a dynamic seed-stage venture capital firm with a singular focus on nurturing startups in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. With a deep appreciation for founders who dare to dream big, is dedicated to supporting visionary entrepreneurs on their journey to building companies with revenues exceeding $100 million. Karol Lasota has played a pivotal role as a mentor for startups and future venture capital funds. Karol's mentorship covers crucial subjects such as the VC perspective and the diverse landscape of VC types. Beyond imparting knowledge, Karol has provided invaluable insights and constructive feedback to startups during pitching events, solidifying's commitment to fostering growth and success within the CEE startup ecosystem. 1704891275954.jpeg

Karma Ventures ( stands as an early-stage venture capital firm, specializing in late seed and A-round investments in Europe's most promising deep-tech software startups. At the heart of our mission is the support for companies boasting unique technology, robust customer traction and global ambitions. We are not merely financial backers but devoted partners accompanying entrepreneurs on their growth journey in commercial, strategic and technical dimensions. Linda Võeras, a pivotal presence within Karma Ventures, has been actively engaged in pitching events, providing invaluable feedback to startups. Linda's commitment goes beyond financial support, exemplifying Karma Ventures' dedication to fostering a thriving ecosystem. 1704879013648.png

Trind Ventures stands as a formidable supporter of aspiring entrepreneurs, driven by a mission to scale solutions that incorporate a consumer and community component. With a foundation rooted in over 20 years of business angel, founder, and venture capital experience, Trind VC leverages this wealth of knowledge to guide founders toward success. The firm places a strong emphasis on the CCC (Consumer and Community Component) in its approach, aiming to support the scaling efforts of both B2B and B2C companies. We extend a heartfelt gratitude to Iryna Krepchuk. Her active participation at pitching events, providing invaluable feedback to startups, underscores Trind VC's commitment to hands-on involvement and mentorship. Iryna's contributions further reinforce Trind VC's dedication to empowering startups through a combination of experience, expertise and a metrics-driven approach. 1704962660684.jpeg

Fiedler Capital takes pride in being the catalyst for breakout companies on the peripheries of Europe. As a first-check investor, their mission is to empower overlooked founders from peripheral European ecosystems, helping them defy the odds and transform their visions into breakthrough successes. Focused on qualities such as thoughtfulness, candor, ambition, grit and focus, they invest pre-venture, taking the lead or co-leading in pre-seed and early seed deals. With ticket sizes ranging between €50-750k, Fiedler Capital is dedicated to nurturing potential and fostering innovation in regions often overlooked by traditional investors. Jordan Bocskov, a key presence within Fiedler Capital, actively participates in pitching events, providing invaluable feedback to startups. This engagement is fortified by the strategic partnership with InnovX, underscoring Fiedler Capital's commitment to hands-on involvement. 1704967211541.jpeg

Seed Starter ČS stands as a unique force in providing support and investment for startups, distinguished by its commitment to sustainable and lasting growth. Unlike conventional seed funds, Seed Starter is driven by a passion for helping companies poised for sustainable expansion. If the goal is merely wealth and fame, they suggest looking elsewhere. However, for those with brilliant ideas, strong teams and clear plans, Seed Starter is ready to offer support, inspiration, and education. InnovX expresses heartfelt appreciation to Jiri Skopovy, Beáta Vörösová, Katerina Manley for their unwavering commitment and invaluable roles as esteemed panelists and members of the jury during the InnovX-BCR Demo Day. Their dedication surpasses mere financial backing, actively championing and nurturing tech startups throughout their growth journey. They embody the collaborative spirit that defines InnovX, playing pivotal roles in fostering innovation and sustainable growth within the startup ecosystem. 1704895016268.jpeg 1704894972384.jpeg

Seed Starter's influence extends beyond its native ground, as evidenced by its integral role in the launch of BCR Seed Starter in Romania. BCR Seed Starter, a subsidiary wholly owned by Banca Comercială Română (BCR), marks the first corporate venture capital (CVC) company established by a Romanian bank. Operational since January 2024, BCR Seed Starter commits €5 million for investments over the next five years, targeting innovative startups with the potential to optimize internal banking processes, enhance the service portfolio for BCR customers, or support the integration of ESG standards. We extend our gratitude to Carmen Dibus, Adrian Rosoaga, CFA, Sergiu Cristian Manea and Thomas Kolarik for the BCR Seed Starter initiative and are looking forward to further exploring this connection. 1704966156797.jpeg 1704971457742.jpeg

Shoutout to Adrian Seceleanu and Ziarul Financiar for being a huge supporter of the ecosystem and making sure that the latest innovation news are out. ZAS Ventures stands as a dynamic venture capital firm, led by seasoned operators-turned-investors who intimately understand the entrepreneurial journey. Drawing from their own experiences as founders, ZAS Ventures has crafted a unique VC model dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to realize their utmost potential. The firm distinguishes itself by offering unparalleled support, including personalized mentorship, crucial connections and assistance with future fundraising endeavors. ZAS Ventures acts as a guiding force, reducing the margin for error for startups and propelling them along an accelerated path to success. We would like to thank Andrew Zinchuk for his active participation at pitching events, providing invaluable feedback to startups. Andrew's engagement is further fortified by the strategic partnership with InnovX, emphasizing ZAS Ventures' commitment to hands-on involvement. 1704961572130.jpeg

SeedBlink emerges as a transformative force, revolutionizing equity management for thousands of European tech startups and investors. Operating under the mantra of "All Things Equity," SeedBlink's mission is to simplify and foster equity ownership across Europe. By providing seamless access, efficient management and intelligent trading of equity, SeedBlink empowers tech companies and their stakeholders throughout their growth journey. The platform seamlessly integrates software, financial services and extensive network coverage, ensuring a comprehensive approach to every facet of equity growth. We extend gratitude to key figures Mircea Ghita, Andrei Dudoiu, Carmen Sebe and Ionut Patrahau for their unwavering support. Their active involvement, including mentoring sessions, participation as members of the jury and serving as panelists at pitching events, exemplifies their commitment to nurturing the growth of tech startups. They contribute valuable insights and expertise, reinforcing SeedBlink's role as a catalyst for streamlined equity management and growth within the European tech ecosystem. 1704897426740.jpeg 1704971657654.jpeg 1704897420510.jpeg 1704971729309.jpeg

SMOK Ventures, a US-based venture capital fund, has positioned itself as a vital catalyst for early-stage startups in Central & Eastern Europe and the diaspora. With a commitment to investment ranging from 100k to 1M USD, Smok Ventures concentrates its focus on the dynamic realms of software and game development. The fund takes pride in collaborating with serial entrepreneurs harboring a global vision, aspiring to establish industry leaders. InnovX extends sincere gratitude to 🌈 Borys Musielak for his invaluable contributions to the startup ecosystem. Borys, through mentorship sessions, has provided insightful guidance, contributing to the growth and development of the startups within our portfolio. His active presence at pitching events, offering invaluable feedback, further solidifies the commitment to fostering innovation and supporting entrepreneurs on their journey to success. 1704961740698.png

Radix Ventures emerges as a pioneering Venture Capital Fund, forged by seasoned investors and technology entrepreneurs in Central and Eastern Europe. With a dedicated mission to empower radical innovations, Radix envisions becoming the preferred venture capital choice for deep tech entrepreneurs in the region. As a new force in the CEE startup ecosystem, Radix is poised to catalyze transformative ideas, pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology. InnovX extends heartfelt appreciation to Pawel Bochniarz, Wojciech Ratymirski, Marton Szoke and Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD. for their unwavering commitment to innovation. As esteemed panelists at events, they have played pivotal roles in fostering a culture of collaboration and forward-thinking within the startup community. Their active involvement underscores Radix Ventures' dedication to supporting and nurturing innovative ideas, shaping the landscape for radical innovations in Central and Eastern Europe. 1704960712156.jpeg 1704960587708.jpeg 1704967922562.jpeg

Sparking Capital stands as a dynamic early-stage fund dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs who embody unique industry insights, a powerful vision, passion, courage and excellence in plan execution. With a focus on pre-seed and seed investments, Sparking Capital takes an industry-agnostic approach while expressing a preference for disruptive startups in consumer internet, marketing-tech, supply chain-tech, fin-tech, property-tech and circular economy-tech. The fund actively seeks differentiating value propositions that harbor the potential to become national champions or swiftly scale up internationally. InnovX expresses profound appreciation to Vlad Panait for his pivotal role as a member of the jury during pitching events and his dedication as a mentor. Vlad's expertise in topics such as venture capital and Romanian incorporation for startups and future venture capital funds has been instrumental in shaping the growth trajectory. And thank you, Cristian Negrutiu for being a panelist at ZF IT Generation Summit. 1704968602244.jpeg 1704972045019.jpeg

Our latest collaboration, Presto Ventures, has added a dynamic dimension to our ecosystem and we are eager to embark on this exciting journey together. Based in Prague, Presto Ventures is a venture capital firm with a focus on early-stage B2B software startups and online marketplaces from the broader Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. Distinguishing itself by being exclusively backed by private capital, Presto serves as a crucial bridge, connecting the burgeoning CEE tech ecosystem with major Western markets. We extend our sincere appreciation to Oleksandr Bulatnikov for their dedication and commitment to this exciting collaboration. Together, let's step it up a notch and explore the boundless possibilities that Presto Ventures brings to our accelerator programs and the startups within our thriving ecosystem. 1704959075289.png

Growceanu stands as a dedicated angel investing club, firmly believing that great ideas deserve the opportunity to thrive. This unique club brings together members who generously contribute their expertise, extensive networks and financial support to aid promising entrepreneurs in growing their high-tech startups. At the core of Growceanu's mission is the catalyzation of early-stage investment in high-tech startups, achieved by providing a community of investors and entrepreneurs with essential tools, processes, and educational resources. This multifaceted approach aims to unlock the full potential of individuals, generate wealth, and enhance the overall quality of life. InnovX extends heartfelt gratitude to 💫 Ciprian Man for his pivotal roles as a member of the jury during pitching events and a dedicated mentor. Ciprian's contributions have been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of supported startups, offering valuable insights and guidance. Special mention to Raluca Ganea and Adrian Erimescu for the community support. 1704972155698.jpeg 1704962037326.jpeg 1704962101221.jpeg 1704972135944.jpeg

WIT Angels Club is on a mission to unlock the full potential of women angel investors, guiding them in making intelligent and purpose-driven investments in the technology they passionately believe in. This dynamic club goes beyond mere financial support, providing expert advice and fostering collaboration to accompany women on every step of their investment journey. The goal is to transform vision into action and passion into impact, creating a lasting influence in the tech investment landscape. InnovX extends sincere appreciation to Selena Stan for her impactful role as a member of the jury, offering valuable feedback to startups and Andreea Saia and Ruxandra Muys-Stoian for being by our side. 1704972215263.jpeg

As a venture studio, Traction Keys is dedicated to finding inspiration at every turn and providing comprehensive support to startups for their success. From offering industry insights and tools to providing solutions, marketing expertise, sales support and valuable networking opportunities, Traction Keys ensures that startups have access to all the necessary resources for their growth and prosperity. We are grateful to Gabriel Pana, having a pivotal role as a member of the jury at InnovX pitching events. 1704962012043.jpeg

Transylvania Angels Network (T.A.N.) serves as a dynamic hub for angel investing, collaborating with ecosystem supporters across the country to enhance entrepreneurship skills and foster angel investment knowledge. Within this vibrant network, Adrian Suteu stands as a committed member of the jury at startups' pitching events, contributing significantly to the growth and success of emerging ventures. Emmett King and Mihai Naș play pivotal roles in ensuring alignment, creating a collaborative environment that propels angel investing and entrepreneurial initiatives to new heights. 1704962230423.jpeg 1704962777029.jpeg

Bravva Angels is on a mission to facilitate connections between business angels and female founders who bring forth new ideas, possess an exceptional execution plan, and embody strong values. Committed to closing the gender gap in venture capital, Bravva sources, supports and invests money in tech-enabled solutions led by female founders. Their interests span across various sectors, including health, education, nutrition, well-being, housing, the future of work, finances and green initiatives. We are proud to have Ilinca Paun as a dedicated member of the jury, providing valuable feedback to startups and furthering the cause of empowering female entrepreneurs in the venture capital landscape. 1704892972471.jpeg

We take immense pride in the steadfast support extended by our esteemed investment partners, a collaboration that has been instrumental in propelling our accelerator ecosystem to new heights. The unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions from these partners have not only fueled the success of our alumni, with nearly 200 tech startups raising over 47 million euros, but have also fortified our vision of fostering innovation and growth. As we express our gratitude for the journey so far, we look ahead with enthusiasm and commitment to continue expanding and evolving the ecosystem. Together with our investment partners, we are eager to embark on new milestones, contribute to the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship and collectively make a lasting impact on the tech startup ecosystem. The journey of growth, collaboration and innovation continues and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this dynamic evolution. If you are eager to contribute to this ongoing success story and explore partnership opportunities, we are delighted to invite you to schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss the exciting possibilities ahead. Together, let's shape the future of entrepreneurship and make a lasting impact on the thriving tech startup landscape.