Innovx Achievements Embracing Global Frontiers: The Pivotal Role of Internationalization for Tech Companies

Founded in 2019, InnovX has swiftly become a cornerstone in business acceleration, focusing on technology startups and venture capital funds. With a clear vision and commitment to positive change, InnovX positions itself as a catalyst for ground-breaking ideas. In 2023, the organization continues to foster innovation, support startups, and contribute to the venture capital landscape. At its core, InnovX is a dynamic hub dedicated to propelling the next generation of innovators. The organization goes beyond a traditional business accelerator, serving as a nexus for learning and collaboration. The strategic vision has led to successful product launches and key partnerships, with leadership inspiring the team to new heights of achievement.

When in a digital age driven by innovation, the imperative for tech companies to go beyond borders is more necessary than ever. For tech enterprises charting paths to global prominence, here are the primary benefits underscoring the importance of internationalization: 1. Global Market Access:

  • Internationalization broadens the market horizon, providing tech companies access to diverse consumer bases. This not only expands their reach but also mitigates reliance on a singular market, ensuring sustained growth. 2. Tech Talent Magnet:
  • A global presence attracts a diverse talent pool. Internationalization allows tech companies to tap into a rich array of skills and perspectives, fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability. 3. Staying Ahead in Tech Race:
  • International exposure drives continuous innovation. Tech companies navigating global landscapes are better positioned to stay at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring relevance and competitiveness. 4. Strategic Collaborations:
  • Going global opens avenues for strategic collaborations. Tech companies can forge alliances with international partners, facilitating knowledge exchange, shared resources, and accelerated development. 5. Risk Mitigation and Resilience:
  • Diversifying into international markets acts as a risk mitigation strategy. For tech enterprises, this means building a resilient business model capable of withstanding economic fluctuations and regional uncertainties.

In essence, internationalization is not merely an option; it is a strategic imperative for tech companies eyeing sustained global impact. By embracing global frontiers, these companies position themselves to harness the full spectrum of opportunities in an ever-evolving tech landscape.

Next Stop: SXSW 2024 - Igniting Innovation and Connections, Austin, Texas, USA

As InnovX - BCR Alumni Delegation prepares for their next exhilarating venture, all eyes are set on the SXSW Conference in March 2024 in Texas. This highly anticipated event not only provides a dynamic platform for our digital creatives to encounter cutting-edge ideas and discover new interests but also offers a prime opportunity to network with professionals who share a similar appetite for forward-focused experiences. 1704288693012.jpeg 1704288662429.jpeg This particular conference is unique in its approach, featuring a variety of tracks that spotlight the most important breakthroughs in technology, film, culture, and music. SXSW stands as a testament to the idea that the most unexpected discoveries unfold when diverse topics and people come together. Representing the first in our series of global conferences, SXSW 2024 is poised to set the stage for a year of unparalleled innovation and collaboration for InnovX-BCR Alumnus. 1704285078698.jpeg

**Spotlight on Select USA, Washington **

At the forefront of our internationalization strategy, the role of conferences stands as a beacon for connecting, collaborating, and catalyzing growth. Among the stellar lineup, SelectUSA takes center stage, having played a pivotal role in our journey from 2020 to 2023. This high-profile event transcends boundaries, seamlessly bringing together investors, state representatives, service providers, industry experts, and international tech start-ups. The trajectory began with Monica Eremia' s support as an US Embassy Bucharest, Romania representative and Omar Oweiss our Select USA representative , we had a virtual attendance in 2021, seamlessly transitioning to on-site participation in 2020, 2022 and 2023. 1704380341547.jpeg 1704380325454.jpeg SelectUSA serves as a multi-level grand event, a dynamic platform where ideas converge, partnerships flourish, and our tech ventures find a global spotlight. Notable attendees from our InnovX - BCR Delegation include, Prime Dash, QuickLegal, ecollect, Data Privacy Manager, Axigen Messaging, KIM 4 Industry, Plant an App, NC4F - Newcar4future, Cyscale, FieldOS, Salarium, MOCAPP, Kinderpedia, Headlight Solutions Romania, OLSTRAL, Izibac, Credo AI, Indexar , Jobful, Allevo, DocProcess, ifactor, SETRIO , each leaving an indelible mark on this international stage. At Select USA, our delegation was accompanied by Ionut Stanimir , Catalin Lupoaie , Anca Luca , Ana Cretu , Ioana Gheorghiade, CFA. 1704371728590.jpeg In a proud moment for the InnovX-BCR Program, three outstanding alumni, Prime Dash with Ioana Rus and Malina Lucia Turcut, QuickLegal with Luminiţa Buşuricu and Iulia Andritoiu Caizer, and with Diana Andritchi were accepted into the Select Global Women in Tech, a program geared toward international female founders, entrepreneurs, and executives in the tech sector. The event provides mentors selected from across the U.S. startup ecosystem based on their interest in supporting female-run businesses and tech companies. The mentees, foreign female entrepreneurs, will be matched with mentors based on their goals, respective industries, and expertise. This event is spearheaded by Gina Raimondo Gina Raimondo, Secretary of Commerce, a respected leader with a deep understanding of the importance of economic growth and development. Her leadership and contributions to the SelectUSA Investment Summit have helped to make it one of the most important events in the world of international business and investment. 1704372030977.jpeg I cannot end without saying that none of these experiences would have reached you if it wasn't for the extraordinary press coverage and videos made by Adrian Seceleanu and his team from Adrian was a great folk to hang around with and we are grateful that he was alongside InnovX - BCR Alumni during the Select USA Conference!

**InnovX's Debut at London Tech Week: A Launchpad for Global Ventures, UK **

In 2023, InnovX marked its first appearance at London Tech Week , a vibrant hub of technological innovation. This event became a pivotal moment for our Romanian delegation, offering a platform to connect, learn, and propel our startups into new realms of success. 1704280127390.jpeg At London Tech Week , our delegation engaged with venture capitalists, startups and strategic partners amidst a dynamic atmosphere. Great thanks to Cristina Dragu 🇬🇧💰🚀, British Embassy in Bucharest Representative for her thorough help regarding this event! Noteworthy was the presence of: KIM 4 Industry, Axigen Messaging, FieldOS, Explocom GK- Gekka, KFactory®,, Future Now Capital, from the InnovX Alumni community, showcasing their disruptive ideas and fostering collaborations alongside over 30,000 participants. We were also thrilled to have crossed paths with fellow InnovX ecosystem members such as Avi Cicirean, Drazen Orescanin, Andrada Borda, Suleiman A. 1704280181086.jpeg 1704280193988.jpeg Beyond the numbers, the event's significance was heightened by the presence of prominent partners and government representatives, creating an environment ripe for networking and knowledge sharing. Our strategic navigation included connecting with 300+ speakers, exploring partnerships with 70+ organizations across 5 days and 6 dynamic zones. 1704280273340.jpeg 1704380471003.jpeg This transformative experience at London Tech Week reinforces our commitment to global success through strategic connections and collaborative innovation. As we eagerly anticipate future editions, the lessons learned and connections forged will continue to propel InnovX towards new heights on the international stage.

Howling Success at Wolves Summit: Unleashing Innovation in CEE

Venturing into the heart of Central Eastern Europe, along with our esteemed Alumni from the InnovX - BCR Delegation, made waves at Wolves Summit – the largest and most dynamic tech & innovation conference in CEE. Our participation in 2021 in Wroclaw, 2022 in Vienna and in 2023 in London marked a continuous commitment to fostering connections that matter.

Alpha Wolves, London 2023 Grateful to the British Embassy in Bucharest and Cristina Dragu 🇬🇧💰🚀 for the invitations and support for AlphaWolves in London 2023, where high-profile connections between Venture LPs, fund managers, and scale-ups were fostered. The participating alumni from our community are including Marijan Bračić and Drazen Orescanin were representants of Data Privacy Manager Andrei Dumitrascu represented, Softlead,Florian Munteanu, MBA and Orlando Andrei are the representants of Future Now Capital, Investors Bootcamp 2022 Alumni, Adrian Sfichi and Daniel Ioan Onica represented Ecap, Sorin IACOB was there for Carfix App have all showcased the spirit of innovation and collaboration. 1704692111034.png

Wolves Summit, Vienna 2022 1704380523535.jpeg Wolves Summit is renowned for bringing together the best creative and tech minds, creating a vibrant platform for networking and collaboration. In both Wroclaw and Vienna, InnovX-BCR Alumni, including: QuickLegal, Prime Dash, QX, GuidefAI,,, Finqware, Plant an App, Verio ID, Coinscrap Finance, Headlight Solutions Romania showcased their innovative prowess and engaged with a diverse community of tech enthusiasts. 1704380668484.jpeg won the Special Prize from AI Startup Incubator, while QuickLegal won the second place and Finqware the fourth. Out of 799 participating startups, 10 of them are the ones that participated in the InnovX-BCR program. Congrats on the amazing team at Wolves Summit: Tomasz Samul, Wiktor Borkowski and Rosie Chajutin! 1704280073182.jpeg InnovX's Investors Alliance had a panel during the conference, "New trends in cross-border investments", the discussion approaching the need to strengthen the collaboration between the different European Investment & Innovation ecosystems in order to better serve the underfinanced innovative scaleups with growth potential in the region. and it is our pleasure to present our panelists: Thomas Kolarik, Virginia E Vegas, Elemér Eszter and Sonia-Denisa Fedorovici. 1704365725996.jpeg

**Wolves Summit, Wroclaw 2021 ** 1704380589351.jpeg In October 2021, the dynamic city of Wroclaw played host to the Wolves Summit, a gathering that brought together visionaries, startups, and industry leaders. The on-site event served as a melting pot of ideas, fostering collaboration and innovation next to our esteemed mentors: Ana Bobirca, Ana Cretu, Sergiu Cristian Manea , Alexandru Mihailciuc , Alina Irma Orban , Nicu Iancu , Mircea Moraru , Mihaela Toader and Loredana-Cristina Chivu, Diana DUMITRESCU, PhD. , Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD. 1704380609818.jpeg 1704380616506.jpeg 1704380601373.jpeg

_Alpha Wolves, Warsaw 2022_

After our success at the Wolves Summit in April 2022, we kept our promise and returned, this time to the exclusive 2-day hybrid forum, AlphaWolves . Organized by our partners, this event connected Venture LPs with fund managers and high-growth scale-ups. 1704359101882.jpeg Our Alumni gained valuable insights, pitch experience, and expanded their network. Congratulations to Fagura , STEMI , OLSTRAL , Coinscrap Finance , ICS, Headlight Solutions Romania and Fibercon for their achievements. Wolves Summit , a cornerstone in our journey, showcased the collaborative spirit defining our innovative community as we connected with industry leaders and contributed to the thriving tech landscape in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

InnovX Welcomes StartupGrind Gatherings

Introducing the StartupGrind Conferences, a dynamic addition to InnovX's conference lineup. From London and Tbilisi in 2019 to Silicon Valley in 2020 and a virtual presence in Tbilisi the same year, these events have consistently drawn over 3,000 startups, investors, and innovators each. Curious about the future of the global tech landscape? StartupGrind is where industry leaders discuss the future of startups, venture capital, and technology. With top-notch speakers, a showcase of leading startups, and unmatched networking, this gathering shapes the trajectory of innovation worldwide. Past attendees include notable InnovX - BCR Alumni like AlphaBlock, indexAR, KFactory®, KPEye, Modex, Flaminjoy, sigtree Technologies, WiseVoice, 3PM Digital Masters, Charge me , Credo, Heka, MSing with Trauma, Prepi, Starchaser, Stuffz, VASK THE AIR PURIFIER, The Space Hub Global, Jobful, Enterprise Concept, Allevo, DocProcess, iFactor | Your Money. Faster, SETRIO who not only showcased their innovations but also provided insights during pitch sessions that fueled engaging discussions. For startup founders, professionals, and those eager to connect with the startup ecosystem, StartupGrind is the place to be. As we integrate this event into our global conference journey, anticipate groundbreaking ideas and transformative collaborations within the InnovX community.

Startup Grind Europe Conference, London UK, 2019 1704380735956.jpeg In 2019, the vibrant city of London hosted the Startup Grind Europe Conference, featuring industry-leading speakers and a showcase spotlighting some of Europe's top startups, the conference facilitated invaluable networking opportunities. The Startup Grind Europe Conference in London provided an unparalleled space where the best of the community converged, leaving the outcomes of these connections to shape the future of the tech landscape in Europe. 1704380993771.jpeg From our community, several companies participated: indexAR, KFactory®, KPEyes | Digital Transformation for Dataempowerment,, Modex, Flaminjoy, sigtree Technologies, WiseVoice with AlphaBlock being the standout as the sole representative pitching their innovative ideas. 1704372591165.jpeg 1704372640398.jpeg

_Startup Grind Europe - Asia Connect Conference: Tbilisi, Georgia 2019 _ 1704381040944.jpeg Back in 2019, Tbilisi also unfolded as the vibrant backdrop for the Startup Grind Europe Conference. Noteworthy that the participating InnovX-BCR Alumni: 3PM Digital Masters, Charge me , Izibac, Heka, MSing with Trauma, Prepi, Starchaser, Stuffz, VASK THE AIR PURIFIER, had the opportunity of pitching their ideas, but only Izibac won the outcoming prizes. 1704373043845.jpeg 1704379441290.png For those deeply entrenched in the dynamic startup landscape—be they founders, industry professionals, or individuals seeking collaborative ventures—this conference served as a distinctive nexus for inspiration and strategic connections.

Startup Grind Global Conference, Silicon Valley, US, 2020 1704371837594.jpeg The Startup Grind Global Conference of 2020 was a hit. The 10th anniversary of the largest independent community of entrepreneurs world-wide came with some impressive numbers: 3 days with 2406 minutes of content, 10.000 attendees, 303 Startups from 96 countries. 1704381161120.jpeg The conference took place in several spots around the main stage of the Fox Theatre: the San Mateo County Historical hosted the Accelerate Program, several cinema scenes hosted the newly introduces workshop stages (VC Stage, Marketing Stage, Product Design Stage) and three different tents (Google for Startups, Chase Ink & MailChimp) hosted the exhibition of the 300+ startups, 100 of them being Y-Combinator Companies! 1704368255711.jpeg Derek Andersen, the founder of Startup Grind remained true to its beliefs: Startup Grind is not about flashy effects and bright screens, Startup Grind is about the entrepreneurial community, about the people behind the companies. Founders came as they are, and the fireside chats focused on their life as on their businesses. A lot of insights, a lot of revelatory ideas, and a degree of sincerity that you won’t find in other conferences. Derek’s way of organizing conferences is a perfect reflection of himself: cool, casual, sincere with a real interest in helping others. The three main values that are driving Startup Grind remained the same during the years, and ensured the success and continuous development of this movement: • We believe in making friends, not contacts. • We believe in giving, not taking. • We believe in helping others before helping yourself. Hard Work & Dedication: 1704381718555.jpeg While entrepreneurs started to come to their booths, countries' logos, started to become irrelevant. Their energy, talent, and intelligence filled the tents and started to attract the attention of more and more visitors. It is clear that improving one’s country brand depends on the hard work of our entrepreneurs and their companies, and I am proud of presenting you five Romanian scaleups that have been selected among hundreds of companies from the world to exhibit at the Startup Grind Global Conference in Silicon Valley, as part of the InnovX - BCR Romanian delegation: Credo, MSing with Trauma, Prepi, Jobful, Allevo, DocProcess, iFactor | Your Money. Faster, SETRIO, indexAR , Izibac. 1704368371190.jpeg 1704371872204.jpeg I cannot end without saying that none of these experiences would have reached you if it wasn't for the extraordinary press coverage and videos made by Vlad Andriescu and his team from Vlad was a great folk to hang around with and we are grateful that he was alongside InnovX - BCR Alumni during the Startup Grind Conference! Allevo, Ioana Guiman and her brother, proved to be able to face the hard challenge of business succession from their father; time proved that both exceeded the expectations of their business partners and clients. Ioana likes to continuously challenge herself, and her participation at Startup Grind was a demonstration of professionalism: armed with all the qualities of a charismatic entrepreneur.

<iframe width="720" height="407" src="" title="Ioana Guiman, Allevo: Soluții de la un startup pentru bănci din România și nu numai" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>

SETRIO Team : Marius Ciuperca, General Manager and Andrian Pavel, Executive Director, with a team of seven experts, Setrio was everywhere: pitching to clients, meeting investors, establishing partnerships, attending speeches and parties alike. The team effort was evident, with the best-equipped booth, Lucian Preda, Silviu Covaci and Radu Atanasescu, Setrio Marketing Director is leading the way towards internationalization, knowing how to shock and get the interest of the audience while pitching on Startup Grind Stage or acquire feedback and leads in the interaction with other peers. Setrio is proof that the key to a successful business is a strong and committed team, and Setrio has what it takes to conquer the international market.

<iframe width="720" height="407" src="" title="Setriochain: Românii vor să reducă daunele aduse de tratamentele incomplete" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Celebrate success: A balance between work and party:)) : what else could we do after a full day of work? The parties accompanying the Startup Grind Global Conference are an amazing way to interact more personally with this great community of amazing entrepreneurs. No surprise Startup Grind is one of the most appreciated conferences in Silicon Valley! 1704371673828.jpeg

Shibuya Startup Support, Tokio, Japan 2023

InnovX recently powered the Shibuya Startup Support Presentation, a virtual gathering focused on helping startups navigate the Japanese market. Over 20 innovators, including our innovators from our Community, participated in this insightful online event. Kang Somee, Coordinator Shibuya Startup Support, provided valuable information about the program and the Japanese market entry process. We also had Julien Schmitt, Head of Marketing at Katarina Health, a startup visa holder benefiting from the support, sharing his experience. Their expertise left a lasting impact, highlighting our dedication to fostering global connections and supporting startups in diverse markets. 1704357807485.png 1704357853285.png

Connecting Innovators: egg - enter.grow.go Investor Day , Athens, Greece 2023

A remarkable event unfolded at the egg - enter.grow.go Investor Day in Athens, Greece, providing an excellent opportunity to engage with representatives from the innovation ecosystems of Greece, Israel, Cyprus, and Ukraine. InnovX extends appreciation to hosts Roula Bachtalia, Michael Vlastarakis from Eurobank, Efthymis Georgakopoulos, Nikos Vogiatzis from Corallia for fostering collaboration within the European innovation landscape. 1704371780207.jpeg 1704358551618.jpeg 1704358569197.jpeg

Exploring Opportunities: Venture Cafe Warsaw - Bucharest Innovation Bridge, Warsaw 2021

Dive into the wealth of business opportunities in the City of Warsaw with insights shared by Ewelina T. from the Investor Cooperation Unit, City of Warsaw. This event, hosted by Venture Café Warsaw Foundation in 2021, featured a distinguished panel of speakers including George Cristian Tuță, Ewelina T., Mihaela Toader, Madalina Ionita and Agnieszka Sweda. 1704361726343.jpeg InnovX actively contributes to initiatives like the Warsaw - Bucharest Innovation Bridge, striving to foster a more diverse, inclusive, and well-connected global community. Venture Café Warsaw Foundation, a member of a growing global network of organizations, collaborates with us in advancing our shared mission within the global innovation landscape. This event underscores our commitment to connecting innovators, making things happen, and collectively shaping the future of innovation, Asling Hunt, Ewa Geresz. 1704361648611.jpeg

Virtual AI Roadshow USA | BADEN |WUERTTEMBERG | CANADA, 2021

Our Alumni recently participated in the Virtual AI Roadshow: USA - Baden-Württemberg - Canada, held from November 17-19 2020. This event served as a valuable platform for our alumni to connect with AI experts, gain insights on applying AI solutions, and stay abreast of the latest trends in the field. Connecting with potential partners and customers, engaging with leading academics and researchers, and exploring new products and services were among the highlights. 1704363304899.jpeg We appreciate the invitation extended by Karolina Kaptur, emphasizing our commitment to continuous learning and collaboration in the dynamic realm of AI.

Fintech Insights Unveiled: Clifford Chance International Festival, 2020

Alumni have participated in 2020, alongside Georgiana Evi, in the Clifford Chance International Festival of Fintech from November 30th to December 4th. The week unfolded with a series of enriching webinars featuring experts from the fintech industry such as: Simon Crown, Steve Gatti. 1704363760004.jpeg Our experts delved into discussions about the impact of accelerated growth in crypto and digital currencies, the benefits and risks associated with new technologies like quantum computing and DLT, the development and regulation of digital assets, and ESG topics, including sustainable finance, carbon trading, and sustainable bitcoin mining. The exploration also extended to fintech in emerging markets.

SSVAR DIMENSIONSXR 2020 , Switzerland Exploring XR Frontiers: Dimensions XR2020

The immersive XR online congress featured a lineup with Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD., Mircea Matei, Bogdan Moldovan , Razvan Boldis, Magdalena Jabłońska, Sorina Uleia, Flavian Popescu and the Holo4Labs Team. They participated in a panel session at DIMENSIONSXR 2020 discussing the application of VR tech in business and science. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in insightful conversations with them. Special thanks to Mohamed Jean-Philippe Sangaré for making this event possible. 1704366253464.jpeg

TechCrunch Disrupt, US 2020

TechCrunch Disrupt 2020: A Showcase of InnovX-BCR Alumni In September 2020, a delegation of 20 InnovX-BCR Business Accelerator Alumni exhibited at TechCrunch Disrupt 2020 on the Digital Startup Alley. The online event, held from September 14-18, provided a platform for tomorrow's headline makers to take the stage. The showcased startups included Cyscale , Safer Work , Oraroo , Finqware , RF METERS , NutriCare.Life, Slicy , Careers in White and MaaSTER , alongside the grinders such as, Apio , StartGDPR , Rungutan , UNIVRSE , IziDoc , Lex Technologies , Avoteca® ,, and Formaps. Speakers like Zuckerberg, Benioff, Musk, Kalanick, Mayer, and Dorsey were present, making TechCrunch Disrupt a must-attend event for the global startup ecosystem, identifying rising stars and keeping a pulse on the startup world. 1704366342996.jpeg

**CES -The Largest Tech Show in the World, in Las Vegas, Nevada, 2023 ** _ CES 2023: A Premier Showcase of Innovation_ In January 2023, a distinguished delegation formed by some of the startups in our community, Kinderpedia and Headlight Solutions Romania, supported by the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service in Romania representative Capat Alina Daniela, had the exclusive opportunity to attend CES - The Largest Tech Show in the World, held in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 5 to 8, 2023. CES stands as the most influential tech event globally, serving as the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, CES encompasses every aspect of the tech sector, featuring exhibitors ranging from manufacturers and developers to suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, and technology delivery systems. The event covers a broad spectrum, including 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart cities, digital health, energy/power, fintech, robotics, and more. As honoured delegates within the program, attendees received complimentary registration to CES and exclusive access to business and meeting canters on-site, along with other benefits. The delegation had the unique chance to engage with the world's biggest brands, explore breakthrough technologies, and foster valuable partnerships at this unparalleled tech showcase. 1704366612196.jpeg

VR Days Conference in Amsterdam, 2020

indexAR , an InnovX-BCR Alumni and recipient of the Horizon 2020 Grant for innovation, proudly exhibited at the VR Days Conference in Amsterdam. Under the leadership of Razvan Boldis , CEO of indexAR , Romania continues to shine on the European Innovation Map. Heartfelt thanks to our partners at the EUROPEAN CENTER FOR SERVICES, INVESTMENTS AND FINANCING - ECSIF LTD and SSVAR for their invaluable contributions in making this showcase of innovation possible. Congratulations to indexAR for being at the forefront of immersive technology advancements! 1704378111642.jpeg 1704379416584.png

InnovX's strategic foray into international conferences, from the high-profile Select USA to the dynamic London Tech Week , Wolves Summit, Tech Crunch in multiple European cities, has been instrumental in propelling the internationalization journey of our community's companies. Each conference served as a catalyst for connecting with global investors, strategic partners, and a diverse network of tech enthusiasts. The experience garnered from these events not only expanded market access but also fueled innovation, diversified talent acquisition, and forged key collaborations. As we reflect on the transformative impact of these conferences, it's clear that they have played an integral role in elevating our community's companies to new heights on the global stage, reaffirming our commitment to fostering international success and collaboration. Looking forward, with SXSW 2024 marking the beginning of our upcoming event lineup, we anticipate another wave of breakthroughs, connections, and collaborative ventures that will further solidify our community's standing in the dynamic landscape of global innovation. See you there!