Innovx Achievements InnovX Shines at London Tech Week: A Showcase of Innovation and Collaboration

InnovX attended London Tech Week for the second time this year, marking another milestone in their journey of innovation and collaboration. It's great to be back at this prestigious event, where the global tech ecosystem converges to accelerate the infinite cycle of tech innovation. London Tech Week brings together visionaries, entrepreneurs, investors and enterprise tech leaders, creating the perfect environment for insights, inspiration and connections. With 45,000 attendees, 75 hours of content, over 5,000 startups and more than 1,000 investors spread across six stages, the event serves as a pivotal platform for InnovX to showcase their groundbreaking technologies and future plans. This not only highlights our commitment to innovation but also leverages the opportunity to scale businesses. These events provide a unique chance to network with global leaders, learn from industry pioneers and gain visibility in the international market, ultimately driving growth and success. Recently awarded by the Financial Times, Sifted and Statista as a leading startup hub in Europe, InnovX recognizes that this is the perfect moment to attend such events, as they mark significant progress in their journey bridging the immense potential of innovators in CEE with the tech powerhouse that is Great Britain. 1718350936606.jpeg

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Cristina Dragu 🇬🇧💰🚀, British Embassy in Bucharest and Department for Business and Trade for facilitating this delegation. Cristina has been instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition for companies entering the UK market. Her immense support and dedication to helping businesses scale up have been invaluable. Through her efforts, us and many other companies have been able to navigate the complexities of the UK market, making the most of opportunities for growth and expansion. We deeply appreciate her commitment and the crucial role she plays in fostering international business connections.

The InnovX delegation at London Tech Week was proudly represented by a talented group of women in tech, who embody the spirit of innovation that defines our hub. Diana DUMITRESCU, PhD., Ana Bobirca and Bianca Păcurar showcased their expertise and dedication to the tech industry, highlighting the important contributions our team makes in driving technological advancements and fostering innovation. We kicked off our London Tech Week journey with a private investors event, the Investors Seminar: Critical Tech @ The Royal Society. Here, we had the invaluable opportunity to network with a diverse array of investment experts such as Charlotte Bruce, PhD and gain insights into the UK investment ecosystem. Among the highlights was a discussion with Jonathan Crook, where we explored the promising investment opportunities in the UK. It was a fantastic experience connecting with such knowledgeable individuals and exchanging ideas that will undoubtedly shape our future endeavors. 1718351324081.jpeg

Then we moved to Olympia Events, an impressive venue, where the event kicked off with an opening keynote by Nicola Hodson, Chief Executive of IBM UK & Ireland, setting an ambitious tone for the week. Dr Hodson’s address highlighted the transformative potential of AI in modern business practices, aligning with the overarching theme of integrating AI tools into everyday workflows. A key focal point was the application of AI with Copilot, demonstrating how such technologies are poised to revolutionize businesses by enhancing productivity and operational efficiency. 1718351322457.png

A special thank you to Carolyn Dawson for the warm welcome and to Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan for highlighting why London continues to excel in the tech space. This city boasts unmatched connectivity, certainty, and openness, along with more developers than any other capital in Europe, world-leading universities, a rich talent pool, supportive policymakers, innovative corporates and numerous time-zone advantages. 🌍 1718357619779.jpeg

One of the standout presentations was “How Business is Seizing the AI Opportunity.” This session featured a powerhouse panel comprising Dr Nicola Hodson, Wendy Redshaw , Chief Digital Information Officer at NatWest Group and Stephan Pretorius , Global Chief Technology Officer at WPP. Their discussion delved into the strategic adoption of AI, illustrating how companies can leverage AI to gain competitive advantages. They shared insights into practical implementations and future prospects, emphasizing AI’s potential to drive significant business growth. 1718357590570.png

Following this, “Leading in the Era of AI” offered further valuable perspectives, with Clare Barclay, CEO of Microsoft UK and Mark Chaban , General Manager and CTO of Customer Success at Microsoft, at the helm. They explored the integration of AI within enterprise environments, stressing that AI is becoming an intrinsic part of organizational frameworks. Their panel underscored businesses’ need to adapt to AI-driven models to remain relevant and competitive. 1718351585667.jpeg

During the "Fireside Chat: The Digitization of Everything" Mastercard’s Chief Product & Innovation Officer for Europe, Valerie Nowak unraveled the threads of innovation weaving through the payments and fintech ecosystem and cover the trends and decisions business leaders should consider as our world continues to lean into new and emerging technologies, accompanied by Ryan Browne. The event’s exhibitions spanned various sectors, demonstrating AI’s versatile applications across different industries. Transport and healthcare sectors, in particular, showcased innovative uses of AI, all through a sustainability lens. It was evident that AI is a technological advancement and a critical component for driving sustainable growth and efficiency across industries. 1718351052829.jpeg

One particularly noteworthy session was “The Power of Technology to Advance Women’s Health” Amy Killen, Co-founder of Humanaut Health and Jennifer Garrison, Co-Founder and Executive Director of ProductiveHealth (GCRLE), led this discussion. They highlighted how AI and other technologies are being harnessed to improve women’s health outcomes, showcasing real-world applications and advancements in the field. The impressive showcases at London Tech Week featured booths from countries spanning Dubai, Pakistan, Palestine, Turkey, Malta, Ukraine, and Africa, showcasing a rich diversity of innovation from around the globe. Major corporate giants such as IBM, Microsoft, Canva, and others also made a significant presence, highlighting cutting-edge technologies and visionary strategies. A particular pleasure was visiting the Japanese booth, as Japan represents one of the most intriguing markets for expansion. It was also gratifying to reconnect with our partners, JETRO - Japan External Trade Organization at the Japanese Booth and explore new avenues for collaboration. 1718351135582.jpeg

Amidst the bustling event, we had the privilege of meeting Dr. Claudia M. Duffy, a mentor in the InnovX Europea program. Her insights and guidance have been invaluable in navigating the complexities of scaling our innovations. 1718351163848.jpeg

More than 500 venture capitalists (VCs) and corporate venture capitalists (CVCs) joined the event, representing a crucial opportunity for us to connect and bridge gaps within the ecosystem. Among the notable mentions were Quantified Ventures, Amadeus Capital, Calm/Storm, Octopus Ventures, Thim Ventures, Super Capital, Metis Ventures, 15th Rock Ventures, Digital Garage, Tau Capital, Hub71, Monolith Investments , Global Ventures, Terra VC, AlphaQ Venture Capital and Ecaveo Capital Partners. Engaging with these esteemed investors allowed us to sh our innovative solutions and discuss potential collaborations that can drive our growth and impact in the tech industry. Their presence underscored the event's significance as a hub for fostering meaningful connections and advancing tech innovation on a global scale. InnovX collaborates closely with VCs, offering a curated pipeline of innovators and startups from across Europe. We are vertical agnostic, dedicated to scaling European innovators and fostering growth across a diverse range of industries. We finished off the day attending the London & Partners International Delegates Reception, where we had the opportunity to engage in quality networking and explore more of the UK's landscape. This event provided valuable insights into opportunities for soft landing and scaling internationalization efforts. It was a fruitful occasion to deepen our understanding of the UK market dynamics and forge new relationships that could facilitate our future growth initiatives. 1718351188331.jpeg

It’s always a pleasure meeting InnovX alumni, this time from the InnovX European Program 2024 Spring Cohort. During this program, Daniel Minx from Nevomo received the prestigious Department for Business and Trade prize, awarded by Cristina Dragu 🇬🇧💰🚀 and Stephen Tierney during the Internationalization phase of the program. It was nice seeing Daniel at London Tech Week, benefiting from the award and being able to prosper and take Nevomo to new grounds. 1718351225429.jpeg

It was a pleasure for us to attend the Department for Business and Trade Evening Reception @ Banking Hall, where we engaged in quality networking and had the privilege of meeting Chris Moore. Chris guided us through the UK tech landscape with his invaluable expertise, providing insights that are instrumental in navigating the complexities of the industry. His support and knowledge were truly appreciated as we continue to explore opportunities and expand our presence in the UK market. 1718351265918.jpeg

During the event, we were honored to have Sheila Flavell CBE, techUK President, join us as our guest speaker. Sheila delivered an insightful speech highlighting London and the UK as vibrant hotpots for innovation. She underscored the initiatives aimed at nurturing company growth, emphasizing the supportive ecosystem that facilitates technological advancements and business success. Sheila's address resonated deeply with our mission, inspiring us to leverage these opportunities and contribute further to the dynamic tech landscape of the UK. 1718351287649.jpeg

Then, we got back to Olympia for the last day of meeting incredible innovators with groundbreaking solutions such as Visnext Software Solutions, PivotSimply, EMSOL, ZiO Health, Carbon Masters, Iron Drone, Zenion, Curenetics, CleanScore, DELIVERS.AI, Ainwater 1718351386038.jpeg

We wrapped up our trip with a memorable private event organized by the City of London Corporation, Genia Ogrenchuk, alongside industry leaders who generously shared their incredible insights and support. The event kicked off with an amazing key note speech by Bronek Masojada, Sheriff of the City of London. The highlight of the evening was a panel discussion titled "London’s Cyber Ecosystem: Where Tradition Meets Innovation" 🌐, moderated by the wonderful Mary Kyle and featuring insightful contributions from panelists Anca Stancu Andrew Gould, Saj Huq and Scott Mackinnon. 1718351417028.jpeg 1718351449838.jpeg

Anca Stancu of Safetech Innovations Global Services and Doctoria was a panelist at the event, sharing valuable insights in the cybersecurity field. As a cybersecurity expert who has been operating in the UK for the past years, her expertise and experiences provided a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the UK's cybersecurity landscape. 1718357807672.jpeg

To cap off the evening, we enjoyed a fascinating tour of the Central Criminal Court, set in a truly breathtaking location, further enriching our experience and understanding of London's rich cultural and historical backdrop. InnovX stands as a leading innovation hub at the European level, dedicated to scaling up and fostering growth across various sectors. It was a privilege for us to participate in London Tech Week this year, where innovation knows no bounds. We are committed to pushing boundaries and creating impactful scaling paths. If you are interested in exploring opportunities with us, we invite you to schedule a meeting to discuss potential synergies and collaborations. Let's innovate together! 1718351558398.jpeg