Innovx Achievements InnovX at the UNIDO Regional Conference: "Connecting for Development – Innovating for Impact"

From June 3-7, 2024, the vibrant city of Vienna, Austria, became the epicenter of innovation and sustainability as it hosted the UNIDO Regional Conference: "Connecting for Development – Innovating for Impact." Organized by the UNIDO Regional Bureau for Europe and Central Asia, this prestigious event aimed to foster innovation, sustainability, and climate action through strategic networking and partnerships among European businesses and UNIDO-supported start-ups from around the globe. InnovX , a proud partner of UNIDO , was honored to participate in this initiative, contributing expertise and insights to drive sustainable industrial growth and global development cooperation. Key participants included representatives from both UNIDO Member States such as Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania, and non-Member States like Estonia, Greece, and Latvia. This diverse assembly of nations underscored the global commitment to sustainable development and collaborative growth. 1717665106956.png

A standout feature of the conference was the Cleantech Days 2024, led by the UNIDO Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP) , with significant support from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF). Building on the momentum from the inaugural Cleantech Days in 2023, this year's forum focused on scaling up clean technology start-ups and SMEs from 16 countries. It provided a prime opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their impactful solutions and connect with key businesses, financiers and investors. The conference kicked off on June 3-4 with thematic discussions and partnership-building activities, setting the stage for dynamic interaction and collaboration. The sessions dedicated to UNIDO-supported start-ups from June 5-7 included solution presentations, pitching opportunities and extensive networking sessions designed to foster meaningful connections and business opportunities. 1717679627190.png

This joint event served as a cornerstone for promoting sustainable industrial growth and global development cooperation. As InnovX , we are excited to share the incredible innovations and collaborations that emerged from this gathering, setting the stage for impactful development in the years to come.

Day 1: InnovX at the Innovation Salon: Learn, Connect, Inspire

At the beginning of the first day, we walked through the conference venue, taking in the vibrant displays and interactive setups that showcased the latest in sustainable technology and innovation. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm, offering numerous opportunities for networking and idea exchange. 1717578521671.jpeg

The Innovation Salon in Vienna, which took place on the first day of the UNIDO Regional Conference, was an incredible opportunity for collaboration, learning and groundbreaking innovation. This event, a joint effort between UNIDO and the World Summit Awards, provided a platform for participants to engage deeply with current and future challenges. The day began with a warm welcome coffee and participant orientation, setting a friendly and engaging tone. Ana Paula Nishio de Sousa, MSc , introduced us to UNIDO’s mandate, providing a comprehensive overview of their goals and initiatives. An engaging icebreaker led by Connor Sattely from the World Summit Awards helped participants connect and prepare for the day’s activities. The presentations that followed were truly inspiring. Akos Koeszegvary discussed UNIDO's public-private development partnerships, highlighting successful collaborations and future potential. Olga Rataj shared insights on innovation in sustainability transitions, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices. Tatiana Chernovska introduced circular economy initiatives, showcasing innovative approaches to waste reduction and resource efficiency. Anzhela Movsisyan presented the solutions accelerator programme, offering a roadmap for supporting and scaling up impactful start-ups. One of the most engaging parts of the day was the World Café discussions. These sessions allowed us to define challenges, share best practices and create a pool of innovative ideas for the future. The collaborative environment fostered dynamic exchanges and the generation of actionable insights. 1717577445316.png 1717578134079.jpeg

The event wrapped up with a dynamic presentation of our collaborative “call to action,” summarizing the key ideas and proposals developed during the discussions. Special thanks go to our facilitators, Connor Sattely and Nora Wolloch and the UNIDO representatives Ana Paula Nishio de Sousa, MSc , Akos Koeszegvary, Olga Rataj , Tatiana Chernovska ,Anzhela Movsisyan and Mariia Pavlova whose guidance and expertise were invaluable. We loved the vibrant interactions and the amazing results of our collective innovation. Joining forces with the private sector, business support institutions, and startups invited by UNIDO and WSA was truly inspiring. Together, we co-ideated and crafted innovative solutions to address pressing climate and development challenges, reinforcing our commitment to driving sustainable industrial growth.

Day 2: InnovX at the UNIDO Regional Conference – Connecting for Development

Morning Session: High-Level Session The second day commenced with the High-Level Session at the Vienna International Centre, CR1. This session provided a crucial platform for discussing the priorities and needs of Member States, outlining the status of cooperation with UNIDO and presenting the outcomes of the Innovation Salon held on the first day. The session featured welcoming remarks by Gerd Müller , Director General of UNIDO , setting the tone for a day of insightful discussions and collaborations. Let's take a look at the moderators:

  • Selma Prodanovic🎤 , Founder, 1MillionStartups - Emphasized the importance of UNIDO's role in fostering global innovation and collaboration.
  • Gerd Müller r, Director General, UNIDO - Advocated for sustainable economic growth through technological advancements.
  • Connor Sattely , Startup Coach and Serial Entrepreneur, World Summit Awards - Summarized key takeaways from the Innovation Salon, emphasizing community building, bridging gaps between startups and government, and the need for better policies.
  • Viorel Garaz , State Secretary, Ministry of Economic Development and Digitalization of the Republic of Moldova- Highlighted Moldova's development initiatives and the establishment of eco-industrial parks.
  • Gergo Kocsis , Ambassador, Head of UN Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Shared Hungary's sustainability project in North Africa, emphasizing the importance of access to water.
  • Emilia Kraleva , Permanent Representative of Bulgaria to UNIDO - Presented UNIDO projects in Bulgaria and discussed green cooperation initiatives between UNIDO and Bulgaria, particularly in Ukraine.
  • Dominika Krois, Permanent Representative of Poland to UNIDO- Discussed the Multi-Annual Corporation Development Program and its impact on Ukraine's development, involving 70% of the Polish population.
  • Stelian Stoianov , Permanent Representative of Romania to UNIDO - Shared insights on the UNIDO Center for Regional Cooperation in Bucharest.
  • Solomiya Omelyan , Chief, Regional Bureau for Europe and Central Asia, UNIDO - Delivered closing remarks, summarizing key outcomes and highlighting the importance of collaboration for sustainable development.
  • Rana Ghoneim , Chief and Officer-in-Charge, Division for Decarbonization and Sustainable Energy, UNIDO- Concluded the session with closing remarks, underscoring the significance of collective efforts in achieving sustainability goals. 1717679039975.jpeg 1717679211455.png

Panel Discussion 1: Innovative Industrial and Climate Policies Following the High-Level Session, the conference delved into the first panel discussion focusing on innovative industrial and climate policies. Moderated by Mr. Cristiano Pasini , Director of the Division of Capacity Development, Statistics, and Industrial Policy Advice at UNIDO , this panel aimed to exchange best practices and solutions in developing policies that support climate action while driving industrial innovation. The panelists, representing various countries and organizations, shared their experiences and insights into policy frameworks conducive to sustainable industrial growth. 1717679353586.jpeg

Panelists included:

Panel Discussion 2: Public-Private Development Partnerships The second panel discussion of the day centered on public-private development partnerships, a critical aspect of global development cooperation efforts for achieving the 2030 Agenda. Moderated by Dominika Dor , Industrial Development Officer at UNIDO , this panel provided examples and experiences from effective partnerships and their added value. Notably, Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD. , Chief Inovation Officer at InnovX , Romania, shared his expertise among other esteemed speakers representing diverse sectors and regions,showcasing InnovX's contribution to public-private partnerships. Here are some key takeaways: 🔹InnovX's Role: InnovX is a top accelerator of innovative startups in emerging markets, recognized by the Financial Times and Sifted. We aim to scale up startups with SDG solutions, enhancing their impact and visibility. 🔹 Public-Private Good Practices:EIC Seal of Excellence: InnovX was selected as an official acceleration partner, helping startups access financial support through bilateral protocols with the European Commission.European and National Fund of Funds: These funds act as catalysts, driving investments towards clean technology and leveraging private capital. 🔹 Proposals for UNIDO:Recognition and Certification: Establish a network of experts to validate innovative SDG solutions.Bilateral Agreements: Facilitate broader acceptance and support for awarded startups.Social Media Leverage: Showcase and promote top SDG solutions.Transparent Competitions: Select accelerators that support SDG-focused startups.Co-Creation of Programs: Collaborate with top organisations to attract sponsors and enhance startup support. 1717667473393.png 1717583702193.jpeg

Panelists included:

Afternoon: 1:1 Mentoring Sessions In the afternoon, InnovX 's Chief Strategy Officer, Nicu Iancu Mentor and Startups Alliance Officer, Vlad Maftei Assistant, conducted personalized one-on-one mentoring sessions with promising companies. The sessions included:

These sessions provided tailored guidance and advice to further the innovative solutions and projects of each company.

Evening Reception The day concluded with a delightful reception, offering an excellent opportunity for attendees to unwind and network in a relaxed atmosphere. InnovX team members mingled with some Alumni Zhenya Dimitrova from InnovX's Programs and fellow participants, exchanging ideas and experiences from the day's discussions. The reception provided a fitting end to a day filled with enriching conversations and meaningful connections, reinforcing the commitment to collaborative efforts towards a sustainable future. 1717584833938.jpeg 1717584841707.jpeg

Day 3: Cleantech Days 2024 Pitching Competition

Morning Session: Setting the Stage for Innovation The third day of the conference marked the much-anticipated Cleantech Days 2024 Pitching Competition, organized by the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP). Held at the Vienna International Center, the event provided a platform for showcasing ground breaking clean technology innovations from start-ups and SMEs across 16 countries. Participants aimed to transform their innovative ideas into scalable and investment-ready solutions, fostering an ecosystem of collaboration and sustainability. The day began with an introduction and briefing for the judges, followed by the arrival and orientation of the entrepreneur teams. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and anticipation as participants prepared to present their pitches to a panel of distinguished judges, including InnovX's own Diana DUMITRESCU, PhD. and Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD. , who brought their extensive expertise to the evaluation process. In the first round, the 22 participating teams were divided into three judging panels (A, B, and C). Each team delivered a 10-minute pitch presentation, followed by a 10-minute Q&A and feedback session with the judges. The judges then deliberated to select the top two teams from each panel to advance to the final round. 1717594925094.jpeg 1717594915569.jpeg

Panel A Teams:

  • Tyrec (Pty) Ltd - Eric Khoza, Tyrec beneficiate end-of-life tyres to produce different products such as different sizes of rubber crumbs for construction industry, chips to be used as an alternative source for energy, tyre derived low sulphur transportation fuel and carbon black; - Sagi - Assemgul Tuyakpayeva, Sagi addresses the significant problem of inefficient waste management by incentivizing individuals with digital rewards for recycling and assisting SMEs in acquiring new, eco-conscious customer; Kazakhstan; Waste Management
  • GIVO - Victor Boyle-Komolafe, The problem that GIVO is addressing revolves around inefficient waste management practices and the pressing need for sustainable solutions to environmental challenges; Nigeria; Waste Management
  • MAHLASELIENERGY - Matsepiso Majoro, Mahlaseli Energy is an Established Renewable Energy Company in Lesotho providing solar Off-grid solutions for Homes, Businesses, Farmers, Hospitals and schools.In 2023 Mahlaseli Energy launched Mahlaseli PayGo solutions, the problem that we are Solving is high upfront costs of owning a solar offgrid system in lrural ow income earning communities of Lesotho; Renewable Energy
  • Prompt Engineering - Calarashan Aleexandru, "Energofag" offers a comprehensive solution in the collection of energy such as: light , thermal, photovoltaic (thanks to our solar panels, the consumer receives solar energy), as well as thanks to the triangular shape and drainage channels collects water from precipitation with further filtration and use for its intended purpose; Moldova; Renewable Energy
  • Agro Nature - Chanreth Nhoeun, Agro Nature provides affordable organic compost and bio-insecticide, provide technical consulting to farmer; Cambodia; Agriculture
  • MicroHobist - Tuğçe Nur Erçetin, In the agricultural sector, the problem you're addressing is the overuse of chemical pesticides, which poses health risks and environmental pollution. Your solution involves producing plant specific growth regulators and plant protection products using beneficial microorganisms, thus reducing reliance on chemical agricultural products; Turkey; Advanced Materials and Chemicals – Agricultural Biotechnology
  • ReCompo - Serik Ussenov, ReCompo's solution is recycling non-recycle waste – multilayer packaging – and upcycle it to the end product sustainable inner construction walls. It’s a sustainable and technically advanced replacement for current walls (drywall and plywood); Kazahstan; Green Building

Panel B Teams:

  • FabriThread-Cycle Initiative - Sidikat Folami , AITD (NITAD), FabriThread tackles Nigeria's textile waste challenge by offering validated solutions that meet the needs of manufacturers, retailers, and innovators. Stakeholders, including waste recycling innovators, sustainable brands, and factories importing textile wastes are eager to pay for effective waste management services and distribution, validating our approach; Nigeria; Waste Beneficiation
  • Vessel X - Oğul Görgülü, Vessel X is aiming to reduce marine pollution in the coastal areas which to name a few: microplastics , plastic and et cetera. They have made talks with authorities in our local area. They are willing to pay our product and help us to achieve a cleaner Aegean Sea. To name the local authorities: Izmir and Aveiro Municipalities; Turkey; Waste Management
  • Renter E-Bike - Daniel Trohin For individual couriers, often underpaid immigrants, Renter's e-bikes promise a 30% increase in earnings, lower maintenance costs, and no fatigue-related breaks, enhancing income and work conditions; Moldova; : Mobility / Transportation - The Chemistry Solutions Company trading as WaterLab on Main - Lesley Mukwada, The main challenges our customers face are: poor water quality from water service providers, inefficient and costly testing processes, long turnaround times, sample quality degradation during shipping to laboratory and maintaining contaminant compliance; South Africa; Renewable Energy
  • PillTech - Cheng-Huei Grace Hong, Pharmaceutical supply chains, excessive waste from non-reusable packaging. Customer Need: More access to essential medication while reducing environment impact. Validation: the need for improved supply chain solution, PillBin, a reusable container, Highlighting a willingness to invest in sustainable innovation; Cambodia; Renewable Energy
  • QIoT - Aigerim, Kazakhstan in particular and CA region in general do not have precise quality data for data-driven decisions in water management. Shadow traffic, inefficient management will be even a greater problem due to the predictions of worldly water scarcity by 2040; Kazakhstan; Water management - E-Sam Energy - Enohi Ukpebor, There are currently 85 million Nigerians either unserved or underserved by the National grid. These Nigerians and their businesses spend about $14B annually to self-generate power using fuel generators. Providing solar home systems (SHS) and solar mini-grid alternatives leads to an annual savings of about $4B for these Nigerians and their businesses; Nigeria; Renewable Energy

Panel C Teams:

  • Myconom - Burcu Arıkan Dilda, Myconom solves the plastic/styrofoam problem widely used in packaging; Turkey; Advanced Material Technologies
  • Davitex Neo - Victoria Danila, Extending the life of clothes or reusing them for new products is a great option to have a positive impact on the environment. The business is focused on reducing water consumption, reducing textile waste and using textiles more responsibly and efficiently; Moldova; Water efficiency
  • AETJAY APP - Lynay Horn, AETJAY APP has conducted customer discovery with F&B outlet, retail, etc and we clearly identified 4 big problems that they face, first is service, it took between 3-7 days for pick up, second space, delayed pick up service can lead up to 50% space occupancy in the business’s warehouse, third transparency, price of recyclable goods depends on the buyers, fourth payment term, delays in payment from 3 to 7 days, some customer might be in one month; Cambodia; Renewable
  • CryoAdsorbent - Dmitriy Berillo, CryoAbdorbent offers filter for water purification. They utilize waste product of shell’s shrimp for production of highly efficient water filter. The chitosan in combination with other polymers utilized for cryoadsorbent production. They take care of used cryoadsorbent filters via its recycling into solid fertilizers for agriculture, therefore we believe that we reach two king of “green” customers purchasing filters for water and from the other side farmers;; Kazakhstan; Green recycling of polymers
  • SmartView Technology - Charnte, SmartView technology addresses the need for real-time, data-driven insights in various industries like fitness, food, and beverage. Validated by clients like Virgin Active, Volkswagen, Grupo Bimbo QSR, and Heineken SA, it solves the persistent challenge of optimizing operations and decision-making with accurate, timely information;
  • Schrödinger Technologie - Lamba Henry Danwawo, The problem Schrodinger Technologies is solving revolves around the severe water crisis faced by communities in Northern Nigeria particularly in regions like Kano state, Nigeria. This crisis entails a lack of access to clean and safe drinking water, leading to numerous health challenges and even loss of life due to waterborne diseases. The need for sustainable solutions to provide clean water is substantial and is expected to persist for the long term, given the global water crisis and the increasing impacts of climate change; South Africa; Utility Management
  • Green Coffee - Green Coffee supports disadvantaged women through our social compliance programs where we employ women from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds, giving them an opportunity to learn and necessary skills to make a success of their lives; 1717594938231.jpeg 1717594946921.jpeg

The deliberation process was thorough, reflecting the high caliber of innovations presented. InnovX’s Diana DUMITRESCU, PhD. and Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD. played key roles in this process, bringing their insights and experience to ensure the best teams were recognized. We extend congratulations to all the judges who contributed their time and expertise to evaluate the pitches next to us:

Congratulations to All Participants! We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participating companies for their outstanding contributions to Cleantech Days 2024! Your innovative solutions and dedication to sustainability are truly inspiring. Together, we are paving the way for a cleaner, more resilient future.

A Week of Innovation and Collaboration 1717679686410.jpeg

The UNIDO Regional Conference: "Connecting for Development – Innovating for Impact" in Vienna, Austria, has concluded, showcasing the power of collaboration in driving sustainable development. The InnovX team was honored to participate, contributing to key discussions, mentoring sessions, and the Cleantech Days Pitching Competition. From engaging in the Innovation Salon to providing insights on public-private partnerships and mentoring emerging startups, InnovX played a vital role in the event's success. Special recognition goes to Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD. and Diana DUMITRESCU, PhD. for their contributions as speakers and judges, but alo to Nicu Iancu and Vlad Maftei for their insightful mentoring sessions. We extend our gratitude to the UNIDO team and all participants for creating an inspiring and impactful conference. Together, we have made significant strides towards a more sustainable and innovative future. Let’s continue to unite, learn, connect, and inspire towards a sustainable future! 🌍✨