Innovx Achievements Diana Dumitrescu's Interview at Aleph News

🌟 Step into the realm of innovation with Dr. Diana Dumitrescu, Co-founder and CEO of InnovX, as she takes center stage in an exclusive interview with Aleph News! 🚀 Explore how InnovX is redefining the startup landscape in Eastern Europe with our visionary mission and groundbreaking strategies. Diana reveals the secrets behind InnovX's success, including our recent accolade as the #1 Leading Accelerator in Eastern Europe by The Financial Times. This recognition reaffirms our position as pioneers in the region, guiding and supporting ambitious startups on their journey to success. But that's not all – dive deeper into our achievements, from being ranked #4 for Networking Excellence to #6 in Best Offices and Lab spaces. With a commitment to providing cutting-edge facilities and a robust network of mentors and experts, InnovX cultivates an environment ripe for collaboration and innovation. 🥇💼 🔬 Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to scale and expand our impact across Europe and beyond. Let's collaborate, innovate, and inspire one another to reach even greater heights together! 💡🌍