Innovx Achievements InnovX | Egg by Eurobank Extroversion Program: Decoding Expansion to Romania

InnovX, the innovative hub at the forefront of fostering cross-border collaborations, recently extended a warm welcome to five Greek startups in Bucharest, in collaboration with egg - enter.grow.go by Eurobank. As part of our commitment to cultivating a thriving ecosystem, InnovX facilitated a soft landing for these startups in the Romanian market, opening a gateway to a myriad of opportunities and bridging the Romanian and Greek Ecosystems. Our engagement with key stakeholders played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of these startups. We created a two week online bootcamp dealing with topics related to pitch preparation - the educational part. Then, over a dynamic three-day span, InnovX curated four events in Bucharest, engaging key stakeholders in the ecosystem - the matchmaking and internationalization phases. In a momentous collaboration, we proudly introduce five groundbreaking Greek startups that recently joined us in Bucharest as part of the Matchmaking Program: Aidplex, an orthopedics company founded in Thessaloniki, Greece and Delaware, US, by Harry Yeremtzes and Dimitri Moustakas, is revolutionizing orthopedic patient treatment and monitoring. Their ScolioSense, a patent-pending wearable medical device for scoliosis treatment, has recently achieved significant clinical and commercial milestones. Specializing in artificial intelligence, RealMINT represented by Georgios Liapis develops and provides customizable machine learning solutions for businesses, advancing AI technology's application across various industries. COVARIANCE P.C. represented by Elisavet Nika is a company focusing on innovation in health and health insurance through the exploitation of data and AI by combining unique domain knowledge with the nitty gritty of advanced analytics and AI. Their product, Co Assess, a state-of-the-art AI based Platform helps insurance companies dynamically assess health insurance claims and identify possible waste and fraud. eVplus represented by Asterios Saritsamlis is an innovative e-mobility software and service provider with a selected range of leading hardware devices from Europe and the Far East, contributing to the evolution of sustainable transportation solutions. Pleione Energy represented by Zampia Kalogridi introduces a Modular and Plug & Play Energy Storage System powered by proprietary graphene battery cells technology. The system maximizes ROI for end-consumers by optimizing energy and power density, extending its lifetime by 50% compared to competitive solutions. They were joined on Romanian premises by Efthymis Georgakopoulos and guided throughout the whole process by Roula Bachtalia, and Arianna Ioannidou, providing them with immense support throughout the journey. 1711101805845.jpeg

In anticipation of their Romanian debut, we ensured our cohort of Greek startups were well-prepared through a series of online workshops, setting the stage for impactful pitches tailored to diverse stakeholder categories. Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD. kicked off the preparatory journey with a comprehensive "Pitch Preparation for Investors" workshop. Attendees delved into the intricacies of crafting compelling narratives that resonate with potential investors, gaining valuable insights into the art of securing crucial funding for their ventures. 1705570402473.jpeg

Following the investor-focused workshop, Bogdan Năforniţă, CEO of Profluo, took the reins in the "Pitch for Corporates Preparation" session. Startups received expert guidance on tailoring their pitches to corporates, exploring Proof of Concepts (POCs) and establishing partnerships with established companies. 1705572671040.jpeg

The final leg of our preparatory journey featured Emanuel Cernat, Managing Partner at Corporate Affairs Strategies, leading the "Pitch Enter New Markets Preparation" workshop. Startups gained insights into navigating the complexities of expanding into new markets, enhancing their global outlook. Emanuel's expertise guided them in developing strategies to make a lasting impact as they ventured into the Romanian market. 1705572701812.jpeg

We also curated a Romania Soft Landing Facilities Showcase Catalogue, providing our participants with valuable insights and resources to ease their entry into the Romanian business landscape before the commencement of our events. Our startups embarked on the "Pitch in front of Investors" event, specifically tailored for alternative finance. Each startup had the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas through concise 5-minute pitches, followed by an engaging 5-minute Q&A and feedback session with the investors. A heartfelt thank you to the esteemed members of the jury for their invaluable time, expertise and commitment to supporting and evaluating our startups. Their insights and feedback played a crucial role in refining the pitches and shaping the trajectory of these startups as they navigated the dynamic landscape of alternative finance. Mircea Ghita – Seedblink; Ioana David – Cleverage vc; Paul Murariu – V7Capital; Alina Stefan and Iulia Meirosu – Infinitree VC; Cosmin Dragoi and Alexandru Dragoi - Energy Capital; Roumen Jordanov – BrightCap Ventures; Gábor Pénze – Impact Ventures; Oleksandr Bulatniko – Presto Ventures; Kateryna Kovalenko – Depo Ventures; Ciprian Man – Growceanu; Siim Teller – Lemonade Stand; Raya Yunakova - Launchub Ventures The event was moderated by Bianca Păcurar. 1711035149264.jpeg 1711035005664.jpeg 1711035055084.jpeg 1711035207415.jpeg

Transitioning to a pivotal event, our startups took center stage in the "Pitch in Front of Corporates" session. Here, each innovative venture delivered compelling 5-minute pitches directly to corporate representatives serving as members of the jury. The strategic focus was clear: enticing corporates to become potential angel clients or engaging in Proof of Concepts (POCs). The startups' presentations aimed not only to showcase their solutions but also to align with the needs and interests of corporate partners. A special appreciation extends to the corporate representatives who generously shared their time and insights, serving as crucial jury members in fostering meaningful connections between startups and potential corporate collaborators: Raluca Dragnea, Mihaela Stancu, Ana Bobirca, Tudor Popp, Sorin Mihailescu, Patricia Coconea, Alina Orban, Anamaria Diaconescu, Sebastian Stan, Madalina Vilau 1711035814736.jpeg 1711035784057.jpeg 1711041491306.jpeg 1711043316670.jpeg 1711035842288.jpeg

In a significant stride towards global ambitions, our startups engaged in the "Pitch Enter New Markets" event. Here, representatives from foreign countries lent their expertise as members of the jury, playing a pivotal role in guiding startups with their internationalization strategies. The startups presented insightful 5-minute pitches, aiming to align their innovative solutions with the global market and gain valuable feedback from these international representatives. A sincere thank you to the esteemed jury members for their invaluable contributions, fostering a collaborative atmosphere that will undoubtedly propel our startups towards successful international ventures: Daniela Nemoianu, Irena-Ioana Puiu, Daisuke Kudo and Tony Hughes. A warm thank you to Emanuel Cernat, Managing Partner Corporate Affairs Strategies for moderating the event. 1711041614894.jpeg 1711041644851.jpeg

The journey for our Greek startups took a pivotal turn during the last event hosted at DLA Piper HQ, where they delved into the intricacies of incorporating in Romania. A heartfelt thank you goes to Denisa Achim-Postea, Bogdan Buta and Cristina Bucur for generously sharing their insights, guiding our participants through the legal nuances of establishing their presence in Romania. Special appreciation extends to Titus Percea for his instrumental role in organizing this crucial event. Furthermore, a sincere acknowledgment to DLA Piper, our main legal partner, for their unwavering support of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing invaluable expertise and resources to propel our startups toward success in their ventures. 1711034721845.jpeg 1711041823367.jpeg 1711041841677.jpeg 1711041851114.jpeg

Over dinner, we embraced a more casual setting, allowing for open conversation and the discovery of synergies in collaboration. In this relaxed atmosphere, ideas flowed freely, leading to the emergence of a shared vision for future endeavors. 1711044092471.jpeg

We are elated to have had the opportunity to foster innovation and extend a warm welcome to Greek startups on Romanian grounds. The collaborative spirit with egg - enter.grow.go by Eurobank has been instrumental in making the Matchmaking Program a resounding success. We are deeply grateful for the support and expertise provided by our esteemed partners DLA Piper and Hotspot – whose commitment to the startup ecosystem has enriched the program's offerings. A heartfelt appreciation goes to our dedicated team members – Diana DUMITRESCU, PhD., Daniel Dumitrescu, PhD., Bianca Păcurar, Stefan Ioan Luca and Vlad Maftei – whose unwavering efforts and enthusiasm have been pivotal in orchestrating this transformative journey. As we reflect on the achievements and collaborations forged during this program, we look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of these startups on their entrepreneurial voyage. If you are a corporate leader reading this, the path to sustained success lies in embracing innovation as a cornerstone of your strategy. By partnering with InnovX, you open the door to a world of possibilities where creativity flourishes and breakthrough solutions are born. Our track record speaks volumes, with accolades from prestigious institutions such as the Financial Times, Sifted, and Statista, affirming our position as a leader in the European innovation landscape. We are ready to embark on this journey with you, crafting bespoke programs tailored to your unique needs and objectives. Visit our website today and take the first step towards shaping the future of your corporation through innovation. Together, let's redefine what's possible and chart a course towards enduring success. 1711043600708.png