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What they said about the program

Written by InnovX

Last week, we’ve finalized the xeleration program GRINDERS Cohort 2020. From over 100 applications, 24 from 83 companies have been chosen to participate in the incubation programs in Bucharest and 16 have been selected to start acceleration. This year, because of the unprecedented events caused by COVID-19,#InnovX & #BCR decided to deploy the program entirely equity-free and more, raise the number of participants from 10 to 16 companies!
Congratulations to all INNOVATIVE GRINDERS, StartGDPR, aRchiHype, IziDoc, UniVRse Education, Rungutan, Logistia,In Data We Trust,, APIO DIGITAL,Modulab – R&D technology lab, Sales Agent Assistant, Avoteca, Formaps,Lex Technologies, CustomOffers

,,UniVrse ”InnovX – BCR was an experience that not only met all our expectations, but many of these expectations were significantly exceeded along the accelerator. More than all the important business information we’ve gained along the way, InnovX – BCR has helped us with a variety of tools to manage and grow our business. The interest of the InnovX team in growing our business was a special one, managing to create a lovely small family between the participants in the accelerator.”

,,Logistia ”Being a grinder in InnovX – BCR has been a challenging journey where we found answers to some of our questions. We now have more clarity and we intend to apply it in our fun and exciting entrepreneurial journey ahead of us.”

,,StartGDPR ”InnovX is a great foundation for our startup. Surrounded by great mentors and ideas, we succeeded to learn new skills and to better define our growing strategy. With an intense and very well organised program and lots of great people, InnovX has the perfect ingredients for starting up a business adventure.”

,,Sales Agent Assistant “Honestly, all the materials and courses were very well structured, it completely changed my vision and helped me to understand more deeply how things should be done. All the mentors were really involved in the program and ready to help me with all the information I needed. First of all many thanks to Diana, Alina and Dani for making every effort to build everything and also to all the mentors who supported me with their knowledge and advice. Thank you all.”

,,Rungutan “We were looking for an Acceleration Program that could fit our needs in terms of growing our startup and help us with finding new funding opportunities. Needless to say we didn’t had to look too far, because InnovX by BCR was just the right fit for Rungutan. We have spent 6 incredible weeks with mentors and facilitators helping us find the right market segment for our profile, work on improving our business plan and financial projections and finding the right tools for putting everything together. Also, with the help of their tech partners we got to explore different technologies we could integrate in our project. Awesome experience for us and we would definitely recommend this program to any Grinder willing to take his product to the next level. ”

IziDOC ”:“InnovX – BCR accelerator has been an intense development program, which validated some of our pillars, and helped creating others, in an overall strategy refining approach. We highly valued the support provided by InnovX mentors, as well as the collaboration spirit between the engaged startups.”

,,InDataWeTrust ”The past months in the InnovX – BCR program have been an intense experience, with great information and input. It felt like a bootcamp where we had the opportunity to address the main dimensions of a start-up at the beginning of the road. For InDataWeTrust concretely this means -> building the product according to the needs of the market and target client. Another great thing is the context created by InnovX to have productive discussions and exchange ideas with mentors but also with other participants. About the mentors, InnovX gave us the occasion to get to know and learn from great people from our country, with rich life and business experience. In addition to the knowledge, the mentors offered us essential advice for a start-up, some specialized “secrets” and the necessary impetus to enter the “arena” of the business with all our courage. ”

Formaps ”Huge thank to all our mentors and especially to Diana, Dani, Alina. Great program, great people! Proud to be part of the InnovX community. Keep up the good work!”

,,EmailTree “InnovX – BCR is a great opportunity for any technology entrepreneur who wants to grow his business. Most Technology startups focus only on the solution they develop, but in InnovX we learned that this is not enough. InnovX taught us how to build a real business, starting from an already existing Technology and then integrating all the other necessary and mandatory elements for global expansion – Disciplined Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Branding, Financial Forecast, Risk Management and Blue Ocean Strategy. Besides the excellent structure for business development, InnovX is truly a launching ramp for any serious startup. Participating in the accelerator helped us enormously to advance the discussions for the implementation of our technology and for the development of global partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, UiPAth or BCR, to open discussions about financing with international Venture Capital funds, and we also learned how to apply for non-reimbursable funding under the European Council’s Horizon 2020 Project. I strongly recommend the InnovX Accelerator to any technology startup that wants to become a global company.

,,CustomOffers “Being part of the InnovX- BCR Accelerator meant for us having access to valuable insights and professional expertise, as well as to the necessary templates and structured approach that guided us in every step of the way. In addition, being part of this environment gave us the motivation to get done the things that we have postponed for a long time.”

,,Budget Master ”For me, it was a surprisingly enriching learning experience. We’ve applied a lot of business knowledge to our own startup from the business plan, market and even future product development. I really believe we have jumped steps in reaching a higher level of actually attracting investments into our company. The InnovX team was always supportive, flexible and brought us great mentors and amazing tools to helps answer or questions and make a lot of progress in a short amount of time.”

,, BAAM “It has been a super demanding acceleration program in terms of energy and time. We challenged ourselves on new concepts and we learned a lot during this period. The program had the depth and breadth we wanted; ongoing support and a lot of interactions with the founders of other startups; we will cherish forever the X nautic challenge as we had also the time to relax and have fun.”

,,Avoteca “The InnovX programme brought to Avoteca in a concise amount of time knowledge regarding client research, and financial and business plan insights, focusing the entire team in the same direction. With professional and experienced mentors, InnovX-BCR Accelerator allowed us to recenter our business and direct all our strength towards the same goal. The programme is intense, and sometimes changes can occur in a blink of an eye, requiring power of will, perseverance and adapting to new situations, which summarizes, overall, the startup environment.”

a,,RchiHype ‘‘ Life is often described as a marathon. Maintaining the steady pace as the way to move forward. InnovX – BCR Business Accelerator enriches this world and strengthen the idea that mastering multiple disciplines and techniques is the only road worth taking. And this is where aRchiHype is, #xellerating, cheered and coached by some of the brightest and good-hearted people met so far.”

,,Apio Digital ‘As part of the 2020 cohort we have gained crucial knowledge and expanded our network with both industry experts and other startups that have faced or are facing similar challenges to us. The InnovX program, through great mentors, teachers and speakers has helped us to create a strategy based on rigorous analysis, together with metrics to monitor and quantify the results of the actions, but also to improve our skills as entrepreneurs. ”

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