Innovators Cohort is now OPEN!

Welcome ceremony for 10 GRINDERS

Written by InnovX

on 1st July will start the second group of the #InnovXBCR accelerator, dedicated to aspiring entrepreneurs who have ideas at first, with a turnover or funding drawn between 0 and 100.000 euros, and which develops Innovative solutions and products through technology.

here are the 10 startup selected by the jury:
Vask – artificial photosynthesis solution for car industry
Credo – authentication solution without passwords
Eumeo tech – math learning online platform
Heka ai – recruitment app with artificial intelligence
Start solution – app with artificial intelligence that uses wizbots to give feedback to those who want to learn to play musical instruments or practice sports
Izibac – Mobile app that helps high school students learn for bac in a fun way
MSing with Trauma – mobile application that covert mri images in musical compositions with therapeutic purpose for patients of SM (Multiple Sclerosis)
Noteb – search engine for laptops
Stuffz – online gadget rental platform
3PM – learning learning app that increases trainings efficiency

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