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Testimonial Startup

Written by InnovX

Bogdan Founder from Nutricare.Life said that ”This program proved to be the most intense as an activity, as topics addressed and as a utility, of all the programs in which we participated. The topics covered the full range of challenges that an entrepreneur has. We appreciated the quality of the mentors and we were very happy to have access to courses provided by world-renowned educational institutions: MIT, Harvard, and Blue Ocean. We appreciate the complete support during the incubation, acceleration, and post-acceleration period.”

This is why they need the InnovX – BCR Business Accelerator.” Thank you for these words it’s nice to hear that innovators can grow even more thanks to our commitment.
Each year startups, grinders, and scaleups get the chance to cooperate with Romanian and international organizations in various fields.

If you want to develop your startup under the attentive eye apply‼️ We are waiting for your applications until 2 of October  ,

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