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Scaleup 2020

Written by InnovX

We’ve finalized the selection of the SCALEUP Cohort accepted in the,, InnovX ,,BCR,, Business Accelerator 2020. From over 30 applications, had interviews with 17 companies from Oradea, Botoșani, Piatra Neamt, Gorj, Iași, Cluj & Bucharest and 10 of them will begin the #accelerationphase,, on #MicrosoftTeams

10 Scaleup will start Monday the Accelerator program

Vetro Solutions is a company that operates in the field of veterinary medicine distribution, marketing products for owners of pets, pets and offers consulting services to veterinarians. The solutions in Vetro’s offer include medicines and medical equipment, digital tools for the administration of veterinary offices, continuous training and access to a community of specialists.

LEWROU The purpose of the platform is to create a software-based solution that would allow people with no experience in the crypto market to participate in it. The transactional software that is developed and delivered to you is more powerful than ever. This is a new system independent of the existing trading software. This system works fully automatically. It allows you to make profitable trades even without knowing the market. With this tool, the user not only receive the trading software, but also another possibility to easily earn money without prior knowledge in the crypto market. And all this without the need for prior intensive experience with software features.

Jobful is a gamified recruitment solution that attracts, engages & shapes candidates, then matches them to equally exciting opportunities. Created for conscious millennials and for companies who want out-of-the-box recruitment that actually improves the retention rate, Jobful can resume to effective gamified matching, driving double digit conversions.

Prietenii Tăi “born” in 2011 in order to support the development and happiness of every child and we do this by interconnecting formal education with non-formal education. The core of our work is the belief that fun and games are crucial components in children’s education, facilitating the development of their cognitive, creative, emotional and physical in a fully secure environment . Through non-formal education, we aim to bring a splash of color to the learning process, offering fun alternatives with which the assimilation of knowledge will turn into unforgettable moments, lasting for years.

Smart Hut A SaaS solution that allows you to distribute and monitor tasks assigned to employees or contractors and optimize the resources and processes involved. Managers will know what their employees are doing, for how long and with what resources. SmartHuts keeps a complete record of all tasks performed at the office, remotely or at the customers location by your employees or contractors and highlights them in the workflows of your company

Adservio helps Pre-K-12 and K-12 education units be more agile by an efficient, data-driven management and by a secure communication between headmasters, teachers, students, parents and local authorities. With Adservio, teachers and headmasters spend less time with bureaucracy and can focus on the learning process. This way, they can deliver a relevant education and prepare students for the future.

,,Termoline implemented in the period 2014-2015 a project with European structural funds and developed one of the most important research center for heat pumps and geothermal applications in Romania. We have developed a series of innovative products for heat recovery from the waste in our own research center that we presented at international conferences and especially successfully implemented in the market in several projects last 5 years. In 2017 they propose on the market the concept : “smartGreen building“ for nZEB buildings: – heating – cooling done with geothermal heat pumps with geothermal borholes , energy geostructures;- indoor climate: T.A.B.S. system (Thermally Activated Building Structure);- cooling is done in the “passive cooling” system directly using the geothermal wells temperature;- the ventilation is provided by heat recovery system certified by Passivhaus Institute.

,,Mecanex is a well known company in the Romanian machine building industry and has as its main output the production of industrial pumps. Our consulting services focus on our clients most critical issues and, in the same time, we provide expert advice in choosing pumps, free technical assistance to the installation of pumping equipment across all industries.

Gemini CAD Systems is a leading technology provider for the fashion industry, serving customers from 60 countries around the globe. In the last 15 years, more than 6000 companies trusted Gemini CAD Systems’ expertise and decided to use its software products in a number of their most mission-critical processes. Ranging from product development to manufacturing and e-commerce, the solutions proposed by Gemini CAD Systems cover most of the needs of any significant player in the fashion industry. Driven by recent changes in global consumer behavior, environmental issues and other factors challenging the traditional way of doing business in fashion, Gemini CAD Systems decided to create a separate line of solutions for smaller, independent fashion designers and studios. This new initiative will empower its target clients to be more agile in an environment focused in mass-customization, e-commerce and sustainable manufacturing. With this new line of solutions, Gemini takes a step further into achieving its mission – serving the entire fashion industry and foster creativity.

WATTO Stations is a unique project that will revolutionize the idea of mobility in Central and Eastern Europe. We are developing the first regional network of charging stations for both personal and commercial electric cars. We are the first to offer ultra-fast charging services (less than 10 minutes) and the most advanced charging technology (150kW – 350kW) in the region (Play video). In each location, the WATTO ecosystem will integrate solar energy, batteries for storing this energy, cofee shops, large spaces for commercial vehicles and the most innovative existing technology. Everything is carefully thought out for people and the environment and will be a landmark of sustainability in the industry.

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