Testimonials from our 2021 GRINDERS

Now that the InnovX - BCR bootcamp for the 2021 Grinders Cohort has successfully ended, this is what our participants want to share:


"The distance between goals and success is called discipline.

InnovX BCR has helped us discipline our approach, by focusing on what’s uniquely relevant for our customers, by focusing on a business plan that can be easily operationalized and by teaching us to communicate with much greater clarity towards so many stakeholders! InnovX BCR was also an unique opportunity to reach out or even strengthen potential technical and business partnerships in our road towards success. We also hope we made great friends among all people we’ve met: moderators, trainers, mentors and cohort colleagues. Good luck to all!" - Bogdan Nafornita


"I have been seen in the last 3 to 4 years a lot of acceleration programs, both as participant as well as a stakeholder, both from Romania and outside and Innovx is by a large margin the most organized (templates, schedule, deliverable, methodologies) that I have seen. You created a great program and should be very proud The speakers were great, with great competence and valuable input. The information provided and the learning. I have truly learned new things (beachead market, financing options) that I did not know before. So for me personally and I am sure for others irrespective of the outcome there is a net benefit.

Thank you for that." - Radu Fertonea

"I secretly registered the company with InnovX BCR, hoping to improve my business experience and my role in the team...

But now I have much more! I learned how to change my behavior, to think, to better communicate about our business and technology. The workshops were not only both fun and challenging. The direct feedback from the mentors is priceless, it improved our vision about what we need to do next. All mentors have a calm and logical teaching method that really connected and inspired me. I can't talk enough about this experience with InnoviX BCR." - Radu Chirila

"Here I am in the sixth week of InnovX- BCR acceleration full of confidence in our team and in our product thanks to all our mentors’ skills, patience and contagious humour. This compressed hours helped me to focus my knowledge toward disciplined entrepreneurship enjoying every moment of it. Thank you InnovX!" - Catalin Talle

"Joining the InnovX BCR program proved to be an idea of great benefit to our business. It is challenging, exciting, it gave us a whole new perspective on innovation and covered all facets of business planning, not to mention the networking aspect! We all feel empowered after the InnovX experience. A big thank you to all mentors and team managers who were there for us at every step of the journey!" - Cristian Talle


"As part of the InnovX Accelerator, our startup was able to better understand its core, calibrate its view on market approach, improve both its strategy discipline and technical skills. Being guided on how to correctly create a detailed and meaningful business plan from scratch added significant value, even if for sure it took a few late-working nights. The coaching team delivered the content in a professional and interactive way while staying closely connected for any questions we had. We would recommend this amazing experience to all the companies at the beginning of their journey, wishing to accelerate their business and develop their entrepreneurship."


"InnovX helped us to clearly articulate our strategy and business plan. Although we had an idea, by implementing and following the disciplined entrepreneurship methodology, it helped us focus on the big picture. Also, having access to a list of great mentors willing to guide you through every step, made the experience very practical, hands-on. I strongly recommend this accelerating program, if you're a startup willing to accelerate your growth." - Ovidiu Stegari


"This is like an short term/executive/concentrate MBA for start-ups. But, in the first place it is all about innovation. And that is something priceless. You can learn about business canvas from anywhere but in the key of innovation it is a very rare approach. We had a lot of deadlines, a lot of documents and papers to fulfil but that was the trigger to the program. After long days of workshops the joy of being in time with everything is priceless. Very good curricula and exceptional trainers! Heavily applied feedback! BIG UP for the TEAM!!!" - Florin Maxim

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"I had high expectations from InnovX because of their online professional presence and history, but everything was more, more than I expected to be, in a few weeks we jumped from a spin-off idea to a full plan that has higher chances to work.

Based on arguments, data, research, and feedback from different areas of expertise. Information that I got with this Accelerator will help me understand, create and grow any business more easily and disciplined. I recommend to anyone who’s looking for progress to sign up, and if you got accepted to listen and do all the tasks, do your best, because, in the end, you do it for yourself. Thank you InnovX! 😊" - Lazăr Mihai

"Rome wasn't built in a day, neither your start up will. Attending this accelerator helped us to test our assumptions, learn, receive training, feedback and become part of a really nice family. Mentors are really hight level, support provided is at american standards. A lot of work and a lot of time spent to understand our business and develop it." - Andrea Adamo

"InnovX-BCR is a well - structured program, that gives you access to valuable information and also to top professionals in key areas of interest for a start-up.

Also, it is an intensive work environment that can help you stay on track and keep up the rhythm. One of the strongest points of the program is the community that ones access as an entrepreneur. Another one is the structure provided for any type of business. We confirmed both our strong and weak points, while we found some inspiration and new ideas we can directly implement in business. Also, we have some new potential partners. But, in the end, as one of the guests mentioned, it is not about what InnovX can give you, but what you can get out of InnovX :)" - Oana Pascu