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GRINDERS Cohort 🦄🚀

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Would you like to have a presentation booth at Bucharest Startup Grind Conference, in Georgia in front of hundreds of investors and potential customers? ​ The Grinders Cohort addresses successful technology entrepreneurs using emerging technologies such as, but not limited to: Artificial Intelligence, Automated Learning, Robotics and Automation. If you are a startup at the beginning of the road or you've established a few years ago, or if you are an experienced entrepreneur from abroad returned to the country to contribute to the development of the economy through innovative projects, or you are a student with a bright ideea, now you have the resources to turn your tech services into solutions that will inspire cofidence in the future!


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In 2020, BCR will cover the costs for all the scholarships allocated to the entrepreneurs in this project, the logistics courses and costs, without requiring equity in the companies selected in the program.

Mindspace Business District, Globalworth Campus A, 8A, Bd. Dimitrie Pompeiu, Bucharest, Romania

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