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InnovX BCR in 2020

Written by InnovX

At a time when a lot of SMEs have been negatively affected and the economy has suffered more and more, we believe that the initiative to develop startups is even more important in the Romanian economic sphere. The InnovX BCR accelerator is designed to support these companies, to grow them and to prepare them according to their needs, resources and plans, which is why the architecture of the program separates its participants by turnover.

Startups that enter the InnovX BCR accelerator go through an intense program, which combines discipline with a friendly atmosphere and offers concrete results depending on the involvement of each one. Our participants are faced with the challenge of stepping out of their comfort zone, facing dynamic questions and problems that they might not otherwise have considered.
In this sense, we are proud of the community we have formed and we consider that each member of it brings a unique and personal element that we need to grow together. Every year, we add new members to this community through companies that cross our threshold and through the ambitious people we have the pleasure of meeting.
On this occasion, we are pleased to announce that the second edition of the InnovX BCR accelerator has passed well, bringing in 2020 numerous successes in the field of Romanian business through the companies prepared by our team. Thus, during the program, 62 companies were incubated, and of them, 40 went further in the acceleration program: 16 from the Grinders group (turnover or financing attracted up to 100,000 euros), 14 from the group Startups (turnover or financing attracted between 100,000 euros and 1 million euros) and 10 from the Scaleups group (turnover or financing attracted over 1 million euros).
The results of the 2020 cohorts are proof of a disciplined and organized acceleration program, so we would like to introduce you to a small series of some of the most innovative participants in our program. We plan to include more details about:

● Enersec:

– cyber security company that focuses its efforts on the needs and budgets of SMEs and individuals;
– have as clients the European Union Agency for Cyber ​​Security, with references in the security of 5G networks;
– is working on the prototype of a new cyber security platform, Ixxera;

● Apio Digital:

– offers an interactive visualization tool for the real estate sector, combining architecture with gaming;

– they were awarded the Modex Award, the Demo Day award for Grinders, becoming partners with Microsoft;
– their product has undergone a rigorous development to enter the real estate market both locally and globally;

● EmailTree AI:

– a solution to increase the productivity of emails, automate their composition and determine automatic actions within databases;
– adapted to the pandemic situation and managed to respond to a growing need for email facilitation;
– integrated Microsoft Startups Program, signed a technology alliance with UiPath and a technology & co-sell alliance with Automation Anywhere;

● Adservio:

– online educational management platform created in order to connect the school with the young generation through digitalization;
– adapted to the pandemic and, together with Telekom Romania, offered free access to their platform, and the result was that 1300 schools benefited from digitization services;
– had an investment of 2.4 million euros;

To find out more about these, we invite you to follow us in future editions through the articles we will publish!

The InnovX BCR team

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