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InnovX – BCR Alumni 2019 – Tech to address COVID-19 Economic & Social Challenges

Written by InnovX

The Coronavirus pandemic is testing us all. This is not only an unprecedented challenge for our healthcare systems but also a major shock for our society and economy. Now is time to use technology for good and test our ability to collaborate for putting the economy back on track. Any help counts, that’s why the InnovX – BCR Alumni 2019 came with this great initiative to put their technology at the service of those that can use it for addressing social and economic challenges due to the COVID-19. From Grinders to Startups, up to Scaleups, everybody felt the responsibility to share their technology with the others. Either fully free of charge, or heavily discounted, each of them, according to they financial possibilities is dedicated to help in their own way. Please find below a list of these companies and services and feel free to contact them for anything:

Modex These are challenging times for us, as individuals, for lots of industries and, on a bigger scale, for the world itself. Faced with the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, heads of state, companies and countries are taking firm actions. Only by working together we can end this crisis sooner rather than later, so Modex is also offering the expertise for those who want fight better against COVID-19. Modex is ready to offer technical consultancy to companies, entities and NGOs that support the fight against the on-going coronavirus pandemic. To this end, we are joining the initiative of many tech companies by offering our Modex Blockchain Database (BCDB) infrastructure licence for free to all medical units, NGOs, activists, local governments or organizations that want to implement an extra layer of security to their valuable data, online and offline. Stay safe and healthy during these challenging times!” If you are part of an organization supporting the medical field, get in touch with our team at,

indexAR One of today’s biggest challenges for companies is to bring their products and services in front of their customers. By using Augmented Reality (AR) and a smartphone, customers can see the products as if they were in front of them. Our solution – indexAR – helps companies create this kind of AR experiences in 5 minutes, instead of 5 months, as it usually would take. Take a look at the end result: indexAR is a B2B SaaS made of a content management web platform that helps content owners/creators (companies, advertisers, freelancers) become Authors of AR experiences in a matter of minutes and deliver them to their communities (Audiences) through a free iOS and Android Mobile app. It can be used for training, knowledge transfer, presentations, sales, onboarding new employees and brand awareness. During the COVID-19 crisis , in order to support the business community we’ll provide: free consultancy to develop a use case for them; free assistance to set up and manage an account;1st month, the AR Experience is FREE; next 3 months, the monthly fee is at a 50% discount. Contact:;

SIGTREE Check our latest product here: . In line with our target to provide #IoT and #PropTech solutions we have built a #PerformanceManagement Application for #Construction Companies. With this product our new customers can benefit from digital time-booking, automated salary calculation, visual issue reporting, online collaboration, task scheduling, automated newsletters and project management. This app incorporates all our experience from the Telecom and IoT sectors and aims to improve one of the least digitized industries. We also have a clear roadmap to incorporate #facialrecognition capabilities for automated time-booking and authorization!

Contact us at:; one of the top mar-tech start-ups in Romania is offering free consultancy on all the influencer marketing efforts. These days is much more important to choose the right influencers to work with, to track correctly their efforts, to implement ROI cases with influencers and to see in the ends the benefits. Our goal is to help brands to manage correctly their influencer marketing activities. You can request a free 1-on-1 with Alexander, one of the co-founders, here:;

BOX2M provides monitoring automation solutions for energy and utilities infrastructures, despite their usage (factory, multipurpose buildings, retail & warehouses, smart cities). Solutions eliminates significantly manual intervention, reduce the costs with energy purchasing and decrease the maintenance CAPEX and OPEX. We have currently a solid stock of proprietary equipment and can supply up to 8-10 factories, medium size. Considering the economic situation, BOX2M discounts the necessary CAPEX for any new project with 35% and provides the possibility of moving costs to a recurrent model only, quarterly or yearly based. For details drop a message at;

IZIBAC Stuck at home due to COVID-19 pandemic? Anxious about your educational future? iziBAC offers an interactive home-schooling solution for high school students preparing for the Baccalaureate exam. We just launched a newer version, with fresh new features and over 3000 educational items, so that you can learn and play at the same time through our engaging micro-learning system. Contact us at;

3PM We are offering for FREE our blended learning app to be used complementary with online trainings / webinars. 3PM facilitates mobile engagement before and during the course. Contact us at;

PREPI Prepi is the platform that helps high school students maximize their math performance via a personalized plan that guides the students through the essentials that he or she needs to learn, thus maximizing performance. The platform will be free in this period because this is the time when the students need it the most. Contact us at;

NOTEB For some of us having to work from home may require buying a new laptop. Why waste your time searching the internet when you can head out to Find your perfect laptop form over 1000 different models and millions of configurations in only a few minutes. The service is of course free of charge and requires no registration. Contact us at;


Now is the time to automate business processes. Placing orders physically, sending invoices via courier or postal services, processing paper documents – these are all business services that can be seriously affected by a crisis of the nature that we all face today. DocProcess recommends that all companies try to move to an electronic, automated process that avoids the use of paper and manual tasks. The DocProcess platform allows real-time:

– sending and receiving orders, notices and invoices in real time

– automated control of invoices, from the point of view of tax and business data

– automatic introduction of all these verified documents in the ERP of the partner companies, without the need for manual labor

– real-time visibility on cash flow and, last but not least,

– using our solution, companies can save between 50-80% of the costs of the procurement process – sales.

To support companies that want to digitize their processes DocProcess supports companies by providing facilities for all new customers that are joining our platform. For more information, visit or contact

SETRIO Taking into consideration of the current context and the high transmissibility of COVID19, during this period, SETRIO recommends pharmacies to encourage employees to limit contact with outside persons and to use online drug order services. The GOPHARMA platform ( is such a service and the use of this platform is FREE for pharmacists in Romania. Benefits for pharmacists: spend time searching for essential products in the current pandemic context, identifies distributors who have stocks for the products they are looking for saves time when placing the fault orders, quickly view the promotions offered by distributors during this period and micro-learning follow-up, after. Contact us at;;

Ifactor One of the biggest problems for SMEs in Romania is the lack of funding sources. This aspect feels even stronger in a period of crisis. With the current context of COVID-19, many companies try to carry out “business as usual”, although the economic situation is not at all in the usual parameters. Thus, much uncertainty is created for both employers and employees. We want to announce that the iFactor team remains active with clients, partners and all the SMEs in Romania. The factoring platform and services remain functional and we will try to help as many companies maintain a normal business rhythm, even if they now feel they will not succeed. Financial strategies, advance preparation and “cold” thinking remain the most useful mechanisms in times of uncertainty and unpredictability, and we are committed to staying dedicated to helping SMEs, now and in the future. Contact us at;

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