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Going online Testimonials from our Startups and Mentors

Written by InnovX

From 2019 at InnovX – BCR almost 60% of the program used on-line tools, so delivering the program virtually was possible with immediate effect from the announcement made by several EU countries of entering the scenario 3 of COVID-19 progression. We are proud to announce that our first batch of startups begun the pre-acceleration program this Monday exclusively on-line. Of course, we would love to see the entrepreneurs in-person and we look forward to the day when we will raise the first glass of wine at Mindspace happy-hours, until then, work on-line!

Here are thoughts :


‘’Highly recommended program for every start-up! A dedicated team of professionals who will help you to explain your great and innovative business to potential investors’’. RAZVAN SIMA| General Manager, RF METERS

‘’Amidst crisis, the online is a good opportunity to reinvent our businesses. Not walking away and closing the business is a virtue only the powerful true entrepreneurs have it. While everything was crashing with the business I am working for (events activity), I saw the problems as opportunities for solving them and when reaching to a solution great satisfaction followed. The first solution was not successful, but I had the understanding of my clients built with great customer care. Then I kept digging for new solutions. Keeping us busy will create precedent for new ideas to follow. Over-stressing over the bills that are following us is not taking us anywhere, dig for ways that could solve your problems, take advantage of the resources you have. The state is by our side: they’ve decided to provide support for covering part of the salaries of your employees. Don’t let your employees down, they need you, you’ll need them later. The contracts you’ve signed: you can invoke major force and recover some of the payments you’ve already done (accommodations, conferences venues).

Let’s build a community of entrepreneurs and find solutions together ? ‘CORINA POP, CAREERS IN WHITE

‘’I was in the 2 day program and I am surprised that there is information and software tools, that adds CLARITY and the speed to see how it can be a long and short term business. Because the situation with COVID-19 is as it is, I had to adapt with the activity towards an ONLINE activity, where I would keep Facebook LIVE and Webinars (Free and for a fee).’’ FLAVIUS TURCANU, ASISTENTUL VEDERII

‘’Congratulations InnovX Team, great job! There was two days of on line course very well structured and very useful . Great team dedicated and fantastic cooperation, very nice people. The aplication LivePlan is very intuitive and help us a lot to synthesis our vizion on our business.Thanks to Adrian who help us a lot to understand how a Pitch must to be prezented and how to prepare a forecast. I warmest recomande to all the Startup company to join this InnovX programe. Great experience!


‘’A successful business relies also on the knowledge and skills of the team and the ability to harness their expertise. This course reminded me of some key principles that would help me create an effective and strategic business plan and how to approach long-term goals, especially in today’s economical environment. The new challenges we are facing globally are being felt especially by small and medium-sized companies that rely on in-person services, which must show a greater capacity for adaptation and flexibility. But social distancing doesn’t have to be a social disconnection.

Leaders should have open communication, show empathy and explore new plans and ideas for this time of uncertainty. It’s the time to be creative, adapt, stay strong and healthy, and support each other.’’ MATEI GOGEA, AVANGARD SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS

Mentors InnovX & BCR :

”FTD online! An exciting experience, even for a community that enthusiastically embraces the technological world. Notwithstanding the distance and digitalization, the thrill of “exam” sometimes passes beyond the computer screen. Positive thinking and creativity are the “weapons” to approach the new normal in crisis times. Thanks to all participating startups, congrats for your informed speeches and good luck! #stayhome ”, NICU IANCU

Crisis situations are unstable phenomena which evolutions challenge the efficiency of crisis responses. The crisis itself evolves by nature or due to its environment and/or the actions led through the crisis response. On-the-fly adaptation of crisis response is one that we all should looking for. At InnovX, we are considering self-organizing teams that is an alternative to more traditional functional teams as we are describing as adaptive and promptly reconfigurable. Adaptation and attitude are two keys words (and facts) in our response to existing situation. That’s why with the help of Microsoft technology we have been able to make InnovX Fast Track Day and had presentation with companies from Cluj and Bucharest. We have clear potential for innovation in this country and for sure we can help for faster results. BOGDAN STEFAN

‘’We cannot let these turbulent times shut us down, nor chip into our motivation and desire to succeed! We can and should find clever ways to deal with it and strive further. This is just the case with Innovx and their wonderful team of host, organizers and mentors that managed to adapt on the go and host a successful new session of pitching. The start-ups in Bucharest and Cluj aiming to join the Innovx accelerator program presented themselves online, from a safe distance to each other.

Congratulations and I feel proud to be involved. Stay home but keep working! Show must go on!’’BOGDAN HRISTESCU

‘’What a great way to turn a bug into a feature! The online Fast Track Day was the first event of this type for me, but I surely hope it won’t be the last. Since we are facing challenging times, we all need to adapt and that’s exactly what everyone was doing. Thank you, InnovX, for the chance to meet and talk to very interesting people, it was for me a great experience! ‘’ MIRCEA MORARU

‘’We are going through difficult and uncertain times, but we are aware that all of this will pass at some point. With this in mind, we have decided to respect our initial plan and start the process of selecting and preparing startups so that, when the situation stabilizes, they can accelerate as they deserve. We ”moved” in online to do this, we had meetings with the whole InnovX team and the entrepreneurs from Bucharest and Cluj (separately, but together), which again showed that physical distance is not at all an obstacle for the entrepreneurship environment. In crisis it is essential to adapt easily, to avoid panic and fear, leaving room for creative solutions. Fortunately, technology is an endless source of creative and life-saving solutions.’’ ADELA IONITA

‘’I had the opportunity to attend an outstanding full Fast Track Day at InnovX. Entrepreneurs willing to join the InnovX business accelerator even in these current uncertain times had the opportunity compete and to introduce their teams, product, market, some of them even business continuity ideas and a quick demo. Pre-selected startups from Cluj & Bucharest pitched their business idea with a 5 minute presentation in front of an expert jury of bank and other subject matter experts. Promising business ideas and determined to success people. Good luck to all of them and may the best win the competition!’’ DANIEL ILIE

‘’I`m extremely proud we managed to move everything in online that fast! We did it especially for our entrepreneurs to help them further to meet their goals, as always – now more than ever. In BCR-InnovX we speak technology, therefore it wasn’t a surprise to realize that working online was actually more efficient – very well organized, targeted about the scope of the event without other distractions. All the participants were fully present in the moment – I`ve never saw so much thirst and interest from the startups on business education and having such relaxed and focused discussions in the same time. It seems that they forgot about everything else, that it was their moment of education and they took advantage of it to the fullest. Online we saved a lot of time which we`re usually spending in the traffic so we could invest it with more significance in something that really matters – bringing the tech companies from Romania to the next level. Everybody won: startups – planet – us.’’ ANA MARIA CRETU

‘’The MSTeams platform worked fine (video & sound) & for sure made more people available. People were connected to ftd event (good involvement from the mentors) & interesting pitch sessions took place.’’ STEFAN BUCIUC

‘’With great power, comes great responsibility”, but me and my BCR colleagues like to say “With great trust, comes great responsibility”. When our partners from the Innov-X Team told us that we have the opportunity of hosting the first 100% online class, I said to myself Let’s GO! So we did, we hosted the first online session and it was a great! In comparison to a live training session, I would describe the online counterpart as a more accessible, flexible and adaptable training program.

As for the human touch, I found it to be the first challenge for the trainer. On the flip side it’s wonderful to receive great feedback that confirms you did a great job in bringing together entrepreneurs and their businesses 100% online in a innovative and new way.’’ ADRIAN MANEA

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