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Going online Testimonials from our GRINDERS

Written by InnovX

From 2019 at InnovX – BCR almost 60% of the program used on-line tools, so delivering the program virtually was possible with Microsoft Teams. We are proud to announce that our second batch of grinders begun the pre-acceleration program this exclusively on-line. Of course, we would love to see the entrepreneurs in-person and we look forward to the day when we will raise the first glass of wine at Mindspace happy-hours, until then, work on-line!

Here are the thoughts :

,,Taraba Virtuala ‘‘The incubation curricula and the tools have helped us understand the business better and what we can improve. The structure is easy to follow and friendly regardless of your business stage. The mentors are awesome, have the patience of saints with all our questions and their feedback was on point and supportive. ”

SYNOVIUS “It was a great opportunity for all us to learn new things and to establish new milestones. Innovix BCR is an open environment where you can share your thoughts and ask for advice and guidance without feeling little or catechized. It is a very organised accelerator and strongly coordinated. Alina and Diana are always well-disposed and energetic, and this makes us feel comfortable and confident. All the notifications are well structured and easy to follow- sometimes we receive a jumble of e-mails from work, and the format and frequency of a notification is very important in order to not avoid it. We appreciate that all the communications are transparent and all the people had the opportunity to speak and expose the ideas. Our colleagues are amazing, as some of them have the power to invest their energy even they have kids or other more responsibilities. Keep your energy, your enthusiast and don’t stop to grow! “

,,StartGDPR ‘We had a great experience in the incubation phase of InnovX – BCR. I’ve attended other pre-accelerators in the past, but I was pleased by the areas that InnovX covered and by the mentorship sessions. It was a great experience overall, covering also topics such as financials, which, while vital in order to have a real business, are often being overlooked by founders early in the game. We highly recommend the program to founders that are at the beginning of their journey!”

SALES AGENT ASSISTANT ”We believe that the information provided in the incubation program will help us in the future. The incubation program helped us to structure our ideas in more depth and to think about the potential risks that may arise”

ROBOTERR ”It’s a great pleasure to be able to learn and develop with the help of this great team. They are well-prepared experts that explain the concepts in a straightforward manner and give excellent feedback to further develop your business ideas.”

,,Optim Rent‘This phase of InnovX – BCR incubator has been an amazing experience. The insights from the experienced mentors was invaluable and will certainly help us in the future. I definitely recommend this program to those who have startup, and want to turn them into a successful business.”

,,Modulab ”In our company we are a bunch of geeks with no business expertise besides our common sense and general knowledge. We never understood the utility of taking the time to write down the business plan… and to write down a plan, in general. The mentors were great, the templates were really helpful, and all the work we’ve done during this week helped us better understand our business for the long term. ”

,,IZIDOC ”InnovX – BCR incubator phase has been a great experience, challenging and inspiring, and with a valuable result for our startup. Even if having it online only, we still felt like a community and created connections. Every early stage startup should use such opportunity in shaping their way to success! Thank you, Diana, Daniel and Alina!”

INVESTOR HUB”Thanks to a very well-rounded incubation program we have gained invaluable knowledge on how to grow InvestoHub as a business. The entire team at InnovX has been committed to our success, the number of events they orchestrate and the quality of the trainers is beyond impressive. It would be great for future startups to have also chances to join the InnovX – BCR incubation program!”

,FORMAPS ,,‘The experience was very useful for us. Basically in 2 weeks we focused and we produced documentation otherwise would have taken much longer. Our hosts Diana and Daniel and all the mentors were very kind, gave us feedback and guided us through the whole process. A big thank you to the whole team and we hope to see more of you in the acceleration program.”

,,’‘The InnovX – BCR Incubator was an extraordinary experience. We learned so many useful things in just a few days. The combination of theoretical sessions, interactions with experts in different business areas and the immediate application to our project was a very efficient way to improve and optimise the most important elements regarding the business plan, investments, branding and business continuity sides. We are looking forward to collaborating with you!”

,,CustomOffers ”Being part of the BCR InnovX Incubator meant for us having access to valuable insights and professional expertise, as well as to the necessary templates and structured approach that guided us in every step of the way. In addition, being part of this environment gave us the motivation to get done the things that we have postponed for a long time.”

Chip in Solution”What the incubator delivers is a great 1 on 1 interaction with the people that know what you don`t. What start-up entrepreneurs presume to be true, or think that they know about is shown to be more complex and needing careful interest. The incubator delivers new perspectives and watch-outs that inspire a very business oriented optics for future CEOs. People depend either on the service you are supplying or the pay slip from the company you are funding and any start-up initiative is actually more than a day dream, and it involves a lot of responsibility. It`s a good grounding, becoming aware of the intricacies of business and the expectations that investors have – it`s more than just a good idea, but a good implementation, a good team, know-how and money. Thank you, Incubator, for allowing me to learn that!”

,,Budget Master “The workshops during the event seemed extremely useful to me to become better prepared for all our challenges as entrepreneurs, not only from an investment perspective. I personally like the format very much, in the idea that they are not focused on theory or powerpoint presentations. Most of the materials, even if we didn’t finish them during the 4 hours, had an exact structure on which we have to write from the perspective of our product. The LivePlan platform is an important asset. It’s probably one of the reasons we managed to do so many things in such a short time. From my perspective, I think that for the Investment workshop I could work directly in LivePlan, generating a new scenario with the data already existing there before and modifying them. Somehow the fact that it was the excel or excerpt from LivePlan as deliverable gave a note of uncertainty, but anyway we thank you for being flexible. The financing workshop (forecast) because it was explicit and practical, was by far the most useful for us. And the branding one seemed to me the most engaging. I also collaborated a lot on the document. Another aspect that I noticed only at the end was how you created such an acceleration curve for us. Overall, awesome job! Loved the experience. Keep on making all of us Romanian entrepreneurs better at our jobs. “

,,BAAM “Having co-founded and being accelerated a startup in the past (Greece) and being accelerated also with BAAM in Romania, I can say that InnovX – BCR incubation phase has been a rigorous yet very rewarding experience. The sessions, the “thought-provoking” questions from other startup founders challenged us to rethink some of the aspects of the business. We put a lot of “skin in the game” to create quality deliverables and enhance further our proposal; and during this process, we learned a lot !!!! p.s: According to the available research, in order to install a habit you need 66 days in average. What I will cherish about these two weeks of incubation is that despite the hectic program, I installed a healthy habit , namely “fruit break”. Thank you InnovX-BCR!

ARchiHype ”I always imagined my life as a marathon. Maintaining the steady pace was my way to move forward. InnovX – BCR rocked my world and got me realize that life is more of a decathlon, where mastering multiple disciplines and techniques is the only road worth taking. And here I am #xellerating, cheered and coached by some of the brightest and good-hearted people I’ve met so far.”

APIO DIGITAL ”An intensive but very beneficial programme for both the business and you as future leaders of the business. Especially important for people that have no or limited business experience or knowledge as it not only makes you understand the entrepreneurial game but also structure and organize the path of your company from exploration to exploitation. For future applicants, good luck and go for it, it will benefit you more that you can imagine. ”

,,InDataWeTrust ‘‘In these 2 weeks I perceived the InnovX – BCR program as an intense experience, with a good structure. I would say, a bootcamp in which we had the opportunity to address the main dimensions of a start-up at the beginning of the road. For InDataWeTrust concretely this means -> adapting the product according to the needs of the market, a better understanding of the reasoning behind a business plan and a financial budget and last but not least discussions and exchange of ideas very productively with mentors and colleagues. Speaking of mentors, InnovX – BCR offered us the opportunity to meet and learn from extraordinary people in the country, with life and business experience. In addition to the knowledge proposed by the program, the mentors offered us essential advice for a strat-up, certain specialized “secrets” and the necessary impetus to enter the “arena” of the business with all courage.

Cookie Surf’‘In terms of experience at InnovX – BCR, it helped me a lot to demystify the terms related to investor jargon and gave me a structure of thinking and analysis to use when creating a business and promoting a product. I recommend the program to all entrepreneurs at the beginning of the road.”

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