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The deadline for applications is the 30th of April (17:00 Bucharest local time).

Register here 👉 https://www.innovx.eu/ by adding 💥10 places to the program, we announce that #Coronavirus relevant #innovations will be evaluated in the same way as other applicants.

📍 Additionally The Informal School of IT our local strategic partner pledged to allocate free teams of technical engineers in a pre-determined timeframe to help further develop the solution to a level of technology readiness level (TRL) 4 to 6.

📍 Additionally Hristescu & Partners our law partner helped the startups draft their GDPR Strategy



Leo Mart had the initiative to propose to the Government of Romania together with the Romanian Health Observatory, a project that uses WiseVoice virtual assistants for the remote monitoring of the elderly. Their solution will monitor by telephone the medical emergencies, the symptoms triggered by COVID-19, the treatment of the chronic patients, the different types of assistance needed (food or medicines). I have to mention that the procedural specifications and the content of the project are coordinated and validated by Vlad Mixich from the Romanian Health Observatory. In only two weeks, by working day and night, the WiseVoice team has developed and continues to do so, the portal, the technical platform, and all the technical architecture for connecting with servers and SIP telephone lines. During the project, WiseVoice will license pro-bono the enterprise platform worth 50,000 EUR for the benefit of thousands of seniors needing assistance. With this aim, Microsoft already partnered by providing the Azure infrastructure required to run WiseVoice services and PwC provided pro-bono support in the legal field and the quality management of the project implementation. 
As time is of the essence in such scenarios, WiseVoice is looking for additional partners to help implement in a timely manner the solution addressing the COVID-19 challenges.



ROSurse.ro brings together people from many different disciplines in order to connect hospitals with suppliers for needed COVID-19 equipment. They created a digital platform that facilitates the collaboration between Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Beneficiaries of medical and protective equipment to assist medical institutions in the fight against the SARS - COV2 virus.

Manufacturers of medical and protective equipment, as well as their Suppliers, may publish on the platform their existing stocks, current production capacity or future availability, so that the Beneficiaries have easy access to this information and can contact the Manufacturers to benefit from direct donations or purchase equipment, as appropriate.

The beneficiaries of the protective and medical equipment (medical units, associations of hospitals and other authorities in Romania with medical profile) can list the needs for medical and protective equipment, on the digital platform, so that the Producers can offer the needed products, under a donation regime or through purchase, as the case may be.

Suppliers of raw materials and other items needed for the production of medical and protective equipment can obtain, through the platform, the information necessary to contact the relevant manufacturers and ensure the delivery of such materials, on a donation or purchase basis, as the situation may be.

All this information and operations will be centralized through the digital platform ROSurse.ro, the result being a complete technological flow for the production of protective and medical equipment, and ensured delivery into the hands of doctors, nurses, and medical personnel.

Centralizing the information in a single platform will help resolve current problems in this flow: blockages in the purchase/receipt of raw materials and other materials by the Manufacturers;
blockages in the purchase/receipt of medical equipment and protection by the Beneficiaries; lack of updated information regarding the inventories/production capacity / future availability of the Manufacturers; lack of updated information regarding the need for medical equipment and protection among the Beneficiaries.



Modulab has developed an autonomous robotic platform solution capable of navigating complex environments avoiding obstacles and collisions with humans requiring little to no intervention from a human operator. The current implementation is for an autonomous disinfection platform using uvc light.
Doctors from procurement departments in hospitals contacted us and asked us to make a SEAP account so that we can participate in public acquisitions as they intend to buy disinfection robots for their buildings. We are already negotiating the exclusivity contract with a potential Middle East dealership. We have been contacted by Eight Mercatus Pte Ltd, Singapore, asking for launch due date, RRP and the conditions for becoming a dealership for Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
People can be infected with coronavirus by touching a contaminated surface and then touching their face, as the virus can live on metal, glass or plastic surfaces for days.
- infection prevention - eliminating the risk of COVID- 19 virus infection
- minimize contact between healthcare professionals and patients 
 - to help fight the coronavirus- disinfects and kills viruses and bacteria,
  -  preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria with UVC Robot,
 - decontaminating medical staff, disinfect hospitals rooms with UV light. UV lights destroy bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus on hospitals and other types of harmful organic microorganisms in the environment by breaking down their DNA-structure
 - many pieces of high-tech equipment cannot be disinfected using “deep chemicals”, so  UVC- Robot is needed.
We are helping the healthcare industry in the eradication of harmful pathogens and superbugs, thereby making health care environments safer and improving quality of care for hospitals and healthcare facilities



A mobile app that will allow medicine wholesalers and pharmacists to increase productivity on the item inventory process. In fact, this will be achieved by the digitalization of this process using a mobile app for smartphones that will allow collecting input user data and scanning barcodes via the phone's camera and exchanging information with the main ERP system using API's.

necesar spital.jpg


A free platform that connects hospitals directly with donors or suppliers of protective equipment. 
How it works:
1. The hospital administrators make an account and update the necessary protective equipment
2. Donors or providers come into direct contact with hospital administrators and provide protective equipment We need contacts of hospital administrators from the COVID 19 list to update the necessary equipment stocks.