InnovX Brand Resources

With InnovX Community we share passion and affinity for the startup community and we are both fascinated by how startups revolutionize or create new business segments

InnovX is borderless: expand beyond

InnovX in Words: Our Mission, Vision, and Voice

  • InnovX doesn't entertain people. It leads them.
  • Innovators are the rockstars while InnovX is the artist manager. We don't play their instruments, but instead, we book the best concerts and give them the best instructors.
  • Innovators are not looking for a model. They are looking for a mentor
  • InnovX mission is not to impress startups, but to inspire and motivate
  • InnovX means growth, seriousness, networking & business opportun ities.
  • We both believe in the ability of technology to positively impact the life of every person on the planet.