Innovx Achievements Welcome to the team, Anca!

Let us introduce a new member of the InnovX-BCR team! Anca Luca, Community Manager, has been by our side since the very beginning?

Anca Luca is the Community Manager at InnovX-BCR Business Accelerator, and has been with the program since its inception in 2019. With more than 10 years of brand and marketing experience at one of the largest commercial banks in Romania, Anca is a Tech Startups Enthusiast who has been using her know-how and passion for communication to build brands and projects that tackle innovation and community building.

Anca has played a valuable part at the core of InnovX-BCR’s team, starting from day one, putting all her dedication and knowledge to work on a project she felt very passionate about. One of the main goals set at the start of this enterprise was to introduce the new accelerator brand into an already crowded and highly competitive market, which was both a challenge and a great opportunity back in 2019. Anca’s initial role was to quickly propel the InnovX-BCR brand into the Romanian tech startups landscape, on the one hand by leveraging BCR’s strong presence and business expertise, and on the other hand, through continuous efforts aiming at providing the new project with a unique and a compelling narrative.

Furthermore, and alongside her like-minded and equally passionate team-mates, Anca took her Entrepreneurship Evangelist role to heart in order to slowly but steadily create new bridges between the corporate/business world and the newly-launched – but very ambitious – tech business accelerator. A firm believer in people, collaboration and co-creation, in nurturing relationships for a greater good and doing things with a purpose, Anca’s efforts converged towards building a strong community around InnovX-BCR, firstly by bridging the communication (and cooperation) gap between the startups and the corporations and ultimately by acting towards ensuring the projects’ continuity, visibility and sustainable growth.

Anca’s excellent communications skills, coupled with an endless energy and sunny disposition, provided the perfect ground for Accelerator events moderation and public appearances, whenever needed (especially during the program’s leading events: Elevator Pitch and Demo Day), as well as participation as brand ambassador at various relevant conferences and gatherings within the tech startups ecosystem, in the UK, the USA, Poland, Cluj, Iasi.

Among the latest outstanding initiatives launched together with Anca’s long-time colleague, friend and business partner Ana Cretu (co-founder of InnovX-BCR), there’s a platform dedicated to Ukrainian refugees that are looking for job opportunities in Romania or abroad, It is an easy, free of charge and intuitive platform developed by one of the Accelerator’s top-alumnus, Jobful, in collaboration with DRUID, Microsoft and EY.

If you want to see Anca moderating the next InnovX-BCR event join us on the 16th of May 2022 for the next Elevator Pitch?