Meet Our Mentors Meet our mentors: Nikola Yanev!

"I think that such a program is needed and more information, more knowledge and knowledge-sharing is needed on the VC landscape and there should be more organizations which facilitate this knowledge transfer and peer-to-peer learning among people in the industry." Nikola Yanev Marketing Manager at Eleven Ventures

Let’s find out about one of our mentors, this time entering the field of Investors Alliance!

Nikola Yanev has been by our side for quite some time and since then he’s just added more and more value to the mentorship of our program!

He participated in many events dedicated to the Investors Alliance and he covered the topic “Is CEE already a regional hub for tech investments? at the fourth panel of the InnovX – BCR Investor Alliance Event that took place on 14th of June, in which he talked about the investing and VCs field from a more experienced perspective. Here is the snippet:


What about his background?

Nikola Yanev is Marketing manager of the venture capital fund – Eleven Ventures and former president of the Bulgarian entrepreneurship organization – Start It Smart. Nikola has been supporting startup companies for over 10 years now and literally grew up building ecosystem pillars since the age of 17, one of which is the online media

In 2014 he dropped out of university and built his own life-long educational program matching his interests and goals.

As side hobbies, he loves facilitating and hosting events on the topics of technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. He also works with accelerators on pitching preparation for graduating startup companies.

We also had a moment in which we wanted to hear what our mentors had to say about our initiative to launch the first VC Bootcamp. Here is Nikola’s testimonial!

More about his contribution and his solutions you can find by participating in the InnovX -BCR Program. Join us here!