Meet Our Mentors Meet our Mentors: Roxana Alecu

Roxana Alecu - Global Marketing Strategist who is leading with passion and impact

“A brand is not just a logo, it’s a living entity that nurtured right can give you immense payoffs. This is what I want to bring to the startups in the program - solid frameworks to start building branding and marketing practices that would successfully support long and short term visions”

Roxana is a senior global marketing strategist focusing on innovation & growth, and drawn to working with driven entrepreneurs and companies with big ambitions. Her mission is to create opportunities for progress by driving purpose (the WHY), strategic plans (the HOW) and results (the WHAT).

She has a proven track record of success in her 10 years as a marketer, working with global and local organisations focused on building their brand and capturing demand. Roxana worked in strategy, planning, campaign design & management, and customer success for large, medium and small businesses such as Genpact, Oracle, Veeam Software, ialoc, and Tokinomo. Some of her specific areas of expertise are: create strategic marketing framework for growth; building deep awareness, recognition and memorability for brands; building unique selling propositions in line with customer demands; driving product demand; marketing expansion in new geos; setting and optimising performance name a few.

Roxana is a visionary and dot connector. She is creative, determined, passionate, and performance focused, as described by the people she works with. She believes in democratising branding & marketing knowledge for growth, in order to help companies build a steady foundation for the future.

She joins InnovX to mentor executives on personal branding and to discover, asses and implement a marketing strategy and plan that drives mindshare and demand for their target audiences, and one that can also challenge market incumbents.

Check her LinkedIn profile from here!

In order for the startups to accelerate, they need firstly a better interaction with more mentors, so that they can have access to even more knowledge and know-how about entrepreneurship. The type of guidance that our mentors offer proves to have a relevant efficiency in the scaling of the startups of the InnovX – BCR program. Their strategies and practical examples from the market can be explored by joining our program here!