Meet Our Mentors Meet our Mentors: Gabriela Alexandrescu

Having a mentor implies being closer to all the chances of success! Through our mentors, you can improve by creating new products and attracting new financing or new customers, with basis on top education in business finance and tech.

Gabriela Alexandrescu is one of the InnovX-BCR’s mentors! Through her expertise and knowledge that she gained through years of working in relevant fields, he is ready to share her professional perspectives to the participants of our Program.

We value each of our mentors in our program for their willingness of sharing their expertise with our startups in the best ways possible!

Gabriela Alexandrescu is the Head of Marketing & Digital Product for OMV Petrom Gas & Power. Throughout her 17 years international experience working with large brands across various industries she has always been a strong believer in driving positive change and is commited to support visionary start-ups to create value for people, health, the environment and society.

Her mindset is fitting in our program and her contribution to this ecosystem is very important! gabriela-alexandrescu.webp

In order for the startups to accelerate, they need firstly a better interaction with more mentors, so that they can have access to even more knowledge and know-how about entrepreneurship. The type of guidance that our mentors offer proves to have a relevant efficiency in the scaling of the startups of the InnovX – BCR program. Their strategies and practical examples from the market can be explored by joining our program here!