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Cyscale is a company from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, that develops Multi-Cloud Management, Security and Compliance technologies since early 2019. Our story started with the need of managing multiple cloud environments spread across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform, management that has been done manual by Ovidiu Cical while working with British and German companies as CISO and Cloud Security Engineer. After researching the market, we realized that few products offer fully-exposed APIs and ways for DevOps and Developers to interact with these Cloud Security and Compliance Products. We decided that we will create the best tool that developers and their managers will love and use int heir day to day Cloud Management work. This is how Cyscale was founded, a pure cloud-native company, born in the cloud to protect the cloud!


Safer Work helps pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing companies keep their employees safe and improve quality by using AI and machine learning to check the correct usage of personal protective equipment.


Under the headline "Open Banking at work", Finqware builds a banking data aggregation infrastructure, connecting banks with companies that develop digital solutions for financial industry. The company has already activity on several countries in Central and Eastern Europe and aims to become a leader of the Open Banking on-the-rise market in the region.


We empower people to participate more fully in their own care and support healthcare providers to be more efficient by facilitating a personalized approach to increase immunity and optimize an individual's health by using the latest digital and medical technology and most comprehensive set of personal data.


Romanian cybersecurity firm founded in 2013, focused in protecting OT and IoT assets, but also providing compliance & regulations services fo European clients. We’re activating in EU and UAE. We’re working in developing a Security Operation Center platform that will protect the IoT of both home and business users data, privacy and functionality.


Oraroo helps SME Owners and HR Managers with simple, paperless and regulatory compliant HR processes. It allows teams to focus on core business and growth. Oraroo provides a self-service portal for SME’s employees, to allow them to access internal services provided by the company. Oraroo is an affordable cloud service, available as monthly subscription. Oraroo is an enabler for digital transformation of HR, integrating with systems of accounting/payroll services partners and eliminating manual data input.


Slicy, a company using A.I. based algorithm and app to provide 100% customized gifting experience, using Social Media public profiles.


Careers in White is the platform that builds online solutions to connect all healthcare personnel around the world with career development opportunities. The core of the business stands in the understanding of the target’s need through the eye of the founders and team who are interacting with the same sector. Careers in White remains true to its vision and mission of creating the largest medical community in Europe and around the world of professionally well trained, motivated and happy medical personnel.


MaaSTER provides mobility services based on optimal trip planning, one stop shop for all transport modes, reduction of traffic congestion and pollution, replacing the personal car with alternative transport solutions which are more comfortable, eco and cost efficient focused on customers.


RF Meters is a start-up where we have developed an innovative smart metering solution using our rich experience in radio communications. We are a team that mixes the youth and dedication of our engineers with the experience of managers both on the technical side but also on business or sales, resulting in a very dynamic and innovative business environment. Our solution has great competitive advantages and is very cost-effective because it meets all current communication requirements without requiring network modernization: 15-minute index transmission, over-the-air software upgrade, remote client connection / disconnection, and so on We are currently installing a system consisting of 1000 units at a national electricity distributor and we are in advanced discussions with other distributors for the installation of evaluation systems. The solution can be adapted to almost any digital electricity meter. We are also working on extending the solution to heat, water or gas metering.










APIO DIGITAL is a company focused on an inter-disciplinary approach and technological innovation. At the moment we develop tools aimed at inter-connected industries using game development techniques, virtual reality and a deep understanding of our clients and theirs.

The legal tech startup Avoteca aims to change the way people access, communicate and search legal professionals, efficiently redefining the lawyer-client relationship, through an online platform for legal services.

Avoteca Community relies on an enthusiastic team that strives to improve legal services, by supporting independent lawyers and small and medium law offices.

BAAM is a marketplace that helps people and organizations to identify and buy real estate properties (below the market value) across the world securely, smoothly and efficiently.

Budget Master is all about saving money by making better decisions.

We transform keeping track of your budget into a guided conversation. This Alexa skill application can automatically get your transactional history, generate financial behaviour reports and give you tips on how to save up more money. We plan on transforming

it into a Virtual Finance Assitant.


EmailTree AI provides an innovative solution for customer services and support teams to dramatically decrease the resolution time per email while solving complex customer requests and related tasks.


Formaps offers a fast automated way to process, remotely sign and arhive documents. Formaps uses machine vision and uploads downloadable documents to the cloud

IziDoc is the largest platform of dental benefits for employees in Romania. With access to over 100 dental partners in our network, we provide the employees with proximity, information, discounts and dental education, for better oral healthcare. IziDoc dental benefits complement the general medical benefits with the dental component and aim to increase the dental prevention awareness.

With Logistia’s integrated logistics management software you’ll be in the driver’s seat of your business, save time and keep all your stocks up-to-date.

Rungutan is the first API Load Testing SaaS platform, 100% Serverless, accessible to SMBs and tech professionals from IT Outsourcing, Mobile Platforms, E-commerce, App Development, Cloud Data. This SaaS platform offers testing services for a site’s traffic load capacity. The novelty comes from the fact that now you're able to run workflows that simulate user experience every day and after every release, not just before Black Friday due to the platform's API-driven logic. In addition, with Rungutan, testers can connect with the members of their team and view or edit test cases together, schedule the exact date on which to run tests without their intervention and can simulate workload from over 15 different regions of the world. Those interested can check out an Official Demo of the platform HERE or an 1 Month Free Trail.

StartGDPR generates documents required for compliance with GDPR that are personalised and ready to use - all of this is done in a quick, safe and guided way. The product is designed by lawyers and software engineers in order to enable startups and SMEs to self-serve, in a guided way, their privacy compliance requirements.

UniVRse Education goes through this learning process beyond the walls of the classroom, providing children with an innovative and immersive environment in which to use their curiosity and creativity. UniVRse Education combine the subjects for classes V-VIII and the concept of eLearning, offers a unique learning platform, where children have access to high quality 360 environments, VR and AR, designed to captures the imagination of young students and to arouse the joy of Learning. Imagine that instead of flipping through a biology manual to learn about the anatomy of the human body, children teleport into a capsule and explore the human body's systems visually, from within. UniVRse Education wants to solve the problem of classical laboratories of biology, chemistry and physics transforming them into virtual laboratories where children can learn by playing and can experiment without any worries.

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In 2020, BCR will cover the costs for all the scholarships allocated to the entrepreneurs in this project, the logistics courses and costs, without requiring equity in the companies selected in the program.

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