AlphaBlock has developed a unique General AI solution and is using it to build global automated investment management solutions and validate them through blockchain.
The General AI process is trained to anticipate the multi period evolution of any data variable based on the data's history. Alpha Block is building the ecosystem to boost the distribution of cross-domain intelligent algorithmic processes by offering them an innovative smart contract technology which is zero knowledge, low cost, secure and works across multiple domains like cybersecurity, advertising, telecom and retail.


BOX2M is an industry4.0 technology vendor, focused on energy sector.
BOX2M developed an end-to-end ecosytem (based on industrial IoT, edge & cloud computing) which saves CAPEWX and OPEX related to energy purchasing and infrastructure maintenance, for corporate customers. BOX2M sales B2B to energy suppliers and distributors, photovoltaic energy producers, telecom operators, factories, retail, buildings, smart city and critical infrastructures.



We are making Augmented Reality (AR) accessible and affordable for mass adoption across a number of different industries.
indexAR provides a web platform that empowers content owners/creators (companies, advertisers, freelancers) to become Authors of AR experiences in a matter of minutes. By using indexAR, the Authors will get rid of the high costs, months of development and complex technical solutions needed, to create a classic AR experience. For the Audience, browsing around for AR experiences would be as easy and as common as browsing on Google for information.


Designed to monitor the production flow in real time and accessible everywhere by operators and decision makers, K factory integrates the newest technologies like: Internet of Things (IoT) for data collection and Machine Learning to understand and predict how equipment, operator and order uniquely impact the performance in production process. A great feature Kfactory is its business model - as a service, allowing a fast deployment and even faster ROI.



KPEYE is a revenue generating digital tool for small entrepreneurs.
Our innovative approach is to leverage existing Business Communities (such as banks, business associations, clusters) and empower their SME members with our intelligent technology to find customers, manage sales, invoicing and banking. The 3 co-founders are also SME entrepreneurs - experienced in building companies, creating software's and outstanding user experiences.


Maillon is B2B2C newly founded platform offering a software-as-a-service solution for retailers and lenders, acting as a point-of-sale marketplace that allows retail customers to select best available financing solution, both in-store and online.
With clear benefits for lenders: getting access to a new and highly efficient channel for their consumer lending products, across multiple currencies and markets, the Maillon platform helps small and medium retailers grow their business by offering services so far reserved only to the large players, giving their customers access to better product and services.



Modex is a blockchain enablement platform that radically simplifies blockchain deployment so businesses can balance security and innovation.
It has created a full suite of developer tools for blockchain developers and a marketplace for blockchain products commercialization. Also, Modex released a blockchain as a database engine to enable DLT adoption at enterprise level.


ProductLead is a B2B Marketing platform that skyrockets social media marketing performance. We drive results by engaging our secret weapon: a powerful martech ecosystem.
As a Facebook Creative Partner, ProductLead helps brands increase conversation rates, improve ROI on marketing campaigns, and gain unique social insights on owned/competitors/influencers accounts. Among satisfied ProductLead clients, you can find renowned names such as: BCR, Samsung, Philip Morris, Untold.



Sigtree offers access to a social community that can fix your day by day problems with your household and business through smart-home and smart-building technologies.
Sigtree introduces the concept of a Social Network Smart Living that connects technologies, with professional services and social communities to create a new living and working experience for individuals and new revenue streams for Real Estate developers and Property Managers.


WiseVoice builds the technology that empowers machines to understand and process human voice and language.
The 2 co-founders provide products such as: chatbots, voice order processing, speech recognition, designed to help companies interact better with their clients, partners or employees by automating voice services and decreasing cost.


















3PM is a Blended Learning App to increase training’s efficiency(ROI) up to 500% -or more,by adding a Dynamic Mobile Micro-Learning System to in-class or webinars teaching method.
3PM is a web app for trainers, to fill in the content, and a mobile app for trainees, to get engaged with trainer and colleagues before,during and after the training.
3PM is the only solution that covers the training process end-to-end and gets engaged all three stakeholders:managers, trainers and trainees,throughout the entire process.


Charge-Me comes near you to avoid the anxiety of a new technology, making electric vehicle drivers life easier. Planning trips,finding near by chargers, AI chat with bot and Booking-InSystem(in advance)for the chargers are some of the functionalities that define Charge-Me.
Started with a need: the team of 3 co-founders shared the same thought to buy an electric vehicle and use it like a normal one. The Start-up is planned to be an innovative and agile one:some of the features will be created and implemented as the market is growing and new needs are rising.

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Credo is the world's first truly passwordless authentication system.
No passwords, no usernames, nothing to forget, and completely secure. Credo brings zero typing authentication to every system, regardless of platform.
By using Credo, enterprises are able to improve their security by removing all attacks on credentials(keyloggers, malware, phishing, etc) without compromising the user experience and to completely mitigate the risk of human element exploitation that could lead to a massive data breach.


iziBAC is a freemium game-based educational mobile app with strong built-in gamification methods based on the Octalysis framework, and with an internal marketplace for engaging video content.
Our mobile app can be used in any language and applied to almost any kind of educational content, making it an excellent game-based educational mobile app. The core value proposition is that it offers instant gratification for the user throughout the learning process. iziBAC’s game mechanics trigger psychological processes aimed at inducing the optimal learning experience-Flow.



Built based on the newest techniques and advancements of natural language processing, Heka chatbot can help your company reduce the time to hire by up to 50%.
Recruiters do not have the time nowadays to focus on the most important differentiation factors and they often lose the best candidate because they were not able to offer him or her the right degree of attention.
More than that,the time of filling a new position is sky-rocketing. Frustration, by the both parts, appears.

We are MSing with Trauma, we have a mobile application that converts MRI images into therapeutic musical compositions. We want to improve the life quality of Multiple Sclerosis patients trough music therapy.
Being built on a research proposal that wants to explore common areas of Neuroscience, Psychology and Music, MSing with Trauma can possibly provide new treatment options for Multiple Sclerosis.

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Prepi is the platform that helps students prepare for life through math and science and get the perfect internship or junior position for them.
Using specific algorithms, progress tracking, AI, user profiling, quality content and gamification, Prepi trains students and match them with the right job opportunities in technology domain, no matter where they start.


Noteb is the first product search engine that “works”.
Currently developed for laptops, it can incorporate any technically complex product. Noteb’s innovation lays in its data gathering, indexing, disambiguation and consolidation solution. Aimed at the US market, over the past year, has grown to over 50,000 monthly visitors.
Noteb’s indexing algorithm has multiple applications, from collecting market-wide information for market intelligence reports and predictions to automating corporate computer hardware acquisitions.



Stuffz is an online marketplace that makes camera gear rental affordable for the entire photo-video enthusiasts community.
Stuffz tackles the issue of restrictive and expensive B2C gear rental market by incorporating sharing economy principles.
The platform enables owners to safely monetize their camera gear when not in use. At the same time,it enables renters to get cheap and easy access to a wide selection of camera gear.


VASK is the first air purification device built for the automotive market that captures the already polluted air from the urban areas,cleans it and then releases it back in to the atmosphere as clean, breathable air.
The product adapts to any road and rail way vehicle, and is suitable for fossil fuel, hybrid or even electric vehicles, regardless of their size.
The team is willing to take a stand in addressing one of the world’s most critical issues in a manner without precedent and develop a game-changing air purification device.





AlphaBlock has developed a unique General AI solution and is using it to build global automated investment management solutions and validate them through blockchain.
The General AI process is trained to anticipate the multi period evolution of any data variable based on the data's history. Alpha Block is building the ecosystem to boost the distribution of cross-domain intelligent algorithmic processes by offering them an innovative smart contract technology which is zero knowledge, low cost, secure and works across multiple domains like cybersecurity, advertising, telecom and retail.


Open software for financial flow automation, with support and complete outlook over the development process. Our purpose is to increase the number of companies who succeed with better financial management.

The open source distribution model enables lower TCO, end-to-end interoperability and operational risk containment.
The applications built for financial institutions process payments and transactions, automate flows and offer compliance to regulatory and industry standards.



DocProcess is a cloud based business ecosystem automation provider focused on automating and streamlining processes among trading partners. Our suite of products helps companies become more efficient and compliant and save thousands of hours of manual work. Our products automate cross-departmental processes like Purchase-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, the management of electronic contracts as well as document and records management. We serve users from procurement, supply chain, accounting and finance departments. Founded in 2005, DocProcess powers more than 3,200 businesses globally, including Carrefour, Cora, Leroy-Merlin, Deloitte, Mondelez and Coca-Cola. Find out more at


iFactor is a Fintech start-up aiming to become the first online B2B marketplace bringing together investors and SMEs looking for alternative financing, not just another factoring service. We provide an online platform that brings together liquidy-seeking SMEs and investors to finance the cash needs of the formers, by buying their outstanding customer invoices. The duration of the process is reduced and the steps are simplified, as iFactor conducts efficient, bank-compatible risk assessments to mitigate both fraud and payment risk. iFactor provides a faster solution compared to traditional ones, while being equal in terms of safety.



Founded in 2004, Setrio is, by definition, a software development company in the health sector. Technological solutions address pharmacies, physicians, and warehouses and distributors, pursuing a flexible and customer-oriented approach. Through data management and interpretation systems, we offer optimal infrastructure support, advisory services and profitable business support.