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The experience of scaling up through InnovX BCR is more than a mere attempt to achieve your goals. It is a mission that we seriously commit to as a team for your future success. For that reason, InnovX joined forces with BCR, one of the most high-powered banks in Romania, under the umbrella of Erste Group. The bond we share with BCR allows us to create one of the most ambitious hubs for entrepreneurial innovations in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, it lets us grant you access to the BCR client network, which facilitates the connection between innovators and corporates. 

During our program, you’ll get immediate access to the newest forms of technology, top education through our partnership with edX For Business, and global communities of network partners, including Microsoft, UiPath who, at the end of the day, make all the difference. The convergence and collaboration between various types of technology provided by such partnerships leads to defining new businesses and creating valuable innovations.

Additionally, we provide you with workshops on how to get started, how to assess the market, how to tackle financial aspects, how to create a business plan, deliver a pitch, or how to spot weaknesses and come up with solutions, what legal points one needs to take into account and much more. We pride ourselves on the diversity of topics we bring up, and we are also more than interested in hearing your personal insights and experiences as well. Our professional mentors are eager to impart their knowledge with you and we hope that, this way, we can contribute to the next generation of prosperous businesses.

In order to take this step forward, we look for the most enthusiastic and determined entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe, who are willing to put in the work to bring their business to the next level and enter the EU and Global arena. To help you reach that point, we select the best entrepreneurs of this program to accompany us to international gatherings such as Wolves Summit, TechCrunch or Startup Grind.

InnovX BCR would be most delighted to welcome into our program those who put forward innovative ideas and solutions, who want to develop emerging technologies, who want to be part of a dynamic team and who want to make a difference for the better in a meaningful, global context.


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