Gemini CAD Systems is a leading technology provider for the fashion industry, serving customers from 60 countries around the globe. In the last 15 years, more than 6000 companies trusted Gemini CAD Systems’ expertise and decided to use its software products in a number of their most mission-critical processes. Ranging from product development to manufacturing and e-commerce, the solutions proposed by Gemini CAD Systems cover most of the needs of any significant player in the fashion industry. Driven by recent changes in global consumer behavior, environmental issues and other factors challenging the traditional way of doing business in fashion, Gemini CAD Systems decided to create a separate line of solutions for smaller, independent fashion designers and studios. This new initiative will empower its target clients to be more agile in an environment focused in mass-customization, e-commerce and sustainable manufacturing. With this new line of solutions, Gemini takes a step further into achieving its mission – serving the entire fashion industry and foster creativity.

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